1/11/2010 – Nagoya, Japan

Open the Brave Gate title: K-ness vs. Naoki Tanisaki (c)
Shingo Takagi, YAMATO & Dragon Kid vs. CIMA, Gamma & Masaaki Mochizuki

Thanks to jobberforlife.


  • ryo saeba

    i might sound stupid with my question but did this site began when you posted infinity 102 or did it began before and you did deleted the old videos?.

  • Seth

    I started it around 102 probably. I didn’t delete any videos no.

    I could possibly post older infinities if people are interested but I don’t have all of them. I also don’t really have any/many Vaminos Amigos before anyone asks as at the time it wasn’t worth getting hold of them (this was when it was all about tape trading. Oh how times have changed haha).

  • i have most infinities after 53 (i know have few from earlier but not many i do have the very first episode…..somewhere)

  • ryo saeba

    how was k ness in this match,if you compare him to before?.
    Was it the name of his cross arm sit down powerbomb and his jumping crowscrew roundhouse kick?.

  • i thought k-ness looked decent he’s definately not darkness dragon but he’s almost back to the Final M2K k-ness which is good enough for me if he’s just going to midcard, his cross armed northern lights bomb is called the darkness buster i would assume the powerbomb would be called the darkness bomb i dunno i’ve never seen him use it before, his jumping kicks are called shoryu-kyaku which means dragon kick (shoryuken means dragon punch lol) the spinning version tatsumakishoryukyaku which means whirlwind dragon kick, the round house kick to the seated opponent is called the kaishaku named after a manga i think….

  • Powerbomb is the Darkness Driver

  • ryo saeba

    nooooooooooooo,just read makoto hashi will come to dragon gate,what a nightmare….

  • Connor

    The cross armed powerbomb is the D3.

    Darkness Dragon Driver