Arguably the greatest show the company has put on, Toryumon vs T2P was a showcase of both classes as the T2P students invaded the Toryumon Japan ring.

This event is memorable for many reasons. Obviously the quality of the matches is what stands out the most, but also, as you will instantly notice, there are two rings; the traditional square Toryumon ring, and the 8 sided hexagonal T2P ring. At the start of the show the participants in each match will do a draw to see which ring gets used for their match.

Two more huge matches are made for this show though. The first sees the return to the ring for Ultimo Dragon. This is his first match since his retirement due to a botched surgery on his arm. He takes on Masaaki Mochizuki in an exhibition match. However, the main event is where all the drama lies as the long time rivalry between Dragon Kid and Darkness Dragon come to a head in a 2 out of 3 falls, mask vs mask match. Whoever wins, you know you are in for a treat.

I will do a quick recap after the videos as some may not be fully aware of what was going on during some of the moments of the show.

If you watch just one PPV from Toryumon or Dragon Gate, make this the one you watch.

Toryumon “ABSOLTAMENTE 2002”, 08.09.2002
Tokyo Ariake Coliseum
8,800 Fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Susumu Yokosuka & Genki Horiguchi vs Second Doi & Takamichi Iwasa
2. Raimu Mishima vs Kinya Oyanagei
3. Stalker Ichikawa Reckless-Run Series 10th: Stalker Ichikawa vs Ultimo Dragoncito
4. Lucha Libre Classica Rules: Ryo Saito, Kenichiro Arai & Super Shisa vs Anthony W. Mori , Henry III Sugawara & Phillip J. Fukumasa
5. SUWA vs. Toru Owashi
6. Ultimo Dragon Return Exhibition Match: Ultimo Dragon vs. Masaaki Mochizuki
7. Magnum TOKYO, Disco Inferno & Latin Lover vs Condotti Shuji , Pescatore Yagi & Berlinetta Boxer
8. UWA Trios Title: CIMA, Don Fuji & TARU (c) vs Milano Collection A.T. , YOSSINO & “brother” YASSINI
9. Mask vs. Mask, 2/3 Falls: Dragon Kid vs Darkness Dragon

Part 1:

Part 2:

There is a lot of confusion concerning the finish of the Ultimo Dragon match so I’ll try and clear it up a bit. Ultimo retired a number of years ago during the prime of his career when a bad WCW doctor performed surgery on his arm and severed his nerves leading to a loss of feeling in his arm. He took this time though to start up Toryumon, a place to showcase his students’ abilities. He wrestles in the black tights and mask as he is not comfortable as Ultimo Dragon at this point. When he takes a stiff kick to his injured arm the referee stops the match. It’s unknown whether this is a work or not, but it is likely that it is.

Anyway, following the match some of Ultimo’s former students, namely Crazy MAX and Magnum Tokyo come to the ring with his traditional Ultimo outfit and try and convince him to make a return. He leaves feeling unsure. However, as you see at the end of the show he decides that he will return after all as he comes out once again dressed as Ultimo Dragon. Following this show Ultimo goes on a return tour and the rest, as they say, is history.

As for the main event, well the idea was that there would be a different referee for each fall. Unfortunately for Darkness Dragon, M2K founder and at the time retired wrestler, Yasushi Kanda was picked last and unlikely to be able to referee one of the falls. You see, Kanda was forced to retire early due to a neck injury so he took on the role of referee, but since he was a member of M2K all his decisions were weighted in their favour, obviously.

The first two falls unfortunately went away quickly since it was a double count out, meaning both contestants get a loss. However, due to M2K’s interference Kanda quickly became the last referee standing. Much to the annoyance of M2K though he actually started to call it fairly until the end where he could take it no more leading to the blue box from Kanda and Kid’s Ultracanrana for the win.

Darkness Dragon would unmask himself, revealing that he was former Crazy MAX member MAKOTO. He was forced to leave the promotion after losing a loser leaves town match to TARU, so the revelation that Darkness Dragon was in fact MAKOTO was quite a shock.

Following the show Kanda and Darkness Dragon both left M2K. Darkness remained unmasked and renamed himself to K-ness. He began wrestling with Dragon Kid and asked Kid to form a new unit with him: Do FIXER. However, it was all a ruse from M2K to cause dissension within the babyface Toryumon Army and Magnum Tokyo revealed that the real Do FIXER was actually the old members of M2K, minus Kanda of course. K-ness remasked into the mask you see today and a new era of Toryumon began.


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  • Charlie

    Thanks a lot Seth! Can’t wait to get round to watching this one, it sounds awesome! :D

  • Gural

    They all soooooo young – look @ CIMA… :D

  • Was this really a PPV? It says Gaora Live in the corner and there are commercials.

  • Charlie

    I’ve seen the first 5 matches, very good so far, Raimu Mishima vs Kinya Oyanagei is the best comedy match I’ve ever seen I reckon (up to the point where it got interrupted). Correct me if I’m wrong though, but is the T2P ring not hexagonal, like in TNA and AAA?

  • Seth

    Did I say octagonal again? Stupid UFC…

  • Charlie

    Haha, no worries, just checking I wasn’t going crazy. :)

  • Charlie

    6 sided Seth, 6! :P

    Seriously though, this was great. Are any of the other compaines that existed under the ‘Dragon System’ umbrella worth checking out?

  • Seth

    Well before Dragon Gate was Dragon Gate the last class of students Ultimo trained was Toryumon X. Unfortunately these guys were a little underwhelming.

    If you follow NOAH you’ll know Taiji Ishimori. He was the supposed ace of Toryumon X but unfortunately didn’t really live up to his potential. Kagetora and Naoki Tanizaki are unfortunately the only graduates currently in Dragon Gate from TX, although Ken45 was also so look out for him.

    Ultimately though, Toryumon X never lived up to T2P, but they definitely did some interesting things. You might want to try tracking down some shows if you’re interested.

  • Seth

    Oh and Dragon Gate NEX is also currently out there. The shows aren’t as interesting but it’s good to see a show made up of just the young guys. Some NEX graduates include YAMATO, Cyber Kong, Tozawa and Kzy, so they’re clearly doing something right there.

  • Charlie

    Cheers for that Seth. What about dragondoor and El Dorado? I presume DD was a bit shite?

  • Seth

    dragondoor was Ultimo’s first project post-Toryumon. I was actually involved with this a little bit too ;)

    However, it wasn’t very successful and eventually sort of morphed into El Dorado. So neither actually had anything to do with Toryumon officially, although a lot of former Toryumon/Toryumon X wrestlers did end up at El Dorado.

  • Charlie

    Why wasn’t it successful? Wikipedia is a bit negative about dragondoor. How were you involved mate?

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  • matt

    Is there anyway to download this show onto a disc and watch it. I dont like watching from my computer to much