Dream Gate champion YAMATO puts his title on the line against recent King of Gate winner, and fellow KAMIKAZE member, Shingo Takagi. Elsewhere WORLD-1 and WARRIORS clash but with a returning, and slightly confused Ryo Saito, while the Triangle Gate titles are on the line against the, as yet, untitled Deep Drunkers team. Internal strife continues also within KAMIKAZE as Akira Tozawa and Cyber Kong battle to send the loser back to wrestling in untelevised dark matches.

Dragon Gate “DEAD OR ALIVE 2010” – 5 May 2010
Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
7,000 fans – Super No Vacancy

1. Super Shisa vs. Takuya Tomakomai
2. K-ness and Susumu Yokosuka vs. NOSAWA Rongai and MAZADA
3. Loser Returns to Dark Matches: Akira Tozawa vs. Cyber Kong
4. Open the Brave Gate Title Match: Dragon Kid vs. Tigers Mask (c)
5. Open the Triangle Gate Titles Match: Akebono, Masaaki Mochizuki and Don Fujii (c) vs. Takuya Sugawara, Yasushi Kanda and Kzy
6. WORLD-1 vs. WARRIORS Full Confrontation Naniwa-Style Elimination Match: Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino, BxB Hulk and Naoki Tanisaki vs. CIMA, Gamma, Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito
7. Open the Dream Gate Title Match: Shingo Takagi vs. YAMATO (c)

Part 2

Part 3


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  • Gural

    Woooooaaahhhhh…Thx Seth – u r da man

  • That’s one hell of a weak card if you ask me

  • Seth

    What makes you say that? I’d say that’s overall stronger than Sumo Hall, at least on paper. The only one that doesn’t really excite me is Zetsurins vs Deep Drunkers. Naniwa plus the main make this a strong enough card imo.

  • ryo saeba

    even deep drunkers vs zetsurins seems watchable.
    if you compare to the show of last year where the main event was akebono vs doi , i think this card is far better imo.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,if bono loses i hope he leaves for good(yes i already know the result but i do not want to spooil).

    unfortunately,i think this fat guy seems popular otherwise he wo’t be in all puro promotions possible but well i have my fingers crossed.

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah,i wondered why stalker always lose his match in about 5 seconds and then face again the same guy right away in a losing effort of 5 minutes or so?.
    yes,i know he s a comedy guy and all but when i see dgate results it s always the same stuff it s weird.

  • ryo saeba

    ah yes,last thing i just have critic on the ppv card because i think the fact arai and kagetora are not in it suck.

    yes, i know drunkers had to be only 3 guys but well it suck for me anyway he could have been in the triangle instead of suga.

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  • Tmac9311

    The ending caught me off guard to say the least, I hope DD can get a leader here sooner or later. They seem like the job squad right now. Are we suppose to consider Suga a main eventer?

  • Well I’ll do a little run down on the card to explain my dissatisfaction.

    1.Shisa vs who?
    I don’t like it when stars come into DG unless they’re big names. I’ve never heard of this guy and was expecting to see shisa defend the Brave Gate at this show, not lose it to some guy in Osaka who I’ve never heard of.

    2.K-ness/Susumu vs Nosawa/Mazada
    Nosawa and Mazada suck, and why is this match even happening? They haven’t been fueding right? Pointless waste of Susumu and K-ness.

    3.Tozawa vs Cyber Kong
    Recently I feel Tozawa has come into his own a little bit, that whole sensei gimmick a while back, Brave gate contention etc
    I was pleased to see Cyber join Kamikaze, cus that’s a big step up for him from just being lost in the big heel stables.
    So what do they do with 2 rising stars? Lets have them fued and the loser gets sent back down the card……awesome idea, lol

    4.Dragon Kid vs Tigers Mask
    Why does this guy have a DG title? They were using it effectively to push news stars (even if the reigns were too short). Naoki, Kagetora, tozawa, shisa, k-ness, all these guys who have been or should be the champion, but they’ve gone and given 1 of the 2 singles belts to another promotion.
    I know this happens alot in japan but with the way they were using the title, I just think its totally wrong to give it off to another promotion to use right now

    5.Triangle Gate
    I don’t find deep drunkers entertaining in or out of the ring, and akebono sucks, so I don’t expect great things from this one at all

    6.warriors vs world-1
    This match looks alright to me. Dunno what a naniwa style elimination match is but hey ;P Doesn’t make much sense for ryo to be in warriors with 0 explaination though…looks the best for me tho, storyline-wise and in ring action

    7.Dream Gate
    I was shocked….SHOCKED! that shingo beat my pick Dragon Kid in King of Gate 2010. Why would they want ANOTHER fued within kamikaze? I don’t get what they’re thinking.
    I picked dragon kid cus he’s a massive name for yamato to go over with on his 1st defense.
    So why shingo instead of dragon kid? Doesn’t make any sense to me. Yamato will win, but at the same time, the whole PPV infact, make Kamikaze look stupid. Two of them want to fight to send the other down the card?
    And the top 2 guys in the stable don’t care if they have to fight for the title, even when they were partners before very recently?
    ALSO, because of this poor booking that kamikaze has received, we miss out on a twin gate title defense.
    I know they did Doi vs BxB last year, but I didn’t agree with that either, guys in the same stables shouldn’t be fighting unless it’s going to lead to a turn/faction change/big storyline, otherwise it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to have the factions to begin with if they’re going to fight whoever’s in their stable anyway.

    All in all, I think it should’ve been:
    Yamato vs Dragon Kid (Dream Gate)
    Super Shisa vs Tozawa vs KAGETORA (Brave Gate, kamikaze working TOGETHER lol…at least at the beginning)
    Cyber Kong/Shingo vs K-ness/Susumu (Twin Gate)

  • Mark, the guy Shisa fought was a DG trainee making his on-screen debut. He wasn’t an outsider at all. He’ll be in a DG faction very soon.

  • PeePReeL

    KAMIKAZE for Triangle Gate when Iwasa returns and Tozawa is allowed out of dark matches! Let all 6 of them hold all the gold!

  • Nate

    it doesnt seem like Part 3 wants to load for me

  • @Mark your not looking at the big picture homie

    match 1 yeah it doesn’t make sense to have this air instead of it being the dark match but tomakomai looked good and i think they’re super high on him and we got to see why

    2. i agree with you here pointless match but the twin gate champs were busy and knesuka needed some build before the won the twins

    3. i don’t like the stipulation either but tozawa sold the fact that everyone knew he was gonna lose and when he lost he treated it like the worst thing ever. obviously this is being set up for tozawa to break away from kaze.

    4. you obviously haven’t been watching dgate if you don’t know why tigers mask has the brave gate. tigers and buffalo have been invading for quite some time. CIMA has your attitude towards the whole thing of who are these people? and why are they here? they’re fed is a part-time indy etc etc. Gamma & Shisa went to Osaka on their biggest show of the year and Gamma pretty much shit on the whole fed with his Super Delfin antics. Afterwards Shisa pulled off tigers mask and the 2 had a rumble which spilled backstage. If you don’t know CIMA & Gamma are from Osaka and are actually giving this promotion (and therefore their hometown) much exposure which i think is their true intentions. Don’t forget DG vs Osaka show in June too. I’m loving this feud it’s probably the most interesting thing in DGate right now

    5. The belts needed to get off akebono and so far they’ve booked it so that massive cheating is the only way to defeat him. You’ll love what happens at Korakuen anyways.

    6. Ryo in Warriors doesn’t make sense to anybody even Ryo

    7. YAMATO vs Dragon Kid?…….boooooring They don’t work well together do you really want to see Kid arm bar-ed to death? No! you want to see him fly around and do his thing. Plus Who is the leader of Kamikaze? Shingo? or the Dream Gate champ? Now we know……

    Shingo/Kong vs Knesuka was already booked for korakuen, plus this last month was all about the in-fighting between Kamikaze to not have it resolved here would be stupid.

    you want another 3 way Shisa showcase for the brave? why? we got one 2 months ago and it wasn’t that great to begin with. Sawa & Genki are both better workers than Tozawa and Kage too.

    If you’re not watching the tv show bro don’t hate on the card.

  • I’ve watched every infinity and I didn’t see a thing to do with Osaka Pro/DG fued.

  • you gotta watch after the Shisa’s selling the fan club shit and they show clips of it

    I’m sure seth memorized what episodes they were

    but that feud has been great it’s rejuvinated Shisa’s career mostly, but I’ve been a pretty big fan of Osaka myself and I’m glad they’re getting some shine. I don’t like that Buffalo is part of the main focus of it as he is not my favorite but Sengoku vs Mochi/Fuji could be good. CIMA vs Billy Ken Kid should be good and that WARRIORS vs LOV match will probably kick ass. Harada & Kotoge will probably get Hulk & Kotoka or something so Osaka can win something because I don’t see them winning any of the previous 3 matches.

  • ryo saeba

    he can wrestle buffalo?what are his main moves?his mask makes him minor league if i compare it to the one of kid and k-ness …..what his the name of the guy with red hair ?they re a heel faction in osaka pro?

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