In what will go down as no surprise to anyone, Shingo and YAMATO advance to face Ryo and Genki for the Twin Gate after defeating Michizuki and Nakajima in the finals.

Ryo and Genki made a demand before they would accept the match though – they get to choose a special guest referee. Now I’m not sure what position RH are in to be making such demands. They HAVE to defend their title against Shingo/YAMATO so making demands seems stupid. But alas, this is how it will go down.

The match is scheduled for Korakuen on September 17th. Let’s hope it is as good as their World match.


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  • Alva

    yea as i thought it will gonna be like that as well

    its weird how RH can have that stipulation but i dont think its lame, RH always can come up with something good. is it means somebody will gonna join RH? they’ve too much member already

  • Seth

    If it turns out to be Araken I will be supremely disappointed.

    It would be a little interesting if it was Kanda since it would be a throw back to ye olde days, but on the whole I hope it is someone surprising.

    I may be wrong, but I don’t recall the last time DG had a special referee match…

  • And the special referee is… Abdullah the Butcher, the man who can’t walk!
    I don’t know who will be, but I hope it won’t be anyone who already is in Real Hazard (maybe Kanda, as Seth says, but…).

  • Nate

    Who is the leader of Real Hazard?

  • Nate

    Oh you have a players section like Jae used to have.

  • Seth

    There is no official leader of RH right now, but it would appear that Ryo and Genki are calling the shots.

    – Yes I’m afraid my players section is still lacking in content as I haven’t had a chance to fill it yet.

    Same reason the site hasn’t been updated in a while – my job is making me it’s bitch right now, but I’ll be back on top of things shortly.

  • Alva

    Did you know what were SHINGO talking about with refree Yagi? i think its about the price and YAMATO seems disagree and pleading in comical fashion to SHINGO while the audience laugh

    its before RH came to the ring

  • Show

    I got that Shingo was going to give the money away or put the money on the line, something to that effect. Although I was mostly reading mannerisms and catching like 2 words out of the whole thing.

    Also, I kinda feel like Arai is the un-named leader of RH right now. Besides the fact that he’s the funniest guy in the whole group, he’s been seemingly taking control of things a little bit. I could be wrong though. I’m mostly happy that the finals match was balanced and not a complete uphill battle for Kamikaze.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Hi Seth , when will you update your website ,because i really want to see new dragon gate infinity and there is no others sites, in which i can see them.As a matter of fact, Gaora t.v always delete the dragon gate videos ,on youtube, so there is no more uploaders which post videos of this promotion there.
    By the way , is there anybody who know if the dream gate title match between Doi and Yokosuka will be on infinity or a next ppv?.

  • Yes, please update! It’s been a month, I miss my DG shows and news. Please, if you have the time and want to, update, we’ll all be waiting :)

  • Seth

    Ah many apologies!

    I have 143 and 144 to upload.

    I will do that today.

  • Seth

    143 is up, waiting on MegaVideo to convert 144 and I actually also have 145 ready too.