The Brave Gate tournament is going down on August 30th with two triple threat matches deciding the two finalists. The participants for this event are Naoki Tanisaki, Super Shenlong, Kzy, KAGETORA, Super Shisa and Akira Tozawa.

Personally, my money is on KAGE and Kzy making the final with Kzy taking it home. We will find out who is in each triple threat tonight.


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  • Tozawa deserves the run. I hope he wins it all.

  • Inutachi

    The Triple Threat matches will be :
    Kzy vs Naoki Tanizaki vs Super Shisa
    KAGETORA vs Super Shenlong vs Akira Tozawa

    I’ll go for Kzy and Tozawa as finalists, and then, Kzy wins the belt.
    But we can also see the unpredictable : Super Shisa vs Super Shenlong (that WOULD be awesome XD)

  • Seth

    I can’t agree more re: Shisa vs Shenlong. That definitely WOULD be awesome.

    In fact, joking aside, don’t discount Shenlong at all. He has had a pretty strong push lately and is most definitely a star of the future so they may choose this time to make turn him big.