I’m going to try and start getting more of my back catalog onto the site. There won’t be much order to it, just whatever takes my fancy at the time. Since World is coming up soon I thought it fitting to post another World show, this time from 2002 and thus, Toryumon. If you watched the Toryumon vs T2P PPV then this show will give you an idea of some of the set ups going in as it was held just 2 months earlier.

Toryumon “IIIer ANIVERSARIO”, 07.07.2002
Kobe World Hall
6,900 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Condotti Shuji , Pescatore Yagi & Berlinetta Boxer vs. Kenichiro Arai, Super Shisa & Raimu Mishima
2. Stalker Ichikawa vs TARUcito
3. NWA Welterweight Title, Decision Match: Super Nova vs Ricky Marvin
4. Great Sasuke & Atlantis vs Sasuke the Great & Negro Casas
5. British Commonwealth Jr. Heavyweight Title: SUWA (c) vs Susumu Yokosuka
6. UWA Trios Title, 3 Way Match: CIMA, Don Fujii & TARU (c) vs Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito vs Magnum TOKYO, Genki Horiguchi & Darkness Dragon

Part 2


PPV, Toryumon
  • ryo saeba

    you have many ppvs in store?.

    btw,about 7000 fans for a young promotion at that time wow,i m impressed!!!!!.

  • The company was 4 years by this time

    I’ve never seen this one except for maybe clips of the main yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaars ago

    Marvin, Masao Orihara & CMLL Guys = win

  • Seth

    Yup I still have quite a lot of old PPVs I haven’t posted. Probably even more on tape back when tape trading was the only way to watch Toryumon, but I’m not going to transfer those (I left them all in England anyway).

  • Really liked SUWA vs. Yokosuka from this.

    So now that Infinity is going to be posted much later than we’re all used to, any chance we’ll see more Toryumon go up? I know you’re busy and all but I love this old stuff.

  • senpuuken

    Thanks Seth for all of this. I can remember searching forums just for DDL of some of these shows. Your Awesome.