I’m not going to be doing a super detailed run down of each match this time, but just so I don’t go too long without doing a recap I wanted to get this out while it was still fresh in my mind.

1. Super Shisa vs. Takuya Tomakomai
A decent opener. Tomakomai is the new rookie that we’ve been hearing about and he was pretty impressive I’d say. It always helps to wrestle your first big match against your trainer and Shisa did a good job of making him look good. Those chops were beastly to say the least. This match won’t be remembered for long, but a fair showing nonetheless.

2. K-ness and Susumu Yokosuka vs. NOSAWA Rongai and MAZADA
Unfortunately NOSAWA and Mazada have gone back to being extremely dull to watch (as opposed to the end of last year when I actually started to come round to them). This match was overall fairly disappointing and was pretty confusing as to why it was on the card. Clearly it was just to show the dominance of KneSuka, which is fine in itself, but I still feel like the Deep Drunkers feud isn’t resolved properly. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait until they are Twin champs come Korakuen.

3. Loser Returns to Dark Matches: Akira Tozawa vs. Cyber Kong
Another mind boggler. Two rising stars who both need spotlight and one gets sent to dark matches if they lose? Hmmm… Well I can’t say this match lit my world on fire as really I can’t remember much of what happened. Sorry I can’t say more but really, I cannot remember this match at all. Kong wins. Tozawa to dark matches. Great.

4. Open the Brave Gate Title Match: Dragon Kid vs. Tigers Mask (c)
I have to say I do kind of like Tigers Mask. Dragon Kid was a bit too over-eager in this match and it showed when he messed up the same spot twice. Really he shouldn’t even have gone for it again anyway. I’ve never seen something like that before and it will be interesting to see if that affects Kid’s confidence in the future. For the most part though Tigers Mask made the match what it was and I dug his nightstick in the boot, kick to the head finish. Great heel move and even though he isn’t a Dragon Gate competitor, I think he’s a great Brave Gate champion. Still doesn’t make sense that he IS the champion, but whatyagonnado?

5. Open the Triangle Gate Titles Match: Akebono, Masaaki Mochizuki and Don Fujii (c) vs. Takuya Sugawara, Yasushi Kanda and Kzy
I was looking forward to this match for one reason and that was because there could be only one outcome – no more Akebono. Of course we did have to sit through him and Suga in the ring and I’m not convinced that having Sugawara as a Triangle Champ is much better, but at least the Triangle matches going forward can be more than one dimensional. Suga being in this match as opposed to Arai is one more head scratcher, but for some reason Dragon Gate wants to get across that he is the DD leader. Kanda and Kzy kept this match from being boring although Mochi coming out with a boxing glove to a no DQ match didn’t make any sense. As if punching someone with a boxing glove would hurt more than your kicks? What? Kanda’s elbow with the chain for the finish was nice to see though.

6. WORLD-1 vs. WARRIORS Full Confrontation Naniwa-Style Elimination Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk and Naoki Tanisaki vs. CIMA, Gamma, Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito
OK now things are starting to pick up. Up to this point the show had been pretty boring and uneventful. Doi really is starting to take a backseat right now and I think this is a mistake. He should be doing what CIMA is doing and still being the man in the spotlight, just not holding any titles. Nevertheless, him getting pinned early was a shock but really made this match feel like anything can happen.

I’ve got to say the whole Ryo being slightly retarded, at first made me wonder what they were doing, but as soon as he tried coming out before his time I knew it was going to be awesome. He looked to be in shape and ready to go which was a bit surprising, but he went out much earlier than I would have liked. I guess it makes sense though since this is his first match back and shouldn’t be pushing himself too hard.

Everyone performed at their best and with the exception of when it came to CIMA and Gamma against Yoshino, kept a phenomenal pace. It was great to see CIMA and Gamma take on the heel roles at this point though. The crowd at first was so hot for Yoshino but when it came down to he and CIMA left I was left a little unsure who they were cheering for. No question the match of the night and one has to wonder how long they will be keeping Yoshino Mr Number 2 for. He’s been that guy his whole career but has always been so good and so over that really, his time is now. Well it would be were it not for…

7. Open the Dream Gate Title Match: Shingo Takagi vs. YAMATO (c)
The match I was looking forward to the most and for the most part it did it’s job. YAMATO working the arm the whole match was really nice to see and Shingo actually selling it was awesome (I shouldn’t have to say that, but this is Shingo after all). The match was mostly Shingo controlled but there was some good pacing and I really loved the Fujiwara arm bar > ref stop finish. It made so much sense in the context and it made me totally mark out. Someone else said this elsewhere but I want to reiterate: YAMATO is THIS good after only 3 years. The future is very bright for Dragon Gate if he stays on top of his game and injury free. A seriously true shining star.

The extended ending to the show with KAMIKAZE coming back together as a unified unit was actually really good. WORLD-1 have been the dominating unit for so long but really, it’s all KAMIKAZE now. They are really so strong and if the reappearance of Iwasa (another huge mark out from me here) is anything to go by, their future is looking really bright. I was originally hoping for a Shingo heel turn, but I have changed my mind as I want to see a full on domination of KAMIKAZE for a while. They are one of the stronger units from the past few years now that Dragon Kid has left (sorry Kido, but it’s true) and as soon as Tozawa comes out of dark matches and Iwasa makes his long anticipated comeback, things will be superb for them.

Overall not a very memorable PPV, but the last two matches really redeemed it. I wouldn’t be recommending this show as a great example of what DG is capable of (except the Naniwa elimination match I guess) but certainly there have been worse.


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  • ryo saeba

    i have not seen anything of the ppv but they won’t cancel this dark match stipulation for tozawa,now that cyber has been accepted by everybody in his stable?.

    frankly i think suga is more watchable than bono.he sucks but his true crime operation move is good looking.

    i watched entrances of the wrestlers and why everybody has weapons in the triangle?.it s a no dq?.

    btw,what the hell is this haircut that kzy has?.it s freaking horrible!!!!!!

    he s in good shape ryo saito or he has ring rust?.

  • Seth

    Ah yes I forgot to talk about Ryo. Whoops. I’ll edit my post with a bit on him. Also, the Triangle is indeed a no DQ match.

    Doesn’t look like they are cancelling the dark match stip. Will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

  • ryo saeba

    the feud drunkers k-nesuka ended when k-nesuka beat the others by the help of saito but we still did not saw that on infinity…..

    what is the past relationship of k-nesuka i do not remember?.

  • Christine

    I was very sad to see the stipulation on the Tozawa/Kong match. I love both of them, and I think they put on a pretty good show. I already knew the outcome, but when Tozawa hit the suplex and the crowd was behind him I still had that little bit of hope, so I think it was a job well done for that match. Still, if they had to get rid of a member of Kamikaze to make room for Kong, I would have preferred it be Kagetora. Tozawa was such a great comedic element/mascot/underdog, and, well, Kagetora doesn’t really add much of anything.

    Equally sad to see Doi being dropped down so quickly as well. I went to see DG USA in Toronto, and Doi was definitely the guy that I was most impressed with, so I was disappointed to see him go out first. I agree he should pull a CIMA and stay near the top, but not quite at the peak. After his title run it’s been clear that he’s very versatile, and DG could use him in so many ways. That, and there’s just something about him. Something about the way he carries himself, his mannerisms and his facial expressions just screams star to me as of late.

    Main event was okay. I love Shingo and Yamato, but I don’t really remember much besides Shingo lost, there was a lengthy elbow exchange, and they did a lot of moves and were very sweaty at the end. I think that’s mostly because it had to follow that elimination match, though. That, and I never really see the chemistry between Yamato and Shingo when they’re in the ring together. I don’t really buy them as a team either. They’re great individually, so I want to like them as a team, but I just don’t think they mesh that well together. I think Yamato and Cyber Kong were a much better match.

    Yoshino definitely shines when he’s in a handicap situation. I just watched the hair vs mask match from Final Gate 2009 earlier today and it really showed what a great underdog he is.

  • ryo saeba

    btw, you say yoshino should be the leader of a faction. i agree and for me he should be world champ but mastermind say he can t because he s ultra bad on the mic. You can be champ without mic skills but if he s dull on that he might not be possible.personally,i do not understand what he say so i can t judge. oh yeah,respond to my question on stalker that i posted on the last ppv section.

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah christine i think tozawa is not out of kamikaze because dgate has probably set up a storyline for him to return in the faction. In fact,he s the heart of it because he created it with shingo and bring in 2 members iwasa and kagetora.i think kamikaze will cancel this dark matches losing stip because well jae said in his blog that yamato said at the end of the show that kamikaze has 6 members now(yamato shingo kagetora kong tozawa kagetora).On kagetora i disagree this guy is great in the ring.i did not knew before dgate but he s really good.hopefully, he ll have some straps soon(he has the skills to be brave champ 1 day).i especially like his combinations of rapid kick that he uses and his finisher ikkitousen is really good looking.he might not be ultra charismatic but he s very talented imo.

  • ryo saeba

    is there anyone who has the name of the theme of knesuka because it s freaking great.

  • Seth

    KneSuka: Originally formed in the original M2K they became a really big force in the tag team world. They were later also a big team in Do FIXER. So they’ve probably got the longest history of all the tag teams in Dragon Gate.

    Christine: Interesting thoughts. I’m not sure I agree on the YAMATO/Shingo chemistry thing as I always love it when they’re in the ring together, but maybe this is more a case of me really just liking both these guys. I also don’t agree regarding KAGETORA. Sure the guy is about as charismatic as a plank of wood, but when he is in the ring he’s just… magical.

    Tozawa isn’t out of KAMIKAZE. That was never part of the stipulation. He is simply only wrestling in dark matches for the time being. It probably won’t get reversed, it will just likely be for a while. Possibly until the next PPV. Hopefully not too long.

    I don’t know the name of KneSuka’s theme but I’m sure it will be on the next Open the Music Gate CD.

    Also, regarding Stalker: I don’t think that his losing within 5 seconds to face the same guy thing happens THAT often. The reason why they sometimes do it is because they want to show that Stalker is a pushover and the guest is really strong. But then they also want to put on a good show, so they bring them back for a rematch straight away.

  • ryo saeba

    you re really not nice with kage seth. as i said above i do not think he s very charismatic but he has little charisma….not a lot…but a little.there a lot of guys who has less charisma than him in puro imo. how do you judge the duo of knesuka in term of tag chemistry if you compare to the old days?personally i can t judge but wow they re an awesome tag team maybe better than speed muscle. you spoke about chemistry between shingo-yamato well it makes me think the 2 guys who work ultra well together are yoshino and kid.Each time they faces each other there is really something special in the ring.Incredible.Btw,where the hell is Mori?.He s not a genius but he deserves a little screen time because he s quite good.Since he s not in a stable we barely see him it suck….. .It s not on tv dgate sanctuary? (i m not sure about the name).If not it s a shame because we could see more midcarders or low wrestlers like shenlong.Oh yeah,it s true shenlong plays a chinese hero or something like that?

  • Seth

    I thought I was being nice about KAGE… I love the guy. OK maybe he has a bitmore charisma than I made out, but not that much more. Certainly Susumu for instance has less.

    Hard to compare KneSuka from now to before. I haven’t felt like I’ve seen THAT great stuff from them so far, in my opinion. I mean, they are obviously a great team, but right now I wouldn’t say better than Speed Muscle. I’m not a huge fan of Susumu, although Kness is one of my faves. As a team though they definitely are one of the best in DG history.

    Yoshino vs Kid certainly is always a safe bet for a great match I agree.

    Mori is still around. He’s just wrestling in dark and comedy matches. Can’t say I miss him. I’ve never liked him.

    And yes, Super Shenlong (actually Super Shenlong II as the first one was Shinobu) is a Chinese super hero.

  • ryo saeba

    and about my question on dgate nex sanctuary which is above in one of my previous mails on that page

  • Seth

    NEX is for the younger class of Dragon Gate. Generally those who haven’t graduated fully yet. Sometimes one of the DG mainers will be on a show but for someone like Mori to go there regularly would be a real kick in the face for him.

  • ryo saeba

    yeah i already know that because noah does the same thing but the thing i wondered is if it s on tv or not?.btw,what happened to your project you asked us to choose on which new serie we d like to see after toryumon old shows?it s coming soon and what did you choose?

  • ryo saeba

    why dgate does not choose to hire kagetora and gamma?they only wrestle in dgate so i do not see advantages for them to stay freelancers….. at least,for akebono it make sense because he sucks in the ring and wrestle in multiples puro promotions(njpw , ajpw , zero 1 ,osaka pro). what does it bring to dgate to have a feud vs osaka pro?for osaka pro i understand it s good for them but for dgate i do not see…..

  • ryo saeba

    what the hell is this new storyline involving saito?????? .it sounds freaking stupid!!!!.why do the bookers decided to take of the brain of his character….. for tozawa now that stip makes sense.i want him to ad new moves during his excursion because right now he has only 3 or 4.i do hope he changes of finisher….

  • ryo saeba

    what do you think of d drunkers?.
    frankly,i love this theme of heel who like alchool.furthermore,i think all guys of this faction are good or great heel.
    yes,i say my first compliment to suga i think at least he plays well his heel character…he still sucks in the ring…but he plays it well.

    it s the leader suga?.it looks like they have no leader.

  • Seth

    NEX does have a TV show yes. I have a few but they’re harder to find and so I don’t post them. If you like I could post the few that I have but they’re a few months old now.

    I haven’t had time to get around to the next series yet. I still plan on doing it though. Most people seemed to want a Blood Gen vs Do FIXER series, but that will take longer to compile so, while I’ll plan on doing that at some point, I’ll most likely do a K-ness vs YOSSINO series first. A lot of people aren’t aware of the level K-ness used to be, so this will be a pretty good eye opener.

    I believe KAGE and Gamma are freelance by choice. I think until fairly recently Cyber Kong was also a freelancer. I think it just gives them the option to move and not be bogged down in contracts.

    A lot of the promotions are friends so this feud with Osaka Pro might be just to give a favour to Super Delfin who has been a long time friend of Ultimo (and I would presume the current owners of DG). TBH I don’t mind this since it’s only taking up a small portion of the show, and in my opinion Tigers Mask is worthwhile on the cards he is on.

    The SaiRyo storyline is strange sure, but I’m personally enjoying it quite a bit. It makes things a bit more interesting.

    I think Deep Drunkers are possibly the weakest heel group Dragon Gate has ever had. There are no legitimate singles wrestlers there and their trios or tag possibilities are fairly mediocre at best. I like Kzy, Kanda and Araken, but they need someone better in their team to bring it all together. For a heel unit to be such a no-force in the company boggles my mind. Especially based on how strong RH were when SaiRyo was leading, or MO’z before them.

  • PeePReeL

    I would like to see those NEX shows if they feature guys like Shisa BOY or Kotoka, because I’ve made edits of those guys (as well as Tomakomai) on Fire Pro Returns, and I’d like to get more info on both of them.

    As far as the Osaka feud goes, it’s kinda hard to say that it’s a favor to Delfin as he’s no longer involved with Osaka in any way. He’s all about Okinawa now.

  • ryo saeba

    yes,i want to see those nex shows too , even if i imagine you do nothave any kokota’s matches as you said me you had old shows.
    some super shenlong stuff will be nice to see.

    yeah again i want to see k-ness in his better days.

    euh,this saito storyline is not that interesting.
    ok i get he has amnesia and all that s a decent but the fact he likes to touch makoto’s hashi chest,that may be funny for some people but not for me…..

    you says yokosuka has zero charisma.yes,maybe but he has more charisma than this idiot of nozawa rongai……

    btw,why tokyo gurentai are the allies of the warriors?.

    what do you think about my remarks on tozawa,just above?.
    do you agree with me,especially his finisher

  • ryo saeba

    i just saw the third match and i think it was good.
    it told a story(tozawa hurted his knee) , tozawa sold his injury well(unlike hulk or yoshino who sometimes forgot they are hurt in their matches) and they were good nearfalls.
    if i did not knew the spoilers i could have think could have won on his german or his hurracanrana.
    no a great match but fun to watch imo and the right man won when you know about tozawa’s excursion(kong must looks like a monster not a weak guy like he was in the last tournament).

    btw,i m impressed that kong looks already very good .
    the man just came back and wow he’s still ultra speed for a big man,his cyber combination is freaking great!!!!!!.

  • Seth

    PeePReel: Ah I did not know Delphin has nothing to do with Osaka anymore. Either way, it’s one company helping out another. It makes sense, especially when MMA is taking away so many puro fans.

    I’ll hunt down those NEX shows and see what I can do.

    ryo saeba: I’d say don’t get too down on the SaiRyo stuff until you see it. Yeah the manboob fondling sounds weird for sure, but I also wasn’t a fan when I initially heard the earlier stuff then I saw him at DoA and I thought it was great. So I’m going to reserve judgement until I watch it.

    I think Tokyo Gurentai are allied with WARRIORS because of what went down at the last show of last year where RH turned on them. They seemed to ally with WARRIORS-5 in that show so I guess it’s stuck.

    I think I’d like to see Tozawa’s in ring abilities improve in general I think. I mean he’s a fantastic showman, but I think you said it when he doesn’t exactly have the largest repertoire. I also agree the german finisher is weak, especially when Fujii also has it.

    Yes, Kong is looking great right now. Very impressed with him. I was also impressed SaiRyo was able to go as well as he did after just returning.

  • PeePReeL

    I can definitely understand puro companies banding together to stave off the threat that is MMA, especially after what MMA did to New Japan. Btw Seth, do you play much FPR anymore?

    • Seth

      I actually haven’t played in a while but I do have an urge to go back. Update my dg roster as well ;)

  • ryo saeba

    yes i think you’re right i can’t judge before seeing it.

    what is this connart term that there is everywhere?.

    they’re good the announcers of dgate?.

    • Seth

      Conart is a clothing brand. They’re just a sponsor of dg.

      DD are the worst heel faction DG have had imo, but yes, there’s room to be worse. The problem isn’t necessarily the people, just they don’t have the right combination, or that one big star. They also really need a leader. Right now they’re probably at the bottom of the stables and the heel faction should never be bottom.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,you say drunkers is worst stable ever.
    imagine a future heel stable with suga,akebono and tokyo gurentai.maybe,this horrible stuff could be possible 1 day…..

  • PeePReeL

    If you do get back into FPR, let me know where you can find a Shisa BOY, Kotoka, or any other DG rookies.

  • ryo saeba

    zetsurins is a faction right?.So drunkers are at least higher than them.

    they had a big star real hazard since yamato left?.
    I think saito is awesome but he might not be a big star but he was great leader for me.

    i think arai,kzy and kanda form a good combinaison of heel together they seem to have a good chemistry and are better as heel the problem is sugawara….
    maybe,shingo should have joined them because with their members kamikaze seems almost too strong.
    i mean yamato,kong and shingo wow they gonna destroy the others it s stronger than world-1 and warriors (who are strong but seem to have no brain).

    other thing it s weird but drunkers is the faction who has the less numbers of members unlike the formers heel factions it might count in their weakness.

  • ok back from hawaii…i watched this ppv before i left but i don’t really remember it in detail so i’ll watch it again and review it later but i remember it not being very good. so for now i’ll help saeba out on his most recent questions.

    the zetsurins aren’t really a faction they are listed as members of the sekigun (main roster) just the older members have banded together and i think they’re just the veterans now.

    i like the deep drunkers unit even sugawara but i also agree they are by far the weakest unit in dragon gate right now. the problem that dragon gate has it what i like to call “roh-syndrome” where the whole damn roster is so over that they can’t possibly be heel. what i would like to see is Akira Tozawa to go heel and join the drunkers. if necessary i would add Don Fuji as well because he’s still pretty strong and he would be a guy i could picture in a unit called “Deep Drunkers”. the dream leader for DD would be SUWA but yeah…..

    I guess we should all be thankful Tokyo Gurentai is not the full time heel unit in DG

  • ryo saeba

    thank you mastermind you’re really cool,unlike most of the members who write on sss.
    i mean i wrote something there recently and a lot of guys there just buried me because it was my first mail on that site…..
    so yeah i want to thank you for often responding to my questions and i do hope your travel to hawai was great :-)

    otherwise,it s not such a bad thing so much people are over,tna would love to have this kind of problem for exemple….

  • ryo saeba

    why in the hell don fuji often wrestle in the crowds in his matches?.
    i mean he nearly does it in all his matches it s becoming annoying.

  • My theory on TNA saeba is the crowd ruins everything. They could have the best booked show on earth and the crowd would still fuck it up. All they care about is making their show look better than the WWE’s by chanting “This is wrestling” & “This is Awesome” every 10 secs. The problem is the same 200 morons in the impact zone do it before the match even gets going and it fucks up everything. I’ve give russo a little bit of slack because even though most of his ideas are retarded he can’t even book simple things like turning Sting into a heel without those Orlando morons ruining it by cheering. They cheered when he ruined RVD’s debut I mean what the fuck is their problem do they not understand how wrestling works I mean c’mon!

  • ryo saeba

    well maybe but i do think tna would be fun to watch if they do decent storylines(this ring storylines makes me sick) or use people who can wrestle.
    when i see rob terry , the band or jordan have a push and that homicide , kiyoshi , sarah stock , hamada have not ,i think there is HUGE problem.

    frankly,tna is the promotion that i follow which the worst,they do have great wrestlers(that s why i still watch them)but the whole stuff is a letdown for me….
    in usa,i do prefer to see wwe(ok the divas and cena make me sick) or roh(which a promotion which looks like puro=not sports entertainment bullshits just good wrestling)

  • ryo saeba

    oh and yeah i hate to see good wrestlers are often well not paid if we compare to old dinosaurs who wrestle there.
    when i see taylor wilde must have an other job to live i can’t believe it…..
    i mean tna is not such a small promotion.

    otherwise,in which promotion tozawa is in?.

  • Tozawa is running with PWG and the other So Cal indies right now

  • ryo saeba

    btw,you were able to see njpw dontaku?.
    i do not see anywhere :-(

  • All that has aired is Makabe vs Nakamura which I thought was pretty good I liked the finish mostly

  • ryo saeba
  • ryo saeba

    hey guys who do you think yamato will face at the kobe big show ppv in july?i think yoshino will be the challenger.He s on fire right now and i thihk he s the guy who has the main chances to beat yamato.yamato vs yoshino that sounds like a future 5 stars match and i hope it ll happen.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,i noticed that when a guy win the dream gate strap he ll add something to his attires(Doi put his awful coats and yamato has some kind of boxing coat).It s happened with each champ? Oh and yeah could you explain me the deal with all those keys around the dream gate belt?it looks like they seem to open the belt inside and also that the first contender win a key for the belt.So yeah could explain me all those stuff?

  • Only lately they’ve been added things to their costumes for big matches, most of the time they just change the color of it.

    You win the belt you open the “Dream Gate” and put your name inside (Liger threw his on the ground when he won I’m sure you’ve seen that before) When you successfully defend the title you add your opponents key to the belt. Doi had 8 keys because that’s how many defenses he had. Now that YAMATO has the belt he starts from 0 and should have 2 on there now from Susumu & Shingo.

  • I also would like Yoshino to face and defeat YAMATO at world but my gut says BxB Hulk

  • ryo saeba

    wow it s cool the story of that belt .no yamato has 3 keys he beat Mochizuki too . could you react to my questions on the last ppv section ? .it s you that told me guys who win the brave gate can t win the dream gate strap?it s not true Cima won both…. it does exist since a lot of time that they play the japanese hymn before the dream gate titles matches ? i love this it does give a special feeling to those matches.

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah you that like drunkers like me are you disappointed they already lost the straps?I mean zero defenses of the first reign of Kzy it s suck.I would have loved he came with his belts mutoh style during more time.

  • CIMA doesn’t count because he won the Brave gate after he already won the dream. Plus he was disgracing the belt talking about how people who win it don’t mean anything. Like I said Doi is the only exception that matters and if you look at DG back then compared to now there were a lot more people who should’ve had a dream gate title run before he did

    I’m not disappointed that the drunkers lost at all I think Arai should be on the team instead of Sugawara or Kanda. They’ll get it back eventually but they need somebody strong on their team real bad.

  • And you’re right YAMATO should have 3 keys I forgot about the Mochizuki defense

  • ryo saeba

    ok but you forgot to tell me about my questions on the national japanese anthem and on black buffalo that i wrote just above please watch(i said the term hymn but in fact the real english term is anthem i remember now :-(,anyway please respond me).

  • ryo saeba

    btw,you do not like kanda or what?.
    imo,he can wrestle unlike suga……

  • Kanda is just not the most exciting tag team wrestler. Him or Sugawara could go I don’t care. Kanda to me just doesn’t keep up with the Dragon Gate speed whereas suga can he just doesn’t do the most amazing moves. I like Kanda enough that I wouldn’t want to see him go but he’s not my favorite.

    As far as I know they have played the Japanese anthem before every Dream Gate defense I think they did it before all of the UDG Title defenses as well.

  • ryo saeba

    he can wrestle buffalo?
    what are his main moves?his mask makes him minor league if i compare it to the one of kid and k-ness ….

    what his the name of the guy with red hair ?they re a heel faction in osaka pro?

  • Buffalo is decent, he’s pretty old though he was Keisuke Yamada in IWA Japan back when Cactus and Terry Funk were killing each other. His moves are basic he uses the backdrop driver and the gouwan lariat similar to Iwasa’s. He also has a move called the buffalo driver which I think is just a tiger driver.

    The guy with red hair is Tadasuke, their unit is Saikaku Gundan LOV (Legion Of Violence) The leaders of Tigers & Buffalo, Tadasuke, The Bodyguard & Orochi are members. Masamune used to be a member but went good to reunite with his old tag partner Hideyoshi.

  • ryo saeba

    on purolove.com they show him without his mask and well he looks better.
    he has his dull mask times since a lot of times?.

    it was on samurai tv super shisa vs tigers for the brave gate?.

    he s the main guy in osaka pro tigers?.I mean he was in njpw last year so it must be the case.

    it s bigger than michinoku pro osaka pro or not?.
    michinoku pro might be bigger maybe…..