Nagoya International Conference Hall
2450 spectators – Super No Vacancy Full House

4 Way Match: Ryo Saito vs Susumu Yokosuka vs BxB Hulk vs Dragon Kid
Open the Dream Gate Title: Naruki Doi (c) vs Magnitude Kishiwada

Thanks to Rukkasu.


  • Niall

    Seth, when did these matches take place?

  • Seth

    December 13th.

  • ryo saeba

    wow,seth you receive infinity more and more faster.Do you think you ll receive the ppv of sunday,this week?.(you told me you receive ppvs faster than infinity).
    the guy who fought vs stalker at the ppv was the president of dgate right?.Is he a former wrestler?.

  • ryo saeba

    Is this normal that i can t see any of the videos of vimeo,on my computer today?.
    There is not the space to see them,unlike the videos from megaupload,it s weird.
    it s my computer which has some problems or what?.

  • Seth

    I should be getting the PPV yes. I’ll talk to my contact and see when he can get it to me.

    President Okamura has a background in martial arts, not wrestling. One would also expect he probably has some ties to yakuza as well.

    I’m not sure why you can’t see any Vimeo videos. Have you tried restarting your browser/computer? I don’t seem to have any problems myself…

    If you go to vimeo.com do they show up there?

  • Michel Garcia

    Brazil:Muito bom este evento,pena que a programação televisiva do meu país seja medíocre,não passa programas de lutas pró-wrestling,ainda bem que existe internet pra ver. english:Very good this event, unfortunate that the television programming of my country is poor, no more programs to fight pro-wrestling, even though there is internet to see.