As a continuing effort to improve the site you will see some changes coming over the next little while. The most obvious one is the current redesign. This is only part way finished as I hope to bring a bit more life to the site.

However, as a result there may be a few strange idiosyncrasies here or there as part of the teething process so please bear with it for the current while.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve or just want to offer some general feedback please feel free to leave a comment.


Site news
  • Mike

    This is cool!

  • ryo saeba

    So yeah,i give you my thoughts.
    I think the site is better looking,i love that it s in red and white like the logo of the promotion.The severals sections of the site are much easier to access,at the top of the page,so i love your effort.
    Nevertheless,i have a little complaint.I know you do not have the time,but it would be cool that you make a biography on each wrestlers of the roster.Yes,i know you want to do it,and i really want to see this soon.I m a little bored to just see the names of the guys,and not be able to click on it,to see where were they born,what are their moves…. .
    Anyway,aside from that,i think you did a great job.

  • Seth

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Yes this is definitely next on my list of improvements. I agree that this is necessary. I’m just trying to figure out what to offer in that regard that other sites don’t. I’m playing around with a few ideas and will probably add them as they are done rather than wait until they are all ready.

  • ryo saeba

    I have others ideas for the site.You should often make articles like you did with izawa,because it was very interesting,especially for people like me,you do not watch dg since a lot of years.
    Furthermore,i noticed it was a popular link of the site,so you should continue that kind of things.
    Another thing that will be cool,it s a historic of each factions.If they were face or heel,who were the members,what were their goals,how it s end.I think it could be very interesting.The factions are a huge thing of dragon gate,because it s mainly a war of stable,unlike the others promotions.

  • Seth

    These are good ideas. I will probably do these things for each wrestler and their faction but the problem is keeping them up to date. I guess if they are more like blog posts rather than actual pages it might work more.

    Thanks, I think I’ll do that.

  • ryo saeba

    I have an other idea.You should do like puroresu central used to do before.
    On the profiles of the wrestlers,you should make footage of their signature moves.
    In fact,when we click on the names of the moves,we should be able to watch them.It might be hard to do but it was an idea that you could add to your site maybe.

  • ryo saeba

    Ah yes,i forgot,it will be also cool that you add fotos of the wrestlers with their former gimmick on their profiles,like the one of Arai when he was in tozawa_juku,for exemple.
    That could be fun,because we could see that yamato has improved his look,for exemple.

  • ryo saeba

    An other idea for the site.It would be cool that you review each infinity that will come ,like you do for the ppv;
    Even,i do not share your opinion on some wrestlers like bxb hulk ,i enjoy each time you do a recap and that you give us your point of view on the shows.
    It always cool for me to know what a long time dg fan think about the shows,so if you could do it for the infinity,that could be very interesting,in my mind.

  • Seth

    Video: this is something I actually had planned. It may take a while to collate all the footage but I agree, it would be very cool to have.

    Old photos: unlikely this one since finding said photos would be very difficult and I don’t think is worth the effort.

    Infinity reviews: this isn’t something I’m likely to consider I’m afraid. My time is already stretched and I sometimes don’t even get to see all Infinities as it is. Usually they aren’t worth reviewing as they contain mostly clipped matches and some storyline stuff. I guess I could recap the storyline things, but again, I don’t want to be tied to having to watch all the shows.

    Keep the ideas flowing though. All suggestions are at least considered :)

  • Mike

    About the players page:

    Marks should do their favorite’s pages. Mike Jr will post a gallery of Anthony W. Mori pink apparel and why he should be a leader. Igi will create a ten page incredibly detailed section for Ryo Saito. Tony will create the world’s first Akira Tozawa page. Mike Sr. will create a Gamma page that praises Gamma for like half the page.