Dragon Gate Infinity 145
8/30/2009 Fukuoka, Hakata Star Lanes
2800 Attendance

1. Open the Brave Gate Title Tournament – Semi Final, 3 Way Match:
Naoki Tanizaki vs Super Shisa vs Kzy
2. Open the Brave Gate Title Tournament – Semi Final, 3 Way Match:
KAGETORA vs Akira Tozawa vs Super Shenlong II
3. Open the Brave Gate Title Tournament – Final

Thanks to Kumadori.


  • Ryo Saeba

    Do you know if Super Shisa is a copy of Tiger Mask of njpw?(it was one of the first matches that i saw shisa wrestle and he’s pretty good).
    Why Super Shenlong still keep his mask,altough he showed his face,in the last ppv?.It’s weird.

  • Ryo Saeba

    I have a few others questions:
    1)Will you upload the dragon gate usa ppvs,on your awesome site?.
    2)Do you know in which infinity,there will be the winners of the tag tournaments vs horiguchi saito,for the twin gate championship?.I know the result and i can’t wait to see the match.
    3)What are your toughts on Cyber kong?.For me he’s an awesome wrestler for a guy of his size.
    4)Do you prefer Ryo Saito now or when he was teaming with Susumu?.Personally, I prefer him now as a heel,he has more charisma.
    5)Is it true that Genki has changed his surfer gimmick because of he lost his hair?.

  • Seth

    1) Nope. They are available pretty easily for people in the west to buy so I won’t ever be providing them. Sorry. This site is intended to get the shows which are hard to get out to more people who don’t have access to them.

    2) I’m afraid I don’t know but I expect it will either be 146 or 147.

    3) I’m a Cyber fan. I think he has a strong future ahead of him and he puts over guys who are smaller than him pretty well.

    4) At first I wasn’t a fan of his heel gimmick. His fake laughing felt really contrived and since it was his first heel turn I think he took a long time to settle in. However, now, I think he, Genki, Araken and Kanda especially are really doing a great job in their current personas. They really don’t give a crap and sell this attitude to perfection. I love it.

    5) No, he changed from his surfer gimmick long before he started losing his hair. The surfer gimmick was gone by… 2001 pretty much. Probably around the time he joined M2K. However, this is when he started losing his hair and he got taunted about this a lot and since he was a heel he started to play on this. The crowd would chant HAGE (which means losing one’s hair) and he would hold his hands over his head and scream at them to shut up. After a while the HAGE chants became a mainstay of his matches and he would wear a T-Shirt that said “Who has called me HAGE?!”. However, by this time he was so over it was crazy and the HAGE chants were more of an endearing thing than a mocking one. So he sort of became a babyface because of that and in fact, in 2003 made a run to the King of Gate finals with his HAGE followers and got every pinfall with a backslide which was amazing. This is why his second finisher now is a backslide from hell – due to this one King of Gate.

    Anyway, there’s your Genki history lesson :)

  • Ryo Saeba

    Thank you very much for you response,but you forgot to answer me on my first set of questions ,which were just above at those, which you have responded,with a lot of precision,on this same page.
    Otherwise what are your toughts on the following wrestlers:
    1)Kagetora.In my mind,he’s a very good wrestler and a good fit in the warriors 5 stable.
    2Yokosuka.He’s also good but i do not think that he will beat Doi for the title,next month, because he’s the third member of the warriors 5.
    3)Gamma.I hate his moves with the water but he’s a talented wrestler.
    4)Tozawa.He’s good as a wrestler and as a member of Kamikaze and seems to become brave gate champ,soon.
    5)Kzy.His recent heel turn make him more interesting to watch,although he was already good in the ring.
    6)Tanisaki.Very good wrestler and he has receive finally some gold,cool.His next feud vs Genki seems to be good,and it’s funny because they had the same gimmick.
    7)Yamato.Future world champ but i do not understand why the bookers make him leave the real hazard,although he has beat Liger,in Njpw.It’s weird
    8)Hulk.Future world champ and incredible wrestler.Do you think that he could turn heel by always keeping his Killer Hulk character?.That could fun to watch,in my mind.Thanks,for your responses.

  • Seth

    Sorry I missed those. No, Super Shisa isn’t a copy of Tiger Mask. Actually, a shisa (often spelt seisar) is a mythological beast which is like a cross between a dog and a lion. There are lots of statues of these, usually in pairs (hence Shisa Boy) used to ward off evil spirits. If you don’t know, Super Shisa is actually SAITO, who is the trainer for DG and trained most of the original Toryumon guys with Ultimo.

    Shenlong keeps his mask as he is still Super Shenlong. He’ll probably keep the mask until he drops the Shenlong gimmick. Lately he’s been wearing a see-through mask for the very reason that he’s already shown his face.

    Regarding your breakdown of wrestlers I’d agree for the most part although I am not, nor have I ever been a fan of Susumu or Hulk. Susumu though is at least watchable in the ring. Also, for the record YAMATO is my fave wrestler and has been for a long time, and I think the reason they turned him face was because he will indeed soon be getting the Dream Gate and don’t want to put it on a heel (with the exception of Magnitude the Dream Gate has never been held by a heel).

    I think it’s the wrong move but well, what’s done is done. They did the same thing with Doi and Shingo too. With Shingo it was a complete mess though.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Incredible,you think that hulk is not a good wrestler!.
    I respect your opinion but you’re the first person that i read or talk with,that think he’s not good.In my mind,he does a lot of amazing things in the ring and he’s not only a pretty boy with a strong fan base of females.The mouse,his variety of kicks(ok,less important than the ones of Katsuhiko Nakajima) and a lot of others things make him a wrestler quite fun to watch,in my mind.Ok,he does not do mat wrestling at all but it’s the style of this promotion.
    Explain me why you do not like him ?.
    I’m just curious to know your reasons and of course i will respect them.
    By the way,do you think like me that Pac is an awesome high flyer?.

  • Seth

    Hulk has potential. I’m not saying he doesn’t, but really in my mind the only thing he does well is bumps. His kicks look weak, as do most of his moves in general and I think his gimmick is played out. The whole Killer Hulk thing is a complete farce in my eyes. Nothing he does makes him seem like a legit threat in that “mode” and apart from the initial mark out factor, he should have been left alone.

    Hulk has had some decent matches in the past, and it’s not because he’s not a strong mat wrestler that I don’t like him. But he hasn’t lived up to his potential one bit and frankly in my mind has a long way to go yet.

    As for PAC… well… he’s certainly athletic and his moves are kinda impressive, but I think he’s too… US indy for my liking (I know he is English). Basically he’s a spot fest and little else. The great high flyers of the past (ie Rey Mistero Jr before WWE, Great Sasuke, Ultimo Dragon etc) all had the ring psychology that most current flyers lack.

    Which is a shame because like Hulk I’d say PAC has potential, but I’m more dubious as to whether PAC will ever change his style and progress further.

    For the record I preferred Matt Sydal.

  • Show

    Haha, big love for Tanizaki in this episode. His character and style has been growing on me in the past months, and I’m very happy to see him come out of this one. But could they have put any MORE falsies in the final? Sure it gets the crowd, and myself, super into but god I can only take so much! They sorta phoned it in when they kept showing his little girl though. Ace camera work showing her crying when he was getting whomped on.

    I don’t like Kagetora, personally. It’s not that I think he’s a bad worker or even a bad fit in the company. I think it just goes back to when he first came in and he just crapped on Tozawa over and over again. I really wanted Tozawa to win Battle of Tokyo. Still bitter about that. That said, big fan of Kage’s move set. Really good match.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Ok,i have severals others questions
    1)Could you explain me the hell turn of kzy?.As ,i do not understand japanese,i did not know the reasons.I believe that Doi said that he has caused too much defeat,for world 1(i think that i have read that on the website of Jae.
    By the way,is the character of dr muscle a legendary character of dragon gate?.I have seen kzy and yokosuka disguise as him recently.
    2)What do you think of the second rope CDJ?.He my mind,this is a painful looking move and Kzy is awesome by not hurting badly his opponent with this kind of move.
    3)Do you think that the awesome ring attire of genki was inspired by the video game,kortal kombat?.He mask remind me Sub zero.His haircut looks to be also inspired by the bad guys of the first level of first video game,Shinobi of Sega.
    4)In my mind,Yamato has an awesome attire.Do you think that his sort of japanese pants has been inspired by the japaneses samurai movies or even by the character of Mitsurugi of the Soul Calibur video game?.
    I have seen infinity 143 and yamato try to take off the mask of dragon kid.It’s ultra weird because they are on the same stable.When he was in the real hazard i understood it ,but now,it’s weird.What are your toughts on this?.
    Why yamato do not use the Hidalgo move anymore,in your opinion?.In wrestling,fighters change their finishers moves but often keep most of their formers holds.
    5)You told me that Kanda is a great heel.For me,he’s good but he has the less intresting character of the faction.For exemple,the hell transformation of Arai is incredible.By the way,what is the history of that blue box(it looks like a box that could have the fishers,do not laugh).I know that an other faction in dragon gate used this weapon before the real hazard.
    Otherwise, i have seen pac wrestle in an other promotion called nwe , as jungle pac,and he’s less a spot fest guy than in dragon gate(you could see some of his matches on youtube,i think).

  • Ryo Saeba

    I forgot also to ask you if this a tradition for dragon gate to have a guest announcer,in their ppv?.
    Usually,there are girls who are the third announcer ,so even if i do not understand what they say ,i’m fine with that.Nevertheless, in the last ppv,it was an horrible guy with an awful voice.Who was this guy ?.He made me nearly break myself my own computer screen because of his voice,ugh.

  • Seth

    Show: I originally felt the same way about KAGE, but for some reason since he joined W-5 he really began to grow on me. He’s such a solid worker and I think if you give him a chance you’ll find that too.


    1) I’ll have to go back and rewatch his speech as I actually don’t recall very well. There was tension between him and Tanizaki, then they sort of made up and vowed to be a tag team, and the next time we see Kzy he shows up as Dr Muscle. The ol’ bait and switch (Naoki coming out in a bath towel was pretty random but I loled ;))

    As for Dr Muscle, he was originally a member of Muscle Outlawz and was supposed to be Raimu Mishima. However, Mishima got injured and was forced to retire. So Dr Muscle was then played by random members of MO’z and we’d usually not know who it was. Sometimes other wrestlers would fake being him to get a one up on MO’z (such as Susumu or Yoshino) and he’s been used more than one occasion in a heel turn I believe. He’s definitely not legendary but for some reason he’s stuck around as the gimmick kinda works. He’s not technically a member of any faction, but since he’s always been a heel if he shows up you have to expect him to be on the side of RH.

    2) The CDJ is definitely a dangerous move for sure. Hopefully Kzy doesn’t injure anyone with it. It definitely puts him over as a heel though as it’s a pretty destructive finisher.

    3) Hard to say how Genki came up with his current… thing. The mask I think, if anything, is a throwback to TARU’s mask that he used to wear, but don’t quote me on that. KAGE also wears a mask on occassion but this one is actually a Samurai warlord’s mask. However, I doubt Genki was inspired by Mortal Kombat in all honest.

    4) YAMATO’s attire is awesome yeah but I couldn’t say where it comes from. It certainly could be samurai inspired.

    The mask attack on DK also took me by surprise. YAMATO was definitely playing the heel in this match which is fine, but a mask attack just seems totally random and makes no sense.

    5) Well I brought Kanda up among the pack of great heels in RH. He wasn’t always great. After his initial return from retirement and move into MO’z I didn’t like him at all. However, he is a natural heel (check him out in the original M2K from way back when to see what I mean) even though I liked him as a face post-retirement also. However, what I was really referring to was the attitude these 4 guys display. They’re all filled with such apathy (hell Araken even falls asleep during his intro) and it’s just a refreshing take on a heel faction. Of course, Kong and Kzy are great heels too, but they don’t play this same role. They are both more traditional heels.

    The blue box comes originally from M2K actually. There are a few different accounts of how it started, but I believe that they brought it in to make fun of random objects used in wrestling that really don’t look like they hurt, yet seem to do so much damage. So they brought in this box that clearly wouldn’t hurt anyone and it became their trademark. Over the years it’s tended to really go wherever Kanda goes so for a while we didn’t get much blue box action (when he was retired and running DG for instance). I’m glad it is back though.

  • Seth

    Oh, and yes, DG has always had a guest announcer and you’re right about a) it usually being a woman and b) that last guy made me want to split my TV.

    I don’t know who he was but my guess is he is a comedian on Japanese TV and talks like that as his gimmick.

  • Inutachi

    Seth => Are you talking about the guest of Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival? If it’s the case, he didn’t make me want to split my TV… He made me MADE IN JAPAN my whole house, just by hearing his… “voice”.

    Oddly enough, I’m a fan of the Dr Muscle persona. I’ll try to do a cosplay of him at the next Japan convention in my country ^^ (I’ll just have to find the mask, which is very hard…)

  • Inutachi

    I found some more details about the guest of Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival ^^
    So, his name is Akihiro Kurokawa, better known as Kuro-chan. He is in a Japanese comedy trio, the Yasuda Dai Circus. His character includes feminism mannerisms like his voice, as heard during the PPV ^^”

  • Seth

    Thanks for the info Inutachi. I’ll do my best to avoid anything from that trio in the future now ;)

    I can’t imagine what made them think it was a good idea bringing him on… I mean of all the people they could have chosen they bring on a guy with an obnoxiously high voice into commentating? Come on…

  • Alva

    wow now all members of W1 have golds

  • I agree with some of the other commenters about this stuff.