November 28th, 2009
Philadelphia The Arena, USA
1,200 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

1. Open the Freedom Gate Title Qualifying Match, 6 Way Match – Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson vs. Hallowicked vs. Gran Akuma vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Lince Dorado (clipped)
2. Open the Freedom Gate Title Qualifying Match – BxB Hulk vs. Brian Kendrick (clipped)
3. Open the Freedom Gate Title Qualifying Match, 4 Way Match – CIMA vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Super Crazy vs. Jorge Rivera (clipped)
4. Open the Freedom Gate Title Qualifying Match – Davey Richards vs. YAMATO (clipped)
5. Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino vs. SHINGO & Dragon Kid
6. Open the Freedom Gate Title, 4 Way Elimination Match – #1’s Winner vs. #2’s Winner vs. #3’s Winner vs. #4’s Winner


  • Strong

    Thanks for Infinity 174

  • Esco

    Man, Gran Akuma’s turnbuckle throw (spider exploder?) to moonsault is really slow. Awkward finish.

    Nice to see the hardcore US crowd getting on their feet and giving standing ovations. Wish the Japanese would get behind the wrestlers more like that besides screaming names (I know it’s not AJPW in the 90’s, but still). Also really great to see Hulk win something, even if it was six months ago. At times during that match I thought he was going to lose.

  • Tmac9311

    have not sure if your busy or anything, but 175 has been available for download on XWT. 176 may be out right now too. I appreciate everything you do, and you deserve to be a little behind for how great this site has been. Just wanted to point it out just in case.

  • seth is on some kind of break i haven’t seen him on sss either 175 was awesome too 176 aired yesterday it should be out tonight but the only match that’s listed on it is YAMATO vs Mochi

  • ryo saeba

    there is drunkers vs warriors and k-nesuka vs kamikaze.

    yamato vs sugawara at kobe world ppv!!!!!
    wow,it could be a great match……

  • ryo saeba

    hey mastermind what is the new name of the madsplash com website?.
    i ve read it has been bring back under an other name.

  • Nate The Great

    Hmm interesting that Cyber Ryo wants to see YAMATO vs Sugawara.

  • ryo saeba

    no i was ironic i can t stand suga (i bury him in each of my comments on this site ). otherwise,my nickname is not from cyber ryo but from the manga called city hunter where the name of the main character is ryo saeba.

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