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1. Dragon Scramble Rules: Toru Owashi vs Anthony W. Mori, Takuya Sugawara, Junya Fukumasa, Second Doi & Kinya Oyanagei
2. Dragon Scramble Rules: Milano Collection A.T. vs Condotti Shuji, Pescatore Yagi, Berlinetta Boxer, YOSSINO & “brother” YASSINI
3. Maximum Weakest Determination Match: Stalker Ichikawa vs Syachihoko Machine #1 & Syachihoko Machine #2
4. Condotti Shuji, Pescatore Yagi & Berlinetta Boxer vs Anthony W. Mori, Henry III Sugawara & Philip J. Fukumasa
5. UWA Trios Title Contendership: Milano Collection A.T., YOSSINO & “brother” YASSINI vs Toru Owashi, Second Doi & Kinya Oyanagei


  • ryo saeba

    Well,in fact i did managed to see the videos.In the computer section of my brother it does not work,but in mine or in my playstation 3,it works.I do not understand why but at least it worms,so it s cool.
    Okamura has links with yakusas?.Wow.
    Do you know if taru was a former yakusa?.His tatoos make me think it was the case,as only a few people have tatoos in japan,minus the yakusas.
    Do you understand why sugawara has such a huge push?.I mean he s not under contract in dg and he s still a freelancer,but he has strong wins.Why?.
    I think that r hazard has too much members and it killed the importance of some of them.If we count suga and mazada,they re 8 or 9.Dg should let mazada go back to ajpw…..

  • Gural

    Saito, K-Ness, Kzy, Yokosuka, Kanda, Arai & Horiguchi…+ MAZADA & NOSAWA. I don´t think that Mazada & Nosawa RH Member. Both are just Heels. I like Nosawa. @JCW he is a funny guy xD

  • Seth

    Re: Okamura/yakuza. There are no confirmed reports that he has links to them, but it is speculated that it is the case. I’m sure you’ve seen wrestlers in DG wear the Mid-Breath gym t-shirt, well apparently yakuza sell a lot of steroids through this gym. Of course, yakuza have their hand in a lot of pro-wrestling in Japan so this is not so uncommon.

    I don’t think TARU has any ties to yakuza but I can’t say for sure.

    Suga has a big push as he has a lot of history with a lot of the wrestlers, and actually when he joined Aagan Iisou he actually started to gain quite a bit of momentum. Him being a freelancer doesn’t really mean anything as Magnitude won the Dream Gate title (and indeed triangle gate) as a freelancer, and Gamma is also technically a freelancer too.

    The thing with Real Hazard, and it was like this with MO’z too, whenever there are visiting heels they align with the heel unit. And since there is only one heel unit they get all the heels. Basically, if you are heel you are with RH. However, the core members are as Gural said. However I do share the sentiment that they should just go :)

    NOSAWA doesn’t seem to be aligned with RH right now though btw. It would appear he is with the Veteran Army…

  • ryo saeba

    What does it looks like those mid_breath gym t shirt?.Maybe,i ve seen it ,but i do not see what you refer to?.
    Yakusa sell a lot of steroids and have a lot of influences of puroresu?.I watch puro since 2005 but i did not knew those backstages things at all.Can you give some infos on that?.
    Otherwise,i ve noticed that there no wrestlers,minus kzy,that went to foreign excursion to learn some new skills and enhance their body,in dg,unlike others puro promotions?.Why?.Lack of money?.
    Was it considered as a big deal in dgate that they had shows with roh or that doi and yoshino wrestled in tna or nobody care?.
    Why yoshino and horiguchi were in the roster of that shitty defunct mtv wrestling promotion called wsx?.To promote dgate in the states?.
    Finally,i might sound stupid but why cima is with the old guys.He s only 32 years old and a lot younger than guys like mochizuki,gamma or don fuji.It might be to have more good matches in this feud.

  • Seth

    You see the Mid Breath shirt a lot when you watch the PPVs. Almost always the colour commentator is wearing one. Sometimes you will also see wrestlers wear them, for instance CIMA.

    Let me just clarify the steroid thing quickly: I didn’t say yakuza sell them to wrestlers. This I do not know. Only a lot of steroids get sold out of that gym. To whom I cannot say. Most likely just the regular roid addicts that go there. Kong also went to train in America if you remember and I think Shingo also. It’s not THAT uncommon but I think it’s usually if the wrestler needs to improve do they send them over there.

    DG made the ROH thing a big deal but due to the bad blood between them now they have downplayed it considerably and of course there’s no longer any DG involvement with ROH. The TNA thing I don’t think they really advertised since Doi/Yoshino didn’t have a good showing and they can’t use the TNA footage. I don’t know anything about WSX so cannot comment on that.

    The thing to remember about the veterans thing is that it’s not necessarily about age, but moreso about the class you graduated from.

    CIMA was from the original class (along with Fuji and Kid). Mochi was a Toryumon original also although he wasn’t trained by Ultimo so isn’t technically a graduate. Gamma is an old timer and been around a long time (he trained with K-ness in their early career and they are good friends). I think more the question is why was Suga aligned with them. Both Doi and Yoshino are from earlier classes than he (both graduated T2P earlier) so that’s why they were particularly upset he aligned with the veterans.

  • ryo saeba

    You forgot to answer me on the influence of the yakusas,in puroresu.You told me they have an influence on pro wrestling.
    Otherwise,i remember speed muscle has had a very good match against the motor city machine gun,in tna.It was a short but incredible fast match.

  • Seth

    Well the majority of yakuza involvement comes from financially backing a lot of promotions. So in that way they have their hands in the puro pie, so to speak. Because of this often wrestlers will be asked to do certain things to appeal to the yakuza audience (whatever this is I couldn’t say). You probably also know that Rikidozan was killed by a yakuza member. Some people say it was because Rikidozan had a bit with this member in the ring and instead of just working him over he actually fought him for real. So in retaliation this yakuza stabbed him in a night club.

    Anyway, the point is that yes, yakuza are big supporters of pro-wrestling and probably this is how most of the big promotions are still going despite falling popularity.

  • ryo saeba

    your work on the roster section of the site is finished soon or not?.
    otherwise,i did not agreed with the reviews of the last ppv.The third match was fun to watch.The ending was not very good but the match was better than the opening bout.What do you think about that?.