Doi has vacated the Brave Gate title declaring he wants it to be for lower card wrestlers (yeah no shit!). There will be tournament held in Hakata Star Lanes on August 30th to crown the new champion.

This is an interesting and exciting development as it really leaves the door open for someone such as Kzy (my pick) to really get over as a single competitor and it will FINALLY allow DG to create new stars. The Brave Gate hasn’t been used properly for a long time so this is great news.

  • Johnny

    Props to Doi for doing what’s best for the company.

  • Adam

    I really wanted him to vacate it between World-1. Tanisaki taking it out suprisingly then him and Kzy fueding over it..
    Could also lead to a Yoshino break away with Doi seeing Tanisaki as his number two..

  • Seth

    I wonder how long this plan was on the cards. Was it all to just put Doi over even more as the head of the company or did they just find themselves in a bit of a hole after giving it to CIMA and didn’t know what to do?

    Either way I agree that this is the best thing for the company to do right now.