Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling – “GLORIOUS GATE 2010”
March 3rd, 2010
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,150 Fans – No Vacancy

1. DEEP DRUNKERS vs. KNESUKA – Yasushi Kanda & Kenichiro Arai vs. Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness
2. Super Shisa vs. KAGETORA (Clipped)
3. CIMA, Dragon Kid & Juventud Guerrera vs. Naoki Tanizaki, PAC & Mark Haskins (Clipped)
4. Shingo Takagi, YAMATO & Akira Tozawa vs. Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk


  • ryo saeba

    hey,seth,i noticed that you add a lot infinity shows very quickly,you changed of provider or what?.

    it s possible for you to have the ppv this week?.

    btw,i disagree with you on the storyline on kagetora.
    i mean this storyline put a focus on kagetora and tozawa and that allowed them to earn a little some spotlight,instead of being lost in the shuffle.
    furthermore,the crowds seems to enjoy that stuff.you do not see every day in wrestling fans who are laughing.

    it s incredible how the fans seems to love tozawa.you said me he has tensions with fuji and cima but his popularity allow him to work with cima.if he was a better wrestler he would be world champ probably.

  • i think he got this episode from me at least i think he did, the ppv is up to our friends in japan but i’ll get it and upload it to SSS probably if i find it fast enough that is

  • Seth

    I get my Infinities from XWT now and the current provider is very good about uploading them every saturday.

    The PPV will be up as soon as I get it. I am not looking at spoilers for this one so I don’t know what happened. Looking forward to it.

  • someone

    wen do you think it’ll be up?

  • ryo saeba

    what mastermind !!!!! you say me that your japaneses friends have already the ppv.wow,they re fast.

    btw,i do hope deep drunkers have their own outfit now because it was quite dumb to still see them wearing real hazard attires….

    hey,seth if you want i can give you the result of the triangle match,because i think you do not care about it like me.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,mastermind it s already available the end of the njpw cup?.
    i m disappointed i still did not seen anything about this cup and i m pretty sure you re able to see the diffrents shows of it.

  • i don’t have any njpw past that feburary ppv

    thinking reed is at work on xwt he just posted the 3.20 noah show hopefully ryogoku is next!

  • Seth

    Thanks but no. I don’t want to know anything until I can see it. And I don’t think mastermind was saying his friends in Japan have it. He was saying it’s up to our friends in Japan to hopefully get it to us since the regular sources seem unlikely.

    someone: currently no idea.

  • ryo saeba

    yeah,mastermind some guy has uploaded this noah show on youtube and damn currently the cards of noah shows are not very interesting.

    hopefully,kenta , suzuki , sugiura and shiozaki will come back soon, because when i see they still use kentaro shiga,well i m not interested at all(they just released him but they use him as a freelancer now,i do hope they won t use izumida or kikuchi….).

    Btw,how long he s out ryo saito?.
    He has a very serious injury of what?.

  • Esco

    Ryo tore his achilles tendon. That takes at least a full year to recover from, sometimes longer.

  • Nate The Great

    What? Noooo.

  • I’m interested in the Big Mouth Loud invasion of NOAH something that actually started when I first got into NOAH back in 07 but your right other than that their cards have been lackluster

  • ryo saeba

    Your interested in those guys without charisma?.
    I m happy the kensuke office guys are in noah,otherwise i won’t watch it.
    I mean if there was only marufuji vs shiga or masao inoue,even with the awesomeness of maru i do not think i would like that.
    Btw,who the hell are shiori asahi and makoto oishi?.Noah has so much injured guys that they must use quite unknown guys.

    Btw,i saw your pic on dgate newcomer takyuya onodera(i know he has a new name but i do not remind it,it s quite complicated)and he seems to have the kind of body of shingo.Maybe,a new powerful man in dgate,that could be interesting.

  • Asahi & Oishi are from K-Dojo they’re pretty good, DG was using them a lot in 06, Oishi even got a Brave Gate shot at Doi when he was champion

    They were in MEN’S Club but i think that angle has died off

    Asahi and Oishi are a great team

    Usada is a stiff but Big Murakami has charisma I dont know what was up with that brawl that never got going but I like the super pissed shoot fighters most of the time

  • ryo saeba

    btw,you wait for ryogoku,the ajpw show or dgate show?.
    I want to see both but damn the results of the ajpw jr championship and world championship,suck,i was for the losers….

  • I’ve already seen AJPW in Ryogoku and I uploaded it to SSS

    It wasn’t that great but surprisingly the Big Daddy V match was pretty fun he and Akebono really worked, Akebono was dying for it I’ve never seen that kind of effort from him in Dragon Gate or NJPW. The Jr match sucked but the TC match was decent as was the cage match, overall though not a good show

  • I shouldn’t say the Jr match sucked but Kaz Hayashi has the tendency of showing superman syndrome this one wasn’t so bad but i was upset Kai didn’t win either which sucks!

  • ryo saeba

    yes,i was also for kai….
    damn,hayashi become boring to me.I like him as a wrestler but his reign is too long….
    what kai must do to win a belt in this promotion,damn.He has charisma,wrestling skills but he lost 2 titles matches this year it sucks…..

    btw,seth you still do not have the ppv because it is already on youku.com.
    I do wait your upload because your videos are always of a good quality.

  • Seth

    I’m still waiting for a HQ version. Hopefully it should be any day now.

  • Tmac9311

    Can you guide me to the youku upload? I’ve been trying to go without spoilers, but it’s eating me up, I just need to see the show.

  • ryo saeba

    here s the adress for you

    personnaly, i do wait seth s upload,because i think the image will be better