I’ve been working 14 hour days at work lately so apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so.

Nevertheless, it has been a very busy time in DG with some surprising results in the Tag League. I won’t post all the results so far as there have been too many, but the current standings are thus:

Yasushi Kanda & Kenichiro Arai [10]
Naruki Doi & Naoki Tanisaki [7]
Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk [7]
Susumu Yokosuka & KAGETORA [4]
Masaaki Mochizuki & Katsuhiko Nakajima [4]
YAMATO & Shingo Takagi [2]
Akira Tozawa & Dragon Kid [2]
Kzy & Cyber Kong [0]
CIMA & Gamma [0]

Now clearly CIMA and Gamma are out of contention, but in a surprising move they claimed to have stolen the former Twin Gate belts (the blue ones that were retired at World) and have issued a challenge to the Kubota Brothers in Nagoya. They have named the belts the Open the Neho Gate championship. It would appear that Neho has no meaning.

Go figure.