Shaven MoriWith the recent loss of Mori hair, I wonder if we will be seeing a change in direction of our English prince. Mori has been running the Royal Brothers gimmick pretty much since his debut, shave for his short stint as an Italian prince while in the Italian Connection, but really he was exactly the same. Personally, I’ve found he has become very stale over the years, and I would really like him to take this opportunity to reinvent himself to some degree.

I’m not convinced he could be a serious heel, but at the very least a change in look would go down a treat. It did wonders for Dragon Kid and I feel there is no one (save maybe BxB Hulk) who could use one more than Mori.

  • Cainan

    Id like to see a heel Mori, maybe Real Hazard version

  • Natius

    Mori’s loss of hair signified everything wrong with his character. It’s not possible for a hard working man to fairly prosper in his environment. As rule-abiding Mori was, he soon realized that his lifestyle would not get him far. Perhaps he’ll realize that the rule-breaking philosophy of Real Hazard is the path to pursue.