Now that the T2P series is over it’s time to start a new one. This time though, since we now seem to have a number of regular visitors, I’d throw the question out as to what kind of series you’d like to see next. I can’t guarantee that I will either a) be willing to do it or b) be able to, but it doesn’t hurt to have some ideas flowing.

Some examples of series that I was thinking of would be thus:

  • K-ness vs Yoshino series
  • Darkness Dragon vs Dragon Kid series
  • Dragon Kid vs SUWA series
  • M2K vs Crazy MAX saga
  • Do FIXER vs Blood Generation saga
  • Ultimo Dragon compilation

Obviously most of these are based around Toryumon as I’d like to try and chronicle as much of this promotion as possible for those new to Dragon Gate, but feel free to suggest ideas centered around Dragon Gate also. If enough people want it I could even do a Naruki Doi title defenses compilation, but I think that’s fairly unlikely ;)

So get those juices flowing and let me know in the comments what you’d like to see coming up.


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  • Tim

    Do FIXER vs Blood Generation saga. Best rudo\tecnico shuffle in Dragon Gate History.

  • Drew

    I’m gonna agree with Tim and say Do FIXER vs Blood Generation.

  • ryo saeba

    i want to see the yoshino vs dragon kid feud,because i ve read it is a legadary feud of d gate.
    a serie on horiguchi as a babyface.
    a serie on the best matches of the new hazard or the muscle outlaws.
    the rivalry gamma cima.
    a serie about matt sydal stint in dgate,especially the match he won vs horiguchi,for the brave gate belt.
    a serie on the best matches of speed muscle(best tag team ever).
    a serie on the best 6 man tag,in dgate.
    a serie on susumu yokosuka and cima reigns as dream gate champ.

    well,i think i tried to give some ideas,i m sure you ll say no to a lot of them but i tried to contriute.

  • ryo saeba

    ha yeah wait,i do not think he s such bad the reign of doi, he has had good matches,in it.

  • Esco

    I’d like to see more of Darkness Dragon vs Dragon Kid. I’ve only seen just the one match where Darkness Dragon lost his mask. So obviously that means I’ve seen nothing of K-Ness before he was K-Ness.

  • Charlie

    Whatever you want to do Seth, I’ll watch any and all of it eventually! Do Fixer vs Blood Generation is probably what I’d like to see the most out of that list though, I watched one of their matches last night (not the RoH one) and it was pretty good.

  • Dragon Kid

    Dragon Kid vs Darkness


    Ultimo Dragon compilation would be my favorites out of those I think.

  • sieg

    do fixer vs blood

    cima – gamma

    serie 6 man tag or 8 man , lucha style

  • If you’re planning on posting full shows to go along with these I’d like to see M2K vs. CrazyMax. The Do Fixer vs. Blood Gen stuff isn’t so hard to find being that it was in Dragon Gate, but Toryumon is a drag people to get their hands on.

  • B-Man

    DoFixer’s vs Blood Gen

  • Gural

    DoFixer’s vs Blood Gen & Dragon Kid vs Darkness

  • Shawn

    Do fixer vs Blood gen or an ultimo dragon series.

  • I adore that Blood Gen/Do Fixer match from the ROH show, I’d love to see some from that feud. I vote Blood Gen/Do Fixer

  • James

    How about the rise of fall of AAGAN
    -The inner turmoil between ITACON
    -The mochi issues with aagan
    -Mori vs sugawara
    -even the brief revival in El dorado

  • I’m dying for more old stuff! Bring it on Seth!

  • It’d have to be M2K vs Crazy MAX saga for me. I’ve heard alot about that being the best time in Toryumon/DG history, as if it was the ‘golden age’. I’d love to see all of it since it’s probably very rare to get ahold of.

  • Is this ever gonna happen or what?!

    • Seth

      Alright alright calm down. I didn’t say I was going to get to it right away, just that I wanted to know what people wanted next. It’ll come when it comes. Sorry but you’ll just have to be happy with that.

  • sad face. i guess i’ll live

  • Seth