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Dragon Gate news
  • ryo saeba

    it’s famous this magazine?.

    btw,you said me gamma was always a comedy guy but he was not a serious heel in his feud vs cima?.

    is he good black buffalo?.
    he looks like atsuko emoto under her bull mask,i do not know if you watch joshi…..

    btw,it does exist since a lot of time the spot where wrestlers in the ring all do headlock to the others in the ring?
    You know it’s often where there plenty of wrestlers(6 or 8)and the guys do headlock to the others across the ring.A lot of time the last guy is unable the place to do an headlock and try to do the move but finally change his mind(it’s often gamma).

  • PeePReeL

    I know he’s one of the top guys in all of DG, but I think the cover would’ve been better without CIMA. Just having the Dream & Freedom Gate Champions would’ve looked better in my opinion.

  • Seth

    I actually don’t know much about Weekly Pro Wrestling, but it’s just interesting the people they chose to put on the cover.

    It wasn’t that Gamma was a comedy guy, it’s just that he was a bit more wacky in his persona than someone like Kanda. That never really changed with his feud with CIMA either.

    I actually don’t really know what you mean by the headlock thing. There’s a common spot where they try and do back suplexes or just regular suplexes, but I’ve not seen the headlock one I don’t think… at least I can’t remember if I have.

  • ryo saeba

    ok,here s an exemple of what i mean,watch the video below and skip until 06.40.yes,i know here’s it’s not an headlock but some time they also do that move

  • Alva

    wow, i always collect weekly puroresu and never had DG cover. I cant read it cos its in japanese though but sometimes they had the 4×6 photo that you can use when you ask sign :) (if you go to the japan and get lucky they want to sign it, yeah i got the njpw’s hiroshi tanahashi)

  • Seth

    ryo: haha yes that sort is pretty common in DG. They’ve been doing that kind of spot since the early Toryumon days. Always gets a good pop from the crowd.