Big news today K-ness fans, as Genki called out X and it turned out to be K-ness!

So what this means is the K-ness will be taking SaiRyo’s place in all of his matches, not least of all the mask vs hair elimination cage match at the upcoming FINAL GATE! K-ness mask will be on the line once again, and this will also be his second of such matches. This entry also puts him on the opposite side of his two greatest rivals, Dragon Kid and Yoshino. Will we see some former magic happen? His induction into Real Hazard also reunites the once great KnesSuka team and DoFIXER is pretty much back together in all but name. This is a very exciting turn of events.

Now anyone who knows me knows how much of a K-ness fan I am, despite his recent… lack of form. However, the success of all this depends solely on K-ness’ form in the ring. He is healthy now, but he has been out of the main spotlight since his Triangle Gate run with Mochi and Fujii last year. His few higher profile matches against Yoshino and DKid lately have also stunk, but maybe this return to his heel roots and faith shown by Genki as booker will give him the mental boost he so dearly needs.

Fingers, knees and toes all crossed this one works out.


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  • ryo saeba

    What kind of moves k ness do?.Since i watch dg,he s a jobber or just a rank above,so i do not him very much.
    He might be very good,because he s the only heel ever to have won the top belt.
    By the way,why there was only 1 heel champion in dragon gate,that suck.It s the only promotion that i know who do that.
    Is this because in japan,their fanbase is mainly girls?.

  • Seth

    K-ness has never won the Dream Gate. The best he has done is Brave Gate.

    In the past he was one of the best juniors in Japan but he had a series of injuries and missed close to a year, came back and got injured again. Since then he has never really been the same.

    You should try and watch some of his Darkness Dragon work or when he wrestled Yoshino way back when.

    I’ll be posting a K-ness series soon though so you could just wait for that.

  • Seth

    As for the heel/Dream Gate thing, the only heel ever to hold the belt is Magnitude Kishiwada. As for WHY they don’t give it to heels I couldn’t tell ya. I wish to god they would, but for some reason they want their top ace to always be a babyface.

  • Gural

    Liger was Heel 2 an he was Dream Gate Champion xD But he ist 1 of my favs so Liger will be never heelish 4 me^^ But K-Ness is a very good Worker an i hope that is turn will give him a little push

  • TMizzle

    SCHWEEEEET! I love K-Ness. Hopefully he goes back to his Darkness Dragon days and his “mind game” counters like the Judas and the Sol Noches El, which is the best counter to any move ever.