Dragon Gate “BATTLE OF TOKYO 2010”
19th January 2010
Shin-Kiba 1st RING
360 fans – No Vacancy

1. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Block A Round 1 : Madoka vs Super Shisa
2. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Block A Round 1 : Shinobu vs Akira Tozawa
3. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Block B Round 1 : Kzy vs GENTARO
4. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Block B Round 1 : Takuya Sugawara vs KAGETORA
5. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Semi Final 1 : Winner 1) vs Winner 2)
6. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Semi Final 2 : Winner 3) vs Winner 4)
7. Battle of Tokyo 2010 – Final : Winner 5) vs Winner 6)


  • ryo saeba

    why this show which was on january is only broadcasted now?.
    It s weird….

  • After the 3/22 PPV Dragon Gate went on a 2-week break so they had time to air shows from earlier that didn’t get to TV before. This is the first and a digest of Open the Untouchable Gate will be next week. Then they’ll start airing the King of Gate tour.

    Oddly, so much has changed since January that the Battle of Tokyo Tournament felt completely irrelevant.

  • 3.22 is out!!! i’m downloading it now

  • ryo saeba

    i don t really understand why dgate is considered as the fourth fed in japan.I mean for the ajpw ppv which was 1 day earlier in the same arena as the dgate ppv only drew 8000 fans and dgate 10000.So why dgate is considered below than ajpw ?.Otherwise,dgate seem have shows every week,unlike others puro fed .Why do they have a so hard schedule if we compare to the others?

  • Seth

    Yup I deleted the old 3.22 post as the HQ version came out yesterday. I’ll have it up in a few hours.

  • dg is below aj,nj,and noah mainly because of the status of their main stars. dg is all juniors so right away they are considered below the big 3. You couldn’t book CIMA in a match against Tanahashi, Muto or Kobashi and expect him to win or even look good. Plus their fed is the youngest of the 4 as well, even though NOAH isn’t that much older their stars are from the glory days of AJPW so really NOAH will above DG anyways. Just think of DG as TNA compared to RAW, Smackdown and ECW/NXT that is japans big 3.

  • ryo saeba

    Ha yeah,it s true that in japan they do prefer heavyweights,that s why noah has problems,because they do have only shiozaki as a young credible one….
    It s a shame all those problems because they do have the best jr division aside dgate.

    Yeah,you compare with those wwe shows to make me understand the diffrence of status,but well aside that the puro promotions are far more interesting.
    I mean njpw is already better than all those shows imo.Their build of young stars is ultra well done,unlike in wwe.

    By the way,he was good ryota hama vs kojima?.Personally,i think he s quite good for a mega fat guy,no seriously.