Once again, many apologies for not staying regular with the updates. Work never seems to let up but I’m trying hard to find some time to keep things rolling. Unfortunately some of my Infinities are playing hardball with Megavideo hence the delay there. I’ll figure something out.

A fair amount has been happening in the Dragon Gate world lately, what with the generation war, the upcoming hair vs cage match as well as the news that King of Gate is postponed to next year (one would imagine to give Doi some MORE time with the belt… sigh). I don’t have November’s PPV yet but I’ll do my best to find that and post it also. Word is it wasn’t a very strong show with the exception of the Twin Gate match, but since YAMATO is involved in that one it’s probably worth watching.

Hoping to get things back to normal shortly so please bear with it and thanks again to everyone who keeps coming and commenting. Stay safe.

So I decided to take the risk and purchase a Plus membership for Vimeo. As a precaution I’m severely limiting the viewing options of it so you will only be able to watch the video by coming to this site (and not, for instance by going to Vimeo.com). 

The good news is I now have the option to upload a lot more content and have it available much sooner. No more uncertainties as when MegaVideo will decide to transcode it (if ever). I also have a much nicer video player and can potentially have higher quality video. I’ll be keeping the file size fairly low for infinities but perhaps upload the PPVs in high quality. The other great thing about this, and most beneficial to you, the viewer, is that there is no daily limit on how much you can watch. So go nuts and watch as much Dragon Gate as you like.

Of course, like I said, there is a risk involved in going with Vimeo. Unlike MV they are much stricter on the content uploaded so I could obviously lose all uploaded content and have my account deleted at a moments notice. It will be $60 down the drain but I can’t put up with MegaVideo any longer.

If you come across any videos that get deleted please email me right away (use the contact form at the top) so I can look into alternatives once more.


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  • ryo saeba

    Thanks,for telling us seth.
    Personally,i come to this site each days to see if there are new videos,so i’m happy by your infos here.

    • Seth

      I’ve got Infinities up to 153 including 148 now so that’s the plan on getting those up. I’m just waiting on seeing what kind of solution I have with Vimeo. So far so good so if it begins looking positive I’ll buy the pro account so I can get caught up.