Apologies once more for the lack of updates. Work and life has been draining me. I’ll do my best to keep you up to date though through this busy time.

If you haven’t been following the tag league lately, well some surprising (at least to me) developments have been happening. First of all, YAMATO and Shingo have claimed one of the semi spots already, leading the pack with 12 points. This is the biggest surprise to me due to their slow start but mostly because they challenged at World. I really can’t imagine they would win this thing only to have a rematch of World so soon. Saying that though, that was a great match so I wouldn’t say no to seeing part 2. The other secure spot is Yoshino (and his very yellow hair) and BxB Hulk. I did call both these teams at the start though so at least DG are reading my blog (:P).

The other semis will be decided based on what happens in the Mochi/Nakajima and KAGESuka match. KAGESuka were the third pick I made so I’m pulling for them, however if they lose the Mochi/Nakajima team will go through as will the early hitters Araken/Kanda. However, if KAGESuka pull it off then it will be a three way tie for that spot so I’m guessing some kind of 3-way elimination tag match will decide the semis?

Also, don’t forget, we’re just a week away from crowning a new Brave Gate champ – I can’t wait!


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  • Esco

    Well DGUSA has the results and you’ve got Infinity TV so you’ll get no complaints from me

  • Alva

    i guess Yamato & Shinbgo gonna win this tourney. Then leads to the grudge match with the champs. can you imagine Araken/Kanda win and go against SaiRyo and horiguchi? but hey anything can happen

    and yes 3 way for semis sounds really great, DG 3 way tag was always the best

    cant wait also for the Brave gate match for NEX guys,
    i guess KAGE and Kzy will won their block and meet in the final