Dragon Gate “STORM GATE 2009”, 12.09.2009
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium #2
2,000 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Shingo Takagi & YAMATO vs. Naruki Doi & Naoki Tanizaki
2. CIMA, Gamma & Susumu Yokosuka vs. Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk & PAC


  • Alva

    Hey Seth, i wonder were the Infinity episodes randomly taken from their daily tour shows?

    How can i know that the show will be appear as the next infinity? cos when i check the date of one and another was kinda random sometimes every 2 weeks and like the final of summer tag league and brave gate tournament only a few days gap

    From what i get they took the most interesting match or storyline from the shows and it’ll be appear on infinity, other than the special promotion shows like Mochizuki’s Buyuden, Warriors-5’s and the upcoming World-1’s

  • Seth

    You got it. They pretty much choose the best matches in the time period and ones that make sense to show from a storyline perspective.

  • Ryo Saeba

    Thanks you so much,for your severals responses Seth.
    I have a few others to ask you:
    Why gamma never lose by disqualification,since he’s in the warriors?.He always cheat with his kendo stick,even in front of the eyes of the referee but is not Dq.Why?.There are rules in dragon gate,no?.
    In an old infinity,one of the referee respond to the provocations of the real hazard,i believe,by attacking them with a back suplex.Is this guy the former wrestler, that you have talked about before?.Is this a parody to the others referees who always sleep during longs minutes after a wrestler kick their asses?.When i watched this,i found it very funny.

  • Show

    Yet another example of why I don’t buy Doi as champion. When he’s in there with two of the company’s best almost any time he’s in a great deal of control it looks…well…fake. And then you have to have the newly crowned champ take the job since you can’t have the main eventer get pinned.

    Seemed like there were a lot of botches in this episode, but I preferred the duo tag match.

  • Seth

    You have to really take the ref’s in DG with a grain of salt. Unlike the more mainstream promotions, indy wrestling refs rarely properly enforce the rules, instead letting the fun in instead of getting in the way. Indy wrestling has always been like this and DG is no different.

    In fact often the refs do indeed play roles larger than just being referees. Some examples:

    Takayuki Yagi: He was formally in Italian Connection and a T2P graduate but for unknown reasons decided to retire and become a ref. For a while he was also the booker of the company making decisions on upcoming matches, even while wearing his ref outfit. If provoked enough he will also fight back and can often be found doing moves during comedy matches. Speaking of which, you may notice he never referees Johnson Florida matches…

    Yasushi Kanda: He was forced to retire due to a neck injury and so became a referee. However, he stayed heel and a part of M2K so would often sway matches in their favour.

    Kinta Tomoaka: He was the ref for T2P but during the Real Hazard days he became a heel ref and joined
    RH. In many matches he would flat out refuse to 3 count when RH members were being pinned. He would also participate in some moves as he has wrestling training also. He won a loser leaves RH match against… I think Gamma but it was all a ruse and he was kicked out instead. He has been a normal ref since.

    So basically Gamma (or anyone) will usually only be DQ’d when it helps a storyline or makes sense in the match context. Best not to get too caught up with “rules” when watching DG :P

    Show: I agree, Doi is a very weak champion and not really deserving of an ace title. The fact he has so many high profile wins has failed to convince me and I think a lot of other people also.