April 9th, 2010
Hida Earth Wisdom Center, Gifu
410 Fans – No Vacancy

1. King of Gate 2010: Block B Round 2 – Shingo Takagi vs. Genki Horiguchi
2. King of Gate 2010: Block B Round 2 – BxB Hulk vs. K-ness

April 10th, 2010
Act City Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
700 Fans

3. King of Gate 2010: Block A Round 1 – Dragon Kid vs. Gamma (Clipped)
4. King of Gate 2010: Block A Round 1 – Masato Yoshino vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

April 11th, 2010
Tsu City Gymnasium, Mie
2,200 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

5. Open the Triangle Gate Championship – Akebono, Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii (c) vs. YAMATO, KAGETORA & Akira Tozawa


  • ryo saeba

    hey,seth answer to my last comments the weekly pro wrestling cover section.

  • ryo saeba

    noooooooooo , ryo saito joined the warriors….. . hopefully, he ll betray them and join shingo. Otherwise, seth watch my mail i wrote on the magazine section cover,i show you a video that help you to know the spot i talked you about .

  • Seth

    Ryo joining WARRIORS seems tenuous at best. I suspect he will turn on them and join RH to fight KneSuka.

  • Seth

    Excuse me, I mean Deep Drunkers…

  • ryo saeba

    ryo has still is horrible haircut so it s clear he s still heel and won’t stay long in warriors.
    the world 1 vs warriors might be the show stealer at the ppv.
    shingo seems to turn heel from what jae says so you see him betray the others and create his own new faction or kick them out of kamikaze with kong?

  • There’s nothing heelish about Saito’s new hair. No color, no mohawk, it’s just a terrible cut.

  • ryo saeba

    yes,now i know at first i tought he had the same haircut like before but i saw him in a pic in the twitter of jae and wow it’s an horrible haircut.

    btw,kong was mainly a heel in dg or not?.
    imo,he should always stay a powerhouse heel.

  • Nate The Great

    Wow he looks awesome.

  • I think it’s just the face Ryo is making in the picture and his mohawk is still there he just combed it over.

    I like Saeba’s idea of Ryo joining up with Shingo, a unit with those 2 alone is worth it in my opinion, they can be the crazy ass hair tag team lol!

  • ryo saeba

    this haircut is so bad that i m wondering if mastermind has indeed right…. .at least if he had his haircut when he was babyface but here…wow….horrible.btw,and about my question on kong.

  • Ironically, they started Kong off teaming with Shingo. His status as heel or face was never really decided at that time because Shingo was in unit limbo as well. He was Blood Generation but steered away from the angle with Muscle. Then Shingo went to the US and Kong was paired with that black guy Cyber Gang. They were heel in MO’z obviously but then Kong broke out and turned face again. The New Hazard run he was mainly face but then the whole Real Hazard thing happened and I’m assuming that’s where you got started…..

  • ryo saeba

    ah ok that why shingo said kong was his best tag partner.

    yes,i began to watch dgate in that time.1 of the first thing i saw is when shingo and cyber turned on hulk.hulk did an awesome running liger bomb that was freaking impressive.

    they were a strong stable new hazard?.What did they do?.

    the main thing i noticed in dgate is that nearly all wrestlers are over with the crowd,it s ultra amazing.I do not think any others promotions can say that.
    i mean even midcarders like tanisaki or tozawa receive cool reaction from the crowds.

  • New Hazard was pretty strong, Shingo, Hulk & Cyber seemed to have a lock on the Triangle gates, they would only lose them to injuries. Jack Evans, El Generico & Shinobu were also members. The most important thing they did was turn a little boy named Masato Onodera and made him into YAMATO. YAMATO was definately heel during his whole NH run, he never fit into that unit, it took forever for him to betray them, and strangly enough it was Tanizaki who felt the wraith and he wasn’t even in the unit.

  • ryo saeba

    yamato was a heel in a face unit why?.

    btw,the first time i saw yamato was in roh vs castagnoli and wow he has improved a lot since these days.

    btw,why saito was cyber ryo?.

  • YAMATO was in New Hazard but the whole run he was doing things alone. Like I said that trio was after the Triangles the whole time and he did bring up the fact that he never got a shot at those belts. He feuded with BxB Hulk a lot too. Those 2 never seemed to get along. Finally leading up to the survival cage match YAMATO & BxB Hulk made up, YAMATO was recruiting the returning Tanizaki into NH but instead betrayed him and joined the Muscle Outlaw’z with no payback from Shingo or Cyber. And yeah….Real Hazard…World-1…etc etc etc

    Cyber Ryo was a spoof of Kong obviously. The initial arrival of the character was way over that they had a nonsense tag match together (I never understood why) that followed but that wasn’t too great and cyber ryo never appeared again

  • ryo saeba

    since when yamato did not used the hidalgo move?
    he was good in mma?.

  • yamato was a heel in a face unit why?.

    btw,the first time i saw yamato was in roh vs castagnoli and wow he has improved a lot since these days.

    btw,why saito was cyber ryo?.