I managed to evict the mice and scrape off the pigeon crap and things look like they’re back to normal again. I’m not entirely sure what was the problem (apart, obviously from the rodent infestation) so I’m a little worried it may happen again, but I’ll be keeping an eye on it just in case.

In other news, King of Gate has concluded with a not so surprising winner. Stay tuned for upcoming Infinities to see the results. Compilation Gate round-up will be coming soon. I’ve been away so haven’t had a chance to write it yet but it will be coming for sure this time.


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  • ryo saeba

    wow,i’m glad the normal new design is back.i did not remember it but the older one was not very beautiful…..

    you think what about tozawa vs cyber for the ppv?.
    i’m a little disappointed because tozawa will lose it and won’t appear on tv during some times.hopefully,it will lead to something for tozawa.

    otherwise,i hope d dunkers win the belts ,zetsurins are boring to me….

  • Seth

    I’m not sure why they’re doing this Tozawa vs Kong thing. I mean the feud itself is fine, but I don’t understand the dark match stipulation. It makes no sense since both guys are really popular.

    Agreed on DD winning the trios. The zetsurin team has been one of the worst teams to hold the belt ever. Get that thing off Akebono already!

  • ryo saeba

    the worse thing is that they have 2 reigns.it’s horrible because i usually looking for the triangle belts matches,aside zetsurins….(the match of the last ppv was probably horrible,it’s the only thing i could not watch)

    he’s a zetsurin guy super shisa or just in the veteran army?.

    this feud drunkers-knesuka will never end.
    i guess with have to see the matches to see if it’s fun or not,but we understood knesuka can’t win an handicap match.
    I wonder what is the goal of all that….
    Maybe,they try to find a program for knesuka before a twin gate match.

    yes,you said the winner of the king of gate was a strong possibilty but i was not sure he was gonna win.
    when i saw the 2 finalists it was pretty clear that the loser could not be a challenger for the top belt for a ppv,but i thought others guys could have also won this thing.