I got into an interesting discussion with CP Munk over at the SSS forums about Naruki Doi’s outfits. In a previous post I stated how I found Doi’s entrance outfits in big matches to lack taste and frankly, don’t fit his character. Although there is one more PPV this year to come, I’m not sure we’ll see much in the way of Doi’s coats there, so I thought I’d compile a collection of some of his entrance get-ups, some, like the most recent against BxB Hulk, admitedly ok. Others… well, take a look after the jump.

What are your thoughts on Doi’s entrance coats this year? Surely I’m not the only one who finds them foul?

Vs Koji Kanemoto

Vs Akebono


Vs BxB Hulk


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  • Esco

    I can’t stand those coats. Doi has been boring me to death for the past few months. When he first started blowing up as champion I thought his repertoire was impressive, but man he is just super bland now. Those garish coats do nothing to embellish his dull character.

  • ryo saeba

    Seth,i totally agree with you.Those coats are awful and i think Doi looks like a complete idiot with them.
    I think he has a decent title run with good matches,unlike some people,but this attire make him an absolute jackass.
    Otherwise,i said he has a good title run because i loved his match vs cima or yokosuka,but i also think his match against kanemoto was stupid.I mean,it was a good match,but at the end it sucked.Kanemoto worked on his legs during the whole match,and at the end doi run like usain bolt to do severals shining wizard,what a bullshit.
    I also do not want to comment his match against akebono…..
    I ve read he beat the number of defense of a guy in dg for the top belt,and i do not think he deserved it.He s fairly good,but those kind of things are for cima not for him.

  • CP Munk

    It’s hard out here for a pimp… Seriously, I don’t think Doi’s coats are any more or less garish than a lot of the other things we have seen both in Dragon Gate and in Japan in general, and I do think they do a nice job of adding some panache to Doi as champion. I will agree that he isn’t the strongest champion DG could have, but he easily top tier, and if you’re going to be at the top, you might as well look good doing it.

  • Connor

    I loved him as champion all year, but the coats are confusing. Maybe if every member of W1 had something like it and not just Hulk it would look decent.

  • His coats look terrible. The yeti he killed to make the second one down is the worst.

    I believe he is now tied for number of defenses, at five, with CIMA.

    (But CIMA only stopped at five cus he got injured and had to vacate the title).

  • Seth

    Actually Doi has the most number at 7 I think. He is also the longest reigning champion in DG history.

  • Koji, Akebono, CIMA, Susumu, BxB….who else has he defended it against?

  • Seth

    Iwasa, Yoshino and Magnitude. So actually 8.

  • Iwasa? How on earth did he get a shot.

    I would like to see the defense against Yoshino

  • Seth

    Iwasa was one of the better wrestlers in the company. This wasn’t his first shot at the title either.

    He was trying to make a move to singles but Doi said he lost because he was too used to wrestling tag team matches.

  • Zacky

    The Coat he used against BxB Hulk was probably the best one of the four the only other one I liked was the one against CIMA but the other two weren’t really all that great