Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling – “TRUTH GATE 2010”
Feb 07, 2010
Hakata Star Lane, Fukuoka
2,350 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Special Match YAMATO vs. Don Fujii
2. Open the Brave Gate Championship K-ness (c) vs. PAC
3. Generation Fight 3 Way Match
Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk [New Generation Army]
Masaaki Mochizuki, Gamma & Dragon Kid [Veteran Army]
Susumu Yokosuka, Takuya Sugawara & Genki Horiguchi [Second Generation Army]

Thanks to mastermind.


  • you posted this in the Uncatergorized section bro just thought i should point that out if i didn’t see it on the right side i would’ve never noticed it because it’s not in the infinity section

  • shinseidaigun vs dainiseidaigun vs veteran gumi was kinda disappointing, the first team (no spoiler) that got eliminated was shocking and the timing of it was so weird, it happened almost immediately

    k-ness vs pac was good though, fuji vs yamato was entertaining too

  • ryo saeba

    hey mastermind,i noticed you seems to give a lot of infinities to seth.
    how do you manage to find them that quickly?.
    i mean those infinities are on this site just a few weeks after it was broadcasted on gaora tv,in japan.How do you do your awesome!!!.
    otherwise,is there someone that wait the triangle belt match on the march ppv,unlike me?.
    the match is zetsurins vs tokyo gurentai and abdullah the butcher…..

  • i happen to be a member of a torrent site that seth was unlucky enough not to get into, but if your wondering where they originally come from, it’s a japanese P2P called Share and theres one called Perfect Dark, neither of which I can figure out how to use

    and that triangle gate match is disgusting to look at i mean if it were any other member of Gurentai it wouldn’t be so bad but Abdullah the butcher man….what a waste

  • Seth

    Actually I am a member of the site in question. I just happened to grab it from your upload rather than there so I gave you the credit.

  • ryo saeba

    Hey,mastermind i ve read one of your last comment on sss and you seem to know the guy who was rejected by d gate and who will face shisa cima and gamma as a part of the osaka pro d gate feud,so you really seem to follow a lot of puro promotion like me.
    what do you watch?.

  • I follow all the majors

    If any of the indies are on Samurai TV or Gaora then I watch them too BJW, DDT, MPro & Osaka the major indies I don’t like IGF at all…Battlarts, Kensuke Office, Real Japan & Kaientai Dojo have tv deals as well so I’ll watch those whenever I can, I really would like to follow the really small indies too like FREEDOMS, Fu-Ten, Kouhoku Wrestling Wars, & Style-E but I can’t really find anything on those except pictures which is too bad because FREEDOMS & Kohoku especially have some really good looking cards, especially if your a fan of the toryumon system

  • Gural

    can someone tell me what the

    “Super Shenlong II 50 Match Trial Series”


  • ryo saeba

    In fact,Gural this term means that this is the own rookie serie of match of super shenlong.
    In japan,young lions(the status of wrestlers who are on their beginning of their career) often do a serie a match before beginning a new stage on their career and becoming consireded as a force and a truth threat to the others wrestlers.
    Super shenlong has to do 50 matches before changing of status which is pretty long.
    For exemple,now,in noah,atsushi aoki and shuhei taniguchi are in a serie of ten matches.
    Normally,wrestlers always lose those matches,but maybe shenlong will beat mark haskins who is quite unknown in japan.

  • ryo saeba

    Ha yes,mastermind,it s a big deal in pro wrestling freedom gentaro?.
    I ve only seen wrestle in njpw twice.

  • Freedoms is still small they have no tv deal yet but GENTARO brought over the Independent Junior Title and has had some interesting title defenses, Freedoms main roster is Jun Kasai, Takashi Sasaki, The Winger & Kamui that you might know from BJW, GENTARO of course but they bring in a lot of familiar names. Masashi Takeda is a regular as is Magnitude Kishiwada, Madoka, Minoru Fujita & Takuya Sugawara as well as some of the Toryumon X/El Dorado outcasts like the Brahmans, Ken45, CHANGO and a few others. TAJIRI has also been a regular as he tries to get the Shin Kiba audience into SMASH

  • @ gural ryo saeba’s answer to your question is pretty accurate but one thing is Shenlong won’t beat Haskins he might not win a single match of the series. I mean ryo brought up aoki and taniguchi in NOAH well aoki only won one match when he cradled davey richards, and taniguchi hasn’t won one yet and you can see how high NOAH is about both of them

  • ryo saeba

    It s so hard for the wrestlers to win those matches that kenta only won 1 match on his own serie and that go shiozaki who is noah s ace now lost all his matches.
    hopefully,when shenlong finish his serie he ll join a stable because he s fairly good.

  • thank you this is very very good

  • ryo saeba

    Hey,guys you that watch dragon gate for years,who is the best tag partner of yokosuka in your opinion.Saito or K ness?.
    I ask that because the matches i saw of k ness and yokosuka in the last set of infinity impressed me a lot.They have a great chemestry as a duo and i wonder if this team is not better than ryosuka,in fact.
    I do not know if k ness and yokosuka have ever won the twin belt but if this is not the case i hope they ll win those straps,they deserve it.

  • ryo saeba

    Just read the site of jae and i want your opions of the spoilers,so people who do not want to know them,do not read this coment,please.

    what do you think of black hulk in a feud of sugawara,guys?.maybe you seth who do hate black hulk you ll even for him to destroy sugawara….

    do you like genki in warriors 5?.genki might be a old graduate so it might be fit to the goal of the faction,but personally when i knew r hazard was probably exploding i was for a creation of a brand new unit…. it s disappointing to me….

    shisa beat k ness!!!!!.What a bullshit.I thought k ness will be beaten by a strong guy but not shisa.Maybe knesuka will want the twin belt now.Btw,is this the first belt shisa won in his career?

    finally,kagetora join kamikaze.It s cool to me.Maybe,a tag team with tozawa is in the works as they have a storyline between together.

    so,seth,mastermind and the other cool guys who come to this site what are your opinion?.

  • Seth

    Hard to say who was the better tag team. I think Knessuka possibly but both had highlights. Knessuka go further back than Ryosuka.

    I dislike Black Hulk nearly as much as I dislike Sugawara so I can’t say seeing either of them beat the other up fills me with any joy. I’d rather they both just went away for good.

    Genki in WARRIORS (as they are now called) is a good fit in my eyes. Genki has always been an over the top personality and this is exactly what WARRIORS are all about. Genki, in my opinion, is a way better face than he is heel so I can see good things coming from this. While I do agree that a new faction would have been welcome, I think WARRIORS never really got off the ground properly so hopefully they’ll try and get them going. Can’t say I’m happy about Ryo being here though. He was just starting to find his feet as a heel so making him face again doesn’t really make much sense.

    Shisa beating K-ness is pretty surprising to be sure but Shisa has been picking up steam lately and in my opinion is well beyond deserving a title run. He is an excellent performer and it’s a shame that he has forever been at the bottom of the card, mostly just because he is the trainer of most of these guys.

    The whole KAGE angle has left me fairly ambivalent towards him. I still feel he is a great worker, but this angle is doing nothing for him or the units he joins. I just hope he stays put now cause any more moving is just ridiculous.

  • Shisa won the triangle gates and the Hakata City Lightweight in Pro Wrestling Kageki which is a japanese lucha fed.

    I’ve always liked Super Shisa and I’m glad he won the belt that he was tailor-made to win. I just wish he won it earlier when he was still skinny and young. You could also argue that he deserved it before K-Ness did because Shisa has been wrestling this entire time.

    Genki in Warriors like most puzzling moves don’t get me too excited right away but I’ll probably get used to it like when YAMATO turned face again. Ryo in WARRIORS blows imo. Ryo just shook away his goofy self and it wouldn’t be good if he kind of went back to that while still trying to be hard which is what most of the warriors do.

    I actually like Black Hulk I just don’t like that he switches back and forth I thought it would’ve been cooler he just turned heel and stay the evil hulk the whole time. I actually thought DG was going to give everybody a powered up version of themselves much like Gamma Daio which was sweet. That being said I think Hulk should go black all the time and join up with Knesuka. They can still be dark and scary but not foolishly heel like RH is. If that were to happy i would like Ryo AND Anthony to join up with that unit. Dark Anthony would be sweet.

  • ryo saeba

    Hopefully,Ryo won t join warriors like you said both.
    He was the leader of real hazard and would join a faction who has a comedy aspect…it makes no sense to me.
    I mean he was a serious sadistic heel and he would say woooo with his hands on the top,without storylines reasons,no way.I hope he betrays horiguchi and replace sugawara as the real leader of r hazard(in my ideal,he ll kick the ass of suga out of dgate).
    Even if he does not join r hazard i want him with k ness and susumu,so they form a new faction with maybe an unmasked shenlong when his serie of rookie matches is finished.
    I want ryo return in dgate but not in warriors.
    Btw,on infinity 165,we can see the eyes of k ness.Is this a first,because as you know before his mask did not allowed to see them.
    Ha yeah,seth you said me warriors 5,did not seemed to really have started but in my mind it s your opinion because they seemed over with the fans.I mean everyone in the arena putted their hands up,some infinity ago.

  • Seth

    No no what I meant was that they never really had 5 members and felt like they got off the ground properly. They were definitely over with the crowd no question, but haven’t exactly been a forceful unit yet. Now they have dropped some bad baggage and are getting more solid I expect this will happen soon.

    Everything else you said I agree with and I hope it plays out like you say.

  • ryo saeba

    Ah ok,i understand.btw,you forgot to answer me on k ness mask(the question is just above i m too lazy to write it again).

  • you could see his eye through the Fm2k mask, you could see his whole face when he debuted he was MAKOTO

  • ryo saeba

    ok thanks mastermind,it s amazing the lot of things you know about puro.

    btw,seth you said me genki could a good fit in the warriors.Why?.He was a comedy babyface before?.

    damn,sawa vs shisa at the ppv.This ppv is not shaping up nicely.I mean i want to see dragon gate wrestlers on ppvs,but this one feature a lot of outsiders.Furthermore,the twin gate will probably be cima and gamma vs black buffalo and tigers mask…. .Those guys might be good(i know tigers is good)but damn i watch d gate to their amazing wrestlers not others….

    It looks like they just want to sell the ppv with doi yamato.Ok,this match is ultra interesting but i also would loved to see the usual great triangle belt match,the often awesome twin gate and also an intriguing brave gate with a contender like susumu or an other…

    Ha yeah,why yamato has never had the brave gate belt?.He s too heavy or what?.

  • He’s far too much awesome for the Brave Gate.

  • lol Ryo you really just started watching dg huh? did you at least see genki in roh when he was H-A-G-E? you gotta see el numero uno 2003 aka the night of hage when he finally made it big. The backslide from heaven was owning everyone.

    YAMATO won’t win the brave gate ever. You give the guys who you think probably won’t win the Dream that title. So far only Doi has been the exception.

    I like outsiders at ppvs especially these days because there are already lots of all DG shows and they can only make the same thing a little bit better, so many times. Sawa is great but against Shisa isn’t the best they could’ve done. I don’t think we’ll see Tigers & Buffalo on this but I could be wrong I’d rather see CIMA/Gamma vs Knesuka. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fujita Jr Hayato showed up since he’s everywhere. They need a bitchin 6 man tag on this ppv as well to make up for that shit triangle gate.

    if i could book the rest of the ppv it would look like this

    3/22/2010 Tokyo, Ryougoku Kokugikan ~ COMPILATION GATE 2010
    ***Naoki Tanizaki & Kotoka, vs Takuya Sugawara & Fujita Jr Hayato***
    ***Cyber Kong Return Match: Cyber Kong vs Genki Horiguchi***
    -Open the Brave Gate: Super Shisa vs. Munenori Sawa
    -International Dream Tag Match: Dragon Kid, Juventud Guerrera vs. BxB Hulk, Masato Yoshino
    ***Shingo Takagi, KAGETORA & Akira Tozawa vs Yasushi Kanda, Kenichiro Arai & Kzy***
    -Open the Triangle Gate: Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Akebono vs. NOSAWA Rongai, MAZADA, Abdullah the Butcher
    ***Open The Twin Gate: CIMA & Gamma (c) vs Susumu Yokosuka & K-Ness***
    -Open the Dream Gate: Naruki Doi vs. YAMATO

    we could only hope it turns out that good though

  • ryo saeba

    Well,Mastermind,i began watching dgate at the beginning of 2009 that why i do not know about genki as babyface.

  • ryo saeba

    Btw,you said me they give the brave gate to guys who won t win the dream gate?.Damn, i really want Yoshino with the top belt 1 day,he s too awesome to not have it.I mean if don fuji and kishiwada have had this belt this is impossible yoshino can t also have it.

  • While Don Fuji and Magnitude where champions during the bad times of dragon gate, even if they weren’t it would make more sense to give either of them the belt over Yoshino. Yoshi is fast and he’s great in the ring but he can’t be the dream gate champ for lots of reasons. Yeah his size is one of them. His biggest fault is he’s duller than a rock. After he was YOSSINO he’s been the dude in the track outfit ever since. The only thing that’s changed is the colors of the outfit.
    Magnitude’s reign worked because he was already an established monster heel. Don Fuji was given the title only because Ryo Saito’s & Susumu’s chance to be ace flopped, they gave the title to Fuji as a thank you but also because they had to get the belt of Susumu fast. This was also the reason why Liger was brought in to provide a spark as the guy from the big bad evil number 1 company to disgrace the belt so CIMA can take it back from him and be Dragon Gates Hero again.

  • ryo saeba

    You also think yoshino can t be dream gate champ Seth?(you can also give your opinion dark noorag because your site show me you re a d gate specialist. Btw,guys you love the new matches that were announced today for the ppv?.I do not know why but i smell an intervention of saito to help knessuka vs the deep drinkers or drankers i do not know the exact name of the faction…. .I think that because yokosuka has adopted the weird color of hair that ryo has(maybe it s a sign).

  • I shouldn’t have said he was as dull as a rock but if you think about who would win in a real fight fuji or yoshino i would pick fuji. Probably the simplist way I could put it. Yoshino is just no believable as the strongest guy on the roster thats what I should have said.

  • Seth

    Yoshino as Dream Champ? He’s certainly over enough. I definitely don’t agree that he’s “as dull as a rock”. I’d give that accolade to Susumu. Yoshino has a ton of fan backing and really is one of the biggest draws of the company (not the least of which is due to his female fan following).

    Could he carry the company on his shoulders though? I’m not sure. He’s always been the number 2 guy; first to Milano in T2P and now to Doi in W-1. However, to be honest I’d like to see them give him the belt and see how they handle it. Will it ever happen? Hard to say, but I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of all possibility.

    BTW, current understanding is it’s Deep Drunkers. Strange name but when have DG faction names ever made sense? Do FIXER? Hmm…

  • ryo saeba

    Ok, guys but what do you think of the new matches of the ppv.The recents matches announced make me want to see more the show. Btw,deep drunkers? It ll be Arai the leader of the faction or what?The others guys have not characters really link to alchool even it s clear they gonna change their wrestling gear and all.It looks like the name of the faction is a perfect fit to give Arai the leadership of a faction.

  • Seth

    I think it’s looking like a fairly decent card now. The Twin Gate could be great if Kong is match fit and Genki added to the Brave Gate match certainly makes that more tantalizing now. We’ll have to wait and see what’s going on with the Knessuka match cause I’d be surprised if it stayed 4 on 2. Either way I’m looking forward to that since grudge matches are always fun.

    I’m considering skipping the Triangle match. I almost never do that with DG but… I don’t know if I can stand both Akebono and Abdullah the Butcher in the ring at the same time.

  • ryo saeba

    Personally,it s clear i ll skip this match.It s not like their partners will be fantastic to let us forget their horrible wrestling of quality….
    It s a shame because the triangle belt is often the better match for me.
    Like i said before i think saito will be the partner of knessuka.Maybe,his injury is over as he is out since 3 months.
    Is he from the family of yamato ,takuya onodera?.You know the new young lion.
    Btw,i m happy stalker is in the dark match at the ppv,it would be less boring…

  • ryo saeba

    Omg,i just noticed that danshoku dino was in dgate….
    What the hell did he do?.

  • Dino had a hilarious match with Tozawa but the tag match that followed was a little much. I didn’t watch any of his 05-06 appearances though.

    Takuya is apparently not related to YAMATO kinda like how Susumu’s real last name is Mochizuki but he’s not related to Masaaki.

    Back to Yoshino the thing about him is he’s not a great promo guy. His in ring work is just that amazing that it doesn’t hurt him so bad. On the other hand giving him the dream gate would be the same as giving it to Dragon Kid. It would be like giving the Amazing Red the TNA world title. They might be the most amazing dude on the roster but most fans aren’t going to buy it. They might get thanks for all your work reigns when they’re too old to keep going but that wouldn’t be as good would it? Like Rey Mysterio winning the WWE World title. The only people I can picture winning the dream gate over the next 3 or 4 years are YAMATO, BxB Hulk, Shingo again, and Cyber waaay down the road, Mochi or CIMA might win it if they lose any of those 4 to injuries or something.

  • ryo saeba

    For me red is not the most amazing guy in tna,because yes he s an awesome high flyer but i do prefer chris sabin or alex shelley.
    Yes,cyber as champion will be nice i agree.
    What do you think about the card of the ppv now mastermind?.

    Who are the good who are good and awful on the mic in d gate?.As i can t speak japanese i can t judge them….