Naruki Doi puts Dream Gate on the line against fellow World-1 member BxB Hulk and the generation wars are heating up as Shingo and YAMATO defend their Twin Gate belts against veterans Mochizuki Masaaki and Don Fujii. Elsewhere, the Brave Gate will be contested in a triple threat match between defending champion Naoki Tanizaki, KAGETORA and Akira Tozawa.

DRAGON GATE Pro-Wrestling,
November 23, 2009
Osaka – Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium
6,500 Fans (Super No Vacancy Full House)

1. Turboness & Anthony Turbo Mori vs. Kenichiro Arai & Kzy
2. Super Shenlong 50 Match Trial Series #25: Susumu Yokosuka vs. Super Shenlong
3. Dragon Kid & Masato Yoshino vs. Ryo Saito & MAZADA
4. Open The Brave Gate: Naoki Tanizaki (c) vs. KAGETORA vs. Akira Tozawa
5. CIMA, Gamma & Magnitude Kishiawada vs. Yasushi Kanda, Genki Horiguchi & Dr. Muscle
6. Open The Twin Gate: Shingo Takagi & YAMATO (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii
7. Open The Dream Gate: Naruki Doi (c) vs. B×B Hulk

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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  • Charlie

    Thank you very much Seth, the show should be a good watch I’m sure! :D

  • Seth

    Haven’t had a chance to watch it myself yet but I’ve been hearing that it’s fairly solid with the exception of number 3.

    I’ll post my thoughts as always as soon as I have a chance to sit down with it.

  • ryo saeba

    Damn,the first video does not work,why?.
    I wanted to see the triple threat….

  • Seth

    Dang it. I’ll upload it again.

  • ryo saeba

    Hey,seth do you know what these idiots of nozawa rongai and mazada,do in dragon gate?.
    They bother me in ajpw and there in dg,wow what a bullshit.
    Otherwise,i have read that sugawara will come to dg,soon.Was he important when he was there before?.

  • Seth

    You don’t need to tell me about NOSAWA and Mazada. I wish I knew why DG keep bringing them back. They really stink the place up.

    And Suga is already back. Watch the latest Infinity for his return.

    He started as a member of T2P and joined Anthony’s Royal Brothers as Henry Sugawara. He later famously betrayed Anthony and joined Aagan Iisou. He was fired along with the rest of them.

    So he was sorta a big deal after his turn in Toryumon, but not a MASSIVE deal. Now he is back Anthony wants to reform Royal Brothers. Mochi said once the gen war is done with Suga should do it and he will join as the third member. This will probably happen at the next Byuuden.

  • Seth

    I’m having problems with the first video still.

    I’m going to split it in half and upload each bit separately. Sorry for the delay, I’ll try and get it all sorted out tonight.

  • ryo saeba

    In the review of the show,they say the twin gate was the better bout of the show.I did not see any match of it,but if this is the case that ppv must suck.
    No,seriously,if a match of don fuji is the best of the show,i think there is a huge problem somewhere….
    Anyway,seth,could explain me the background of that feud of the generation wars,please.

  • ryo saeba

    It s not that i like that very much,but who is turboness and why mori is a super hero now?.He has 2 characters now or what?.
    By the way,what the pixy chicks said?.

  • Drew

    I think Turboness is K-ness. Just a hunch. I have no idea why Anthony is a super hero, either. I think it has to do with RH and the way they’re treating the Pixy Chicks…or something. No idea.

    Oh and thanks for your work Seth, really appreciate it. It may not be the best show, but any DG is good enough for me.

  • ld

    dragon gate is good but this ppv sucks hard its not like the others no red ring, no toilet paper throwing before every match. no english at all it was just different even the wrestling wasnt as mad as it usualy is the upload is fantastic seth thank you if you want a great watch and amazing wrestling watch the ppv prior to this one dragon gate: untouchable it will blow your mind and show you what dragon gate is all about thanks again seth :)

  • Seth

    I’m not sure why you say Turboness is K-ness… And why do you assume Anthony W. Mori is Anthony Turbo Mori?? Next you’ll be telling me Turboyan is Don Fujii!

    I could explain what is going on but I think it’s more fun for you to just sit back and enjoy it :)

    As for the Pixy Chicks, they were just introducing the show and about to sing the Infinity intro.

    I haven’t finished watching the PPV yet but it’s not that bad. So far it is a hell of a lot better than Gate of Anniversary. I mean it’s no World for sure, but still. It is always disappointing when the crowd isn’t into it though. ld, what do you mean by “no english”? When is there ever English in Dragon Gate? :)

  • ryo saeba

    Hey,why all the real hazard members have all horrible haircut.
    Was it always the case in dg,that all heels factions have that or is this a real hazard trademark?.
    Now,even Kzy has blue hair,ugh.I hope the guy who is under the mask of dr muscle won t have another one.Yes,i know you he s but i don t want to spoil anything,for people that do not read spoilers.

  • Seth

    Real Hazard have a kind of neo-punk theme, so their outfits and hair match that style.

  • ryo saeba

    Another thing why there are only jr heavyweights,in dg?.(kong is retired so now this the case).
    Personally,i love this,because the high flyers and the speed wrestlers are my favorite,but it s weird because in japan,they prefer heavyweights guys.

  • ryo saeba

    I wondered if this is members of dg staff that show those japaneses flags,when kamikaze members enter to the ring.
    by the way,what is this written on the flag that have Tanizaki,in the ring?.

  • Seth

    Dragon Gate is a jr heavyweight promotion. So all the wrestlers are jr heavies. That’s just how it is. It starts as Toryumon when Ultimo Dragon (one of the best jr heavies in the world at the time) wanted a place to showcase his students, who, of course, were all jr heavies. So since the whole roster is jr heavyweight it would be weird adding heavies to the team (Akebono I’m looking at you).

    That’s why visiting wrestlers are usually also jrs (Liger, Kanemoto).

  • ryo saeba

    hey,seth what did you think of the ppv finally?.
    I have nearly see all the matches and it was a fun ppv.Not the best but really watchable.
    the first two matches were ok,saito mazada vs yoshino kid was fun to watch,the triple threat was a lot of fun to watch,the 6 man tag was interesting(even kishiwada was good in it).

  • Niall

    How long has Shingo had the boring hairdo? He loses a lot of character with just a plain haircut.

  • Seth

    He shaved his head along with CIMA, KAGETORA and Akira Tozawa because of the whole Cora situation. Unfortunately for him it had the most amount of impact on his image and will take a while for him to get it back.

  • Shingo is probably one of my favorite wrestlers. Its still weird to see him without his awesome hair tho