April 3rd, 2010
Kobe Sambo Hall
1,200 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. King of Gate 2010 – Block A Round 1 – CIMA vs. Masato Yoshino
2. King of Gate 2010 – Block A Round 1 – Masaaki Mochizuki vs. YAMATO
3. King of Gate 2010 – Block A Round 1 – Dragon Kid vs. KAGETORA (Clipped)
4. King of Gate 2010 – Block A Round 1 – Gamma vs. Naruki Doi (Clipped)

April 4th, 2010
Kyoto KBS Hall
750 Fans – No Vacancy

5. King of Gate 2010 – Block B Round 1 – Don Fujii vs. Genki Horiguchi (Clipped)
6. King of Gate 2010 – Block B Round 1 – Shingo Takagi vs. Takuya Sugawara (Clipped)
7. King of Gate 2010 – Block B Round 1 – BxB Hulk vs. Cyber Kong (Clipped)
8. King of Gate 2010 – Block B Round 1 – K-ness vs. Susumu Yokosuka (Clipped)
9. YAMATO, KAGETORA & Akira Tozawa vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Super Shisa & Anthony W. Mori (Clipped)


  • ryo saeba

    hey,guys what do you think of dead or alive ppv card?.
    it’s seems good on paper.

    kid vs tigers mask is for being 1 contender at the brave belt?.

    my guess is that takuya tomoakai will be the next member of the warriors,otherwise i wonder why they spotlight him in a ppv.

    hopefully,knesuka will kill gurentai and the 8 man tag will be a lot of fun.

  • Tigers vs. Kid is actually for the belt. Tigers wno it.

  • ryo saeba


  • Seth

    Today in Osaka.

  • ryo saeba

    hey,seth,react to my first mail on this page please.
    i try to make some life to your site during the week by chating on dgate so respond :-(

  • the new Warrior won’t be Tomakomai the fact that he’s in the opener tells me he won’t be in match 6 as well. Ryo Saito shouldn’t be returning this early either. I have a feeling it’s someone not getting hyped up for like Magnitude Kishiwada or Super Crazy, somebody like that. I’m hoping it’s Shenron or Anthony, somebody who needs a gimmick change. In the best case scenario it’s someone from Okinawa Pro to feul CIMA’s recent beef with Osaka Pro that’s getting it’s own show and this could be a good way to make it really interesting. He should bring out Shisa-Ou aka GAINA or Kajin Habu Otoko aka Zero.

  • ryo saeba

    ok mastermind,it s nice you share your ideas :-)

    what do you think

  • ryo saeba

    shit i made a mistake…
    so what do you think about the card of the ppv?.

  • Seth

    Overall it looks like a good one. YAMATO/Shingo should be a great match and the aftermath will be really interesting. The Brave Gate would also be interesting and I’m feeling fairly confident that the Triangle Gate will change hands as well. Not sure going from Akebono to Sugawara is that much better, but at least he’s a DG regular.

    W1 vs WARRIORS could be a fun match and seeing the new WARRIORS member will certainly make that something to watch. I’m not sure where the Ryo Saito rumours originally came from, but if it’s actually them hinting at it then it could happen. One has to wonder if it’s possible to recover from such an injury in such a short time though…

    KneSuka vs Tokyo Gurantai confuses me.

  • ryo saeba

    hey,i thought you did not want to spoil the king of gate lol

    akebono and sugawara suck both but i think suga is a little more watchable.

    personally,i m against ryo in warriors or warriors 5(genki wears a warriors 5 shirt so i m not sure it s only warriors).he was a mega sadistic heel ,i do not want him in a comedy faction….
    at least,if he go to knesuka as babyface i would be cool with it,but not with the warriors.

  • DoA looks great, way better than Sumo Hall. All of the matches have some sort of meaning whereas Sumo Hall only had 1 match that meant something and the ending was totally predictable.

    -I’m glad we get to see Tomakomai vs Shisa instead of that nonsense tag match
    -If Knesuka doesn’t completely own Gurentai stating their Twin Gate case then I’m with seth I don’t see the point of this
    -Kong vs Tozawa makes me sad because you know Kong is going to win and Tozawa back to the dark matches makes me sad personally.
    -Tigers vs Kid has got me excited I watched Osaka Hurricane and the Tigers vs Shisa feud was done really well, Shisa was super pissed at those Osaka guys it was great. I’ve been a pretty big Tigers fan since last year so this could be great
    -All I’m going to say about this triangle gate match is the Drunkers better win. They need to win and Saito needs to join up with Knesuka and that feud needs to get really good now.
    -W1 vs W5 is going to be the shit! It doesn’t matter who that forth guy turns out to be the W1 team always delievers and since they’re all together you can’t miss. I think the only thing that could ruin this match would be Abdullah the Butcher
    -YAMATO vs Shingo is intriguing because Shingo has a small chance at least in my opinion. You would think that maybe YAMATO should get by this one no problem but Shingo’s contendership has a lot of build behind it and DG did a good job in my mind putting some doubt on this YAMATO defense

  • ryo saeba

    yes,i do not follow osaka pro but i saw tigers at the super j cup and he was good vs taichi and marufuji.
    btw,why he seems drunk when he enters to the ring?.

    everyone seems to think shingo will turn on yamato but maybe it s a swerve,because last year i already thought yoshino will turn on doi on their title feud but no….

    speaking of gurentai,mastermind, puroresu central seem to indicate that stable is finished in’s true?.
    if yes,i would have prefered voodoo murders finish them like f4,they would become a killer stable of other’s too bad gurentai sucked but i would have loved they were destroyed before their end.

  • Seth

    Haha I think we’ll have to go with the rule of my trying to avoid spoilers on the main page, but in comments it’s all good (unless there’s a big show like Sumo Hall). Can’t talk about upcoming cards without some spoilers and KoG wasn’t a PPV so I think it’s all fair.

    Ideally I’d like SaiRyo to be the new leader of Deep Drunkers, but that’s probably unlikely. I’m not sure what they’re doing with KneSuka in terms of factions, but I think it’s dangerous if they leave them out of the mix for too long. SaiRyo teaming with them to form a NEW faction would be good. I don’t want to see him being a goofy babyface in WARRIORS either though, so for me I hope that doesn’t happen.

  • Nate The Great

    Ryo Saito is coming back at Dead or Alive =O =)

  • Osaka is a kiddy fed and when he turned Rudo he became a pirate on top of the Tigers Mask gimmick so he walks to the ring like he has a peg-leg.

    AJPW isn’t my favorite to follow but I looked at the upcoming cards and Suzuki and Kea just appear to have joined Sekigun. Gurentai the tag team still exists but as for being a giant unit, that appears to be over.

  • ryo saeba

    ajpw is not my favorite either but there is minoru so i follow it closely.

    is he good black buffalo?.
    he looks like atsuko emoto under her bull mask,i do not know if you watch joshi…..

    hey,seth why do you think it’s dangerous for k-nesuka to be a duo?.You think they’ll be lost in the shuffle?.They gonna win the tag straps soon imo.

    btw,it does exist since a lot of the time the spot where wrestlers in the ring all do headlock to the others in the ring?
    You know it’s often where there plenty of wrestlers(6 or 8)and the guys do headlock to the others across the ring.A lot of time the last guy is unable the place to do an headlock and try to do the move but finally change his mind(it’s often gamma).

    he was a serious heel gamma before real hazard?.
    I’ve seen him a little in the muscle outlaws and it seemed the case,unlike in rh where he seemed a comedy leader.

    what do you think of genki as a face now?.
    He was more fun when he was babyface younger or not?.

    • Seth

      I think it’s dangerous because dg is all about the factions and like you said, if they don’tove somewhere soon they might get lost. I’m more worried for kness tbh since I really want him to keep his return going. This could be his last time.

      As for gamma, yes afaik he’s always been a super heel. I think je suits this better than face, but like genki he can do any role well. I haven’t seen enough current face genki to know how he compares, but before he was more of a tweener and was sorta like a heel ppl cheered. Now he’s all face.

  • I hope that whatever happens to Knesuka that they keep that awesome theme of theirs

    Gamma was never a serious heel he was always goofy. He started out in Osaka which again is a kiddie fed and he was a heel there too. He joined Blood gen which caused them to split and he became 2nd banana to leader Doi in MO’z. Eventually Gamma became the focus of the unit and he turned the heelish-ness up but he was still mostly a comedy act, he still acted foolish after getting beat up. I think the only time I’ve ever seen him be 100% serious was when he was Gamma Daio and even then he was pretending to be some kind of demon but he wasn’t spitting water or puking eggs on people is my point to that.

  • another hidden gem worth finding is Gamma & Colt Cabana teaming in Zero-1, Gamma thought he was goofy but ended up looking shocked after seeing how goofy Cabana could be

  • Seth

    Sorry when I said serious heel I meant top tier heel, not serious like… Kanda?