Most have probably heard the news now that Jae has decided to close his doors, meaning dgusa has come to an end, 9 years after opening. I, like many others owe a great deal to Jae for all the work he has done by getting information out there about Toryumon and Dragon Gate and keeping us all up to date on the happenings of the promotion. It is indeed a sad day knowing we won’t be able to get updates from his site anymore.

However, this obviously doesn’t mean the end for Dragon Gate, with the promotion going from strength to strength all over the world. With tours coming up in the US and UK Dragon Gate’s popularity in the west is only likely to expand. So that means there is a great need for Dragon Gate information and news in English. I am considering taking on this task although feel I may need help in doing so. Specifically, if there are any fans out there that can read Japanese and would like to help with such a venture please get in touch. I will endeavor to pull together bios and history of the promotions but doing so is certainly a massive task that will take me some time (especially since I can’t reference dgusa anymore ;)).

My site is autonomous enough for this to be not too much of a chore, but hopefully I can get some help in some form for this. So like I said, please feel free to contact me if you can be of help and we will go from there.

In the mean time I will do my best to keep getting Dragon Gate videos out to everyone who continues to enjoy Dragon Gate’s (often) excellent product.


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  • I can’t read Japanese but I recently found this site and just wanted to say thanks for the hard work.

  • Connor

    email me Seth, I want to help fill the void where DGusa was.

  • Seth

    Thanks for the kind words Esco.

    Connor you’ve just been emailed.

  • Hey I couldn’t agree more Seth. I write columns over at Pro Wrestling Ponderings that also has Kevin Ford and Jerome Cusson of I have been semi put to the task of reviewing the DG-USA DVDs when they come out so if you could, send me an email as I would like to have your input on their current product as well as I was working with Jae before he told me about this closing. Thanks.

  • CrazyLynx

    Jae was a dick through and through. The nets a better place without the ****.

    I will be opening a Dragon Gate site with bios, vids, themes etc, almost finished. Will post the link when i am done.

  • Seth

    Hey take it easy ok? Jae has done more for Dragon Gate in the West than you could ever imagine.

    Good luck with your site, but there’s no need to bash someone who has done so much for both Toryumon and Dragon Gate.

  • James

    Anyway I can help send me a message….
    can’t do much but I like to think I can help find information……


  • Tony

    Thank you so much for doing this. I was worried I wouldn’t know what was going on with the company.