8/16/2009 @ Aichi, Nagoya International Conference Hall
2,300 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

Summer Adventure Tag League III: Susumu Yokosuka & KAGETORA vs Naruki Doi & Naoki Tanizaki
Summer Adventure Tag League III: Cyber Kong & Kzy vs Yasushi Kanda & Kenichiro Arai
Summer Adventure Tag League III: Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs Dragon Kid & Akira Tozawa

Thanks to Kamadori


  • Ryo Saeba

    When will you upload infinty 144 and 145 ?.Today?.

  • Thanks alot for posting that Seth, enjoyed it.
    Can’t believe they change the theme music at the start of the show AGAIN! It’s too teeny bopper.

  • Seth

    Ryo: they are uploaded. Just waiting on MegaVideo to convert them. Sorry but I can’t give you a timeline as it is completely in their hands. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it takes a few days.

    Mark: Yup, the music is now pretty dang blarg. But, well, DG has certainly had it’s ups and downs of intros. I actually liked the last one a lot better though.

    At least we can be content in knowing we’ll probably only have this one for a few months if they keep to the current pattern ;)

  • Ryo Saeba

    Thank you for your fast respose,Seth.Sorry, about my question of yesterday but i did not know that it was that long for you to get these videos done.
    By the way, what are the matches, which are on the 2 next infinity?.I’m just curious to know them.
    Anyway,keep up the good work.

  • Seth

    44 is the last day of the Summer Adventure Tag League and 45 is the semis and final of the brave gate tournie.

    So two pretty decent ones coming up if that’s your thing.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Yes,tag team wrestling and the brave gate tournament are my thing.I know the results and i want to see the matches(i do not write the names of the winners here,because i do not want to spoil the results for some readers who do not know them).
    This is my first year that i watch dragon gate and i want to know when the next ppv will be?.October or November?.
    By the way,why do you upload the ppvs very fast and not the infinity?.Is it because of the channels in which they are broadcasted?.I mean you have uploaded the last ppv less than 1 week after it was broadcasted in Japan,it was ultra fast,in my opinion.

  • Seth

    I tihnk the next PPV is at Hakata Star Lanes on October 25th.

    Susumu will be challenging Doi for the Dream Gate.

    As a general rule of thumb I post shows/PPVs as I get them. It just so happens that often my source for PPVs is faster than the sources I get Infinities from.

    However, lately I’ve been very busy. I’ve been sitting on 143 and 144 for a while but just haven’t had time to upload.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Thank you , for the response.
    Otherwise,do you like the stable of Zetsurins?.
    Personally,it’s the only faction that i don’t like in Dragon gate(i only like Mochizuki a little and hate Don Fuji ,Kishiwada and Akebono).I can’t believe that Fuji has been dream gate champ a few years back,what a bullshit ,in my mind…..

  • Seth

    Well Zetsurin’s aren’t really a faction, but yes, I have a pretty strong dislike for them also. In fact, the only one I like is K-ness and he rarely gets included in the Zetsurin group anymore.

    Akebono sticking around DG is a joke. What a great idea, bring a super heavyweight into a junior company. Smart moves. Grrr.

    I have long had a dislike for both Mochi and Fujii also, but I think as Zetsurins I dislike them more than ever. At least in CMAX/M2K they didn’t have this arrogant attitude that they have now. I can’t stand that at all.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Ok.I wonder which faction is the more babyface between Kamikaze and the warriors 5 is the more babyface.
    I know that world 1 is the top babyface faction,that the Real Hazard is the top hell and i think that Kamikaze is more babyface than the warriors 5,because the faction of Cima often cheat in their matches.Am i right?.
    Do you like these comedy characters called Super Shenlong 2 ,Stalker Ichikawa ,Kikutaro and the Florida brothers?.I hate them.The only one that i like is Anthony W Mori who is the more watchable,in my mind,even if he enters with his fake hair now,ugh.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Sorry,for the first question but i have just noticed that i have made an error and that i have forget to change the end of it(sorry, but it’s 1 a.m in my country).
    My true question was:
    Which faction is the more babyface between Kamikaze and the warriors 5?.

  • Nate

    I can’t tell if Ryo Saeba is a reference to City Hunter or Cyber Ryo…

  • Seth

    W5 and KAMIKAZE are both kinda tweeners.

    You’d have to look at W5 as the more rudo group since, well, Dragon Kid is in KAMIKAZE, but I think actually KAMIKAZE plays the rudo role more than W5. The W5 salute pretty much negates any possible heat they might get anyway. Plus, YAMATO still quite often wrestles a fairly rudo style so in my opinion, I’d say KAMIKAZE are the more heel of the two.

    Re: comedy characters, I think there is a place for them, and there are some good ones and some bad ones. Stalker is a pretty tired mainstay now, but it wouldn’t be DG without him so I’m happy that he is still doing his thing. I also like Syachihiko Machine. I’m not a fan of the (current) Frolida Brothers and can’t STAND Kikutaro. Shenlong I don’t think will be doing the comedy routine for much longer as I actually seem some good heel potential for him and would like to see a join to a proper faction sometime soon.

    Mori… not a fan. Let’s just leave it at that.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Indeed, my nickmame is a tribute to City Hunter and Angel Heart(but of course i also like Ryo Saito).

  • Are the Florida Bros back?! They’re funny as hell!

  • Seth

    The Frolida Bros are now Jackson and Johnson Florida. It’s not Daniel and Michael like before. The original Florida Bros were amazing, but I’d take the current Iwasa over Florida any day of the week.

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