April 14th, 2010
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,300 Fans- Super No Vacancy

1. King of Gate 2010 Semi Final – Block A – Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino
2. King of Gate 2010 Semi Final – Block B – BxB Hulk vs. Shingo Takagi
3. King of Gate 2010 Final – #1’s winner vs. #2’s winner
4. Deep Drunkers vs. KneSuka – Double Links Tag Team Match: Yasushi Kanda, Kenichiro Arai, Takuya Sugawara & Kzy vs. Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness

April 18th, 2010
Osaka Appla Takaishi
1,200 Fans – No Vacancy

5. Open the Brave Gate Championship – Super Shisa (c) vs. Tigers Mask [Osaka Pro-Wrestling] (Clipped)


  • ryo saeba

    hey,guys what are your predictions for doa which is tomorrow i think.
    here’s mine

    shisa beat tomoakai (of course you all say that)
    k-nesuka kills gurentai (they want a title shot so they ll destroy those idiots).
    kong beat tozawa,unfortunately(i like kong but i want to see akira)
    tigers mask beat kid(tigers might defend his belt once)
    d drunkers win the belts vs zetsurins
    world-1 beat warriors when ryo turned heel(what mean naniwa style elimination match?.)
    yamato retain the strap but shingo has the last laugh by turning on yamato.then saito and kong join him to end the show and create a new stable.

  • since nothing that advances storylines happens on ppv I dont generally expect any stable movement until afterwards. Unless it’s survival cage.


    Shisa (Yoshitonic) Tomakomai
    K-Ness(W) Susumu (Aoki Hikari) NOSAWA(L) MAZADA
    Tozawa (German Suplex Hold) Kong (Kong needs to lose this)
    Tigers (Ground Manjigatame) Kid
    Sugawara(W) Arai Kzy (Shisanpuuta) Mochizuki (L) Fuji Akebono
    WARRIORS over World-1 (I think we see some dissension in W1, Warriors have too much momentum to break up)
    YAMATO (Doujime Sleeper) Shingo

    i think Shingo taps to YAMATO shakes his hand but in later weeks he begins attacking him with Kong and his eventual new unit

    • Seth

      Unfortunately (and I say this because it’s kinda predictable) I agree with all points. I don’t think we’ll see any major story profession either. We haven’t seen Ryo on tv yet though which isn’t common at this point which is what’s making me hesitant to agree 100%.

  • ryo saeba

    what is “naniwa” style match?

    nothing can happen in a dgate ppv in term of stable changing?.What?.
    It’s not like njpw then….

    btw,you say unfortunately seth?.i prefer that i do not see surprises and see k-nesuka kills gurentai and drunkers win the straps that seeing a surprise.

  • Seth

    Well I just don’t like feeling like the event is really predictable. I like to be surprised by results sometimes.

    It’s not like storylines CAN’T progress in a PPV, it’s just pretty rare at Dragon Gate these days. They tend to save the storyline stuff for their Infinities so there’s some kind of weekly drama. The PPVs are mainly to play out existing stories.

    Naniwa elimination match is when two people start in the ring and then every 30 seconds someone will enter ala Royal Rumble. The entries are pre-picked backstage (not sure why this is important but I remember them calling this out in the rules). You can be eliminated in regular ways or over the top rope. I think once all the people have entered then it then reverts to a regular tag-style match (ie up to that point everyone can be in the ring at once).

    It’s a needlessly complicated style of match and to be honest I’m not super keen on it.

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah i’ve seen that once in 1 of the infinity with young vs old s still on going the feud young vs old guys?. it looks like not since the mega push of yamato. everything is about kamikaze s tensions. what is the move of k ness that mastermind talk just above? it call it aoki hikari.

  • ryo saeba

    wow,seth,just read the spoilers of doa and a huuuuuge surprise,i’m sure you ll like it like everyboby else.
    i do not talk you about it because i’m not sure if you wanted to read the spoilers or not.

  • Aoki Hikari is that crossed armed cripper crossface by K-Ness

    The generation feud is over and the old guys won it would seem.

    The DoA surprise wasn’t that great it’s not like he’s coming back to wrestle…..

  • ryo saeba

    ha yes , i thought the young guys won with yamato winning the belt which was the symbol of the new generation.

    yes,it’s true but when i wrote it, jae just wrote he returned.
    at this point,he did not said he could not wrestle so i thought it was a huge thing but in fact no…..

    what is ground manjigatame?.

    do you think like me that the fact tigers was the super j cup help him in his career?.I think that gentaro was helped by that too because now he s everywhere even in joshi puro….

  • tmac9311

    how long would you expect it to take to get DoA out? trying not to read spoilers, because it bit me in the ass when Shingo&Kong beat CIMA&Gamma. I’m not sure if Compilation Gate came out before the following Infinity, but I hope Infinity 174 doesn’t spoil anything if not.

  • Seth

    Hard to say. With PPVs it’s never consistent. In theory it should be faster than the last one though. I’ll of course post it as soon as I get it.

  • I’m hoping the ppv leaks in 2 weeks after I go to hawaii

    saeba the ground manjigatame is that modified octopus hold that tigers used to beat Taichi in the j-cup, (manjigatame means octopus hold)

  • ryo saeba

    so seth you think that the old guys won the feud like mastermind?.
    i thought it was the young guys: yamato beat all the old guys(fuji,cima) won the strap , kong and shingo won the twin belt from gamma cima , so they won the feud right?.

    there is infinity 174 before dead or alive that we have to watch?.
    probably,because we did not saw the return of saito during drunkers vs k-nesuka.

    btw,you can make the roster changes now they won’t be any new moves for a little time i think.

  • Nate The Great

    Jae has the PPV so it will pop up soon.

  • Seth

    I’m with mastermind in thinking the Veterans won the feud. I don’t have the results to back up that claim on hand, but that was the impression I got. Saying that though, it’s probably one of the most inconsequential feuds DG has had so it really doesn’t matter who won.

    I should definitely update the roster page yes. If I have time this weekend I’ll try and do that.

    Probably won’t see an Infinity before DoA. Well… I mean an Infinity will be played and Ia’ll probably have it before the PPV, but that will be this weeks Infinity so will have played AFTER DoA already aired.


  • DoA has leaked

  • ryo saeba

    already?. cool .

    hey,seth,give me your explanation why you think the old guys won the feud?.

    btw,what means Savvy?.i do not understand.

  • Seth

    I can’t remember why but it seemed like the Veterans always seemed to get the upper hand in their matches and they got the results that seemed to matter for the feud. But again, I can’t give you evidence why I think that (I’m too lazy to look it up).

    I have the DoA PPV and will be putting it up later today.

    “Savvy?” means “understand?”

  • ryo saeba

    ha,ha cool i’ll have the ppv tomorrow here then ,can’t wait to see this stuff :-)

    btw, you did not had the time to do a recap on march ppv?.

  • ryo saeba

    oh and yeah it was ultra fast to have this ppv this time.

  • Seth

    Yeah unfortunately I couldn’t find the time to recap the last show. As always I’ll do my best to recap this one, but no promises. It’s easiest for me to do recaps by writing it while watching, but I’ve been watching them with friends these days so can’t really stop the show to write a bit each time a match ends ;)