It has been a while now since former Toryumon and Dragon Gate ace Magnum TOKYO made his return to pro-wrestling, after an injury hiatus sent him to South America to teach judo. His return, however, saw him enter the HUSTLE ring instead of the Dragon Gate one, but under the name Detective Alan Kuroki. He has since recently dropped this gimmick and returned, full time, to Magnum TOKYO.

Now, as a DG fan it is easy to get excited about this. However, he is a full time wrestler for HUSTLE so we won’t be seeing him make his way to the Dragon System anytime soon. But, Dragon Gate would be a better place if he were to ever decide to come back. His personality and flare in the ring are major parts of what made Toryumon what it was. Some may not have necessarily liked this *cough*SUWA*cough*, but it allowed Toryumon to stand out from the other indys that were trying to make headway at the time.

While I’m all for bringing the new guys up into the spotlight, if there are spots for CIMA and Mochi at the top of the card there should definitely be a spot for Magu. Really, if anyone has epitomized the spirit of Toryumon, it is Magnum TOKYO. Come back Magu, we miss you!

  • Natius

    If Mister Kuroki does return to his home under his dancing persona, he will soon discover that it is a completely different world from when he had left it. He will not get far. An image like that would get him bullied.

  • Seth

    I’m not entirely sure I agree with you. If anything it is much tamer now. BxB Hulk’s image is much more bully prone and he doesn’t have the respect and experience that Magu has.

    Shinobu is basically carrying on Magu’s gimmick to some degree, and really I think Dragon Gate right now could use someone like Magu to spice it up. And if he made a return, and if fitness isn’t an issue, I don’t see why a Dream Gate run wouldn’t be out of the cards.

  • Natius

    Sir B.B. Haruku is experiencing an internal crisis. He seems less motivated to dance. Perhaps he is aware that his image will influence the others to pick on him. He is also a bit unsure of the direction of his membership in WORLD-1. Possibly he’ll decide that Real Hazard is the way to go.