I’m missing 158 I’m afraid. If anyone has it and is willing to share please let me know.

Dragon Gate “THE GATE OF GENERATION” – 25 December 2009
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2250 spectators – Super No Vacancy Full House

5) Special Match : Shingo Takagi vs Takuya Sugawara
6) Masato Yoshino & Dragon Kid & BxB Hulk vs Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness & MAZADA

Thanks to Rukkasu.


  • 158 is open the historic gate clips (dgusa)

  • ryo saeba

    wow seth,i ve just read there will be yamato vs sugawara for the first contender spot for the dream gate championship.I smell a victory of yamato who i think will end the reign of doi.dgate need a new champ and yamato is the right guy.

    otherwise,i ve seen the world liner move of yokosuka on youtube,but i ve never seen this incredible move on infinity.I know he only use it vs kid but when was the last time if used it?.

    is the freedom gate belt more important than the brave gate?.I think it s less important than the dream gate but it might be the second more important belt.

    why the twin gate belts were created long after the triangle belts.Is it weird that were there were belts for team of 3 guys and not 2.

  • ryo saeba

    yamato has lost more matches vs don fuji than winning against him?.Is this true what jae says?.I can t believe it!!!!!.

  • Seth

    Right, YAMATO is pretty much fave to take the title from Doi but I don’t know if he will be beating Suga at this stage. This is a Sumo Hall match which means YAMATO won’t be taking on Doi at this point. With KoG coming up I don’t know if they will have YAMATO win it earlier than that. I’d say Suga wins, loses to Doi to settle the feud and YAMATO wins KoG to get a shot at the title and eventually win it. I could be wrong but this is my prediction.

    No idea the last time Susumu used the World Liner I’m afraid. I think it was a long time ago since I’m not sure that either he nor DK have the agility to do it anymore.

    Freedom Gate is the third most important singles title after Dream then Brave. It was created to be the main belt for when they travel to do DGUSA shows. While Hulk has defended it in Japan, it’s really only likely to ever change hands in America meaning it’s worth is pretty low.

    Twin Gate belts came after the Triangle Belts because DG (and Toryumon before it) was famous for it’s six-man tags. They were basically the most important belts in the company since Toryumon wrestled so many 6-man tags. It really wasn’t until much later than DG actually started to put on outstanding tag matches. Their six-mans are still pretty good but certainly not up to the standard of the past, whereas generally their tag matches put whatever tag matches of the past to shame.

    The singles belts also have way more importance than they previously did.

    Why are you surprised Fujii has more wins? Fujii is a senior in the company and YAMATO is still a junior. There’s no way someone of YAMATO’s experience is going to have a winning record over someone like Fujii. This is also why it’s such a big deal that he made CIMA tap. Hierarchy is a big deal in Japanese promotions and wrestlers need to earn their stripes. Essentially Mochi and Fujii command the most respect from the rest of the roster so the chances of any young star having a winning record against them is extemely slim.

  • I think Super Suga will go over YAMATO and move on to be Doi’s 9th and final successful defense (if you think about it Doi can roll the shisanpuuta into the V9 Clutch), YAMATO will go on to win KOG whenever they decide to have it then win the ODG. If any of you didn’t see my SSS post on Doi we think he’s going to win 9 times like his fave baseball team the Yumiori Giants which his Second Doi gimmick was based from.

  • ryo saeba

    ok you might be right (yamato will win at the april ppv,which will sound as a bigger deal than winning on infinity)but the thing that i do not understand is why sugawara is so much pushed?.
    seriously,i do not think he s very good.He s ultra slow for a guy who wresle in dragon gate and it s does not seems in good shape with his body.I m sure his shirt hide his not well defined gut…. Furthermore,he has about two moves,this modified samoan drop and the crime operation.He might be the hidden brother of the president or something …. .Maybe,dgate has not a lot of contenders who did not already lost vs doi,that s why he s pushed.

    what is the name of this modified brainbuster that k ness uses in infinity 159 to win the match?.

    i ve read there was fuji vs mochizuki for the dream gate belt a few years back.Was this boring as i think he must have been?.

    why ryo saito seemed to be such a not good dream gate champ?.He has had zero defenses in his reign.I like him as a wrestler he s very good.Maybe,his character was not very good at this time?.

    why akebono is in dgate,which is a jr promotion?.Furthermore,he s an awful wrestler,even for a fat guy and why they decided to put him with fuji and mochizuki?.

  • Seth

    Your guess is as good as mine regarding Suga. Everything you said about him I agree with.

    I haven’t watched 159 yet but my guess is he used the Darkness Buster? Did he cross their arms before doing it? If so that’s what it is.

    I can’t remember if I saw the Mochi vs Fujii match. I doubt it was boring though. Both are pretty good in big match situations.

    Ryo was an interim champion. I can’t remember the exact details and my brain isn’t working right now but he was given it because someone was injured and Magu had left Do FIXER and they needed someone to hold it. Unfortunately they took it from him right away.

    Personally I didn’t think he was ready for it at the time. I think now though he could do a good job, but DG aren’t likely to put it on him anytime soon that’s for sure.

    Again, I don’t know why Akebono is there and yes I agree he sucks. He is teamed with Zetsurin though as they always have the veteran outsiders team with them. Hence why Kanemoto was also teamed with them. The outsider isn’t going to be aligned with any faction so they team them with Zetsurin. It makes sense really. I just wish they would get him out of there asap.

  • unfortunately saeba Akebono is everywhere, in njpw he’s a member of Blue Justice in ajpw he’s one half of the all asia tag in zero1 he and Otani are without a doubt the next NWA ic tag champs so what can you do he’s the 64th Yokozuna (champ of sumo) and people love him even though he’s only doing all this work so he can go back to samoa and get baked all the time.

    super sugawara is also a mystery to me as well, after being fired for being a lazy pot smoker i’m amazed they brought him back especially since he’s no where near the shape he was when they fired him but i understand he’s still great on the mic and with the plan being to turn genki good, a great heel talker was in need and i guess there wasn’t really anyone else to turn to.

  • ryo saeba

    you know mastermind,i do know akebono is indeed everywhere as he annoyed me at wrestle kindom 4,for exemple,ugh….(i m happy tajiri did the green mist on him).
    i think he also wrestle in osaka pro…..
    suga is a good talker?.You understand japanese?.You re lucky.
    btw,who are the wrestlers who are great on the mic and the one who are awful?.

  • Seth

    Suga good on the mic? I’d say mediocre at best.

    K-ness has taken over mic duties for RH, but it looks like he’s following Genki so yeah, a new heel mic man is needed. But to be honest I can’t tell who would be the heel leader after all the dust settles.

    I don’t imagine it will be Suga though. He is contract and unlike Gamma doesn’t feel like he will necessarily be there long term so I doubt they will be pinning all their plans on him. Especially after what went down in the past.

  • suga is a great talker he gets really angry and sells himself great as a bad guy, it doesn’t sound like he’s reading lines when he talks (ala Ryo, Susumu, Yoshino, Hulk, and Dkid) When he calls doi “Sekendo Doi Kun” he says it like he really means it and says it like a total badass and other than genki you don’t really have anyone else other than a few on the veterans unit, which is why on SSS i’ve stressed that i would prefer the veterans to be the overall heel unit but since suga already betrayed them its obvious that won’t be happening.

    man i wish we were talking about YASSHI instead lol

  • Seth

    haha oh man, YASSHI would be PERFECT to have back. To be honest, and I know I’m probably alone on this one, but he was the only member of Aagan that I ever liked.

    Yes that’s right, I disliked Kondo with a passion (although to be honest I’d still love it if he came back to DG).

    I do agree with you about the sekondo doi-kun remarks though. However, in T2P Suga was lower ranked than Doi (Doi was first class T2P whereas I think Suga was like 4th) so it kinda makes no sense that he is calling him this. It is a nice throwback to T2P though but I wonder how many DG fans are actually getting the reference? Obviously we all do but we’re pretty hardcore about it. Can you imagine WWE making 6 year old references?

  • it does make sense because they were high on suga from the start almost immediately he was placed in anthony’s unit while second doi was the super shenlong of t2p, it wasn’t until t2p merged when they finally put him in something that mattered too bad it was the most unpopular unit of all time (shin m2k)and by the this time sugawara was in a hot feud with mori and eventually mochi and final m2k while doi was like their akira tozawa (had a presence but was still the lowest rank) you could also argue that Aagan’s firing (as well as SUWA and Milano leaving) made it necessary to launch doi (almost immediately after he ran through everybody including YOSSINO to become Shodai Brave gate champ)