Dragon Gate’s most important show of the year is upon us and contains some monumental matches on the card. Celebrating his tenth year as a professional wrestler and one of the most popular in the company since his debut, Yoshino still hasn’t held the title that all others covet; the Open the Dream Gate belt. His dream has always been to headline World and win the belt, but will he be able to make it past the currently white hot champion YAMATO – the man who dethroned Yoshino’s friend and tag partner, Naruki Doi?

Elsewhere former friends but now bitter rivals, Shingo Takagi and BxB Hulk go at it in a hair vs hair match. Having already retired the Hulk entrance dance, will we see the end of what we all know as BxB? Shingo promises to win and send Hulk back to exhibition matches, but will Hulk overcome and move onto being another main event player? This could be a defining moment of his career either way.

Also keep an eye on the currently tumultuous Naoki Tanisaki who is having some heel streaks as of late as well as KneSuka defending their Twin Gate belts against the veterans Mochi and Fujii. And who is that in match 3? A possible new wrestler who we’ve never seen before??

Let us know what you think of the show in the comments. Here is the full card:

Hyogo, Kobe World Hall ~Pro Wrestling Festival in Kobe 2010

  1. Kzy, Kenichiro Arai, Yasushi Kanda vs. Naoki Tanisaki, Kotoka, Mark Haskins
  2. Comedy Survival Dream Handicap Match: Abdullah the Butcher, Akebono vs. Hollywood Stalker Ichikawa, Syachihoko Machine, Jackson Florida, Johnson Florida
  3. 4 Way Tag Match: Naruki Doi, PAC vs. Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid vs. KAGETORA, Cyber Kong vs. TOZAWA Kengai, NOSAWA Rongai
  4. Open the Triangle Gate: CIMA, Gamma, Genki Horiguchi (c) vs. Black Buffalo, Tigers Mask, The Bodyguard
  5. Open the Twin Gate: K-ness, Susumu Yokosuka (c) vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii
  6. Cabellera contra Cabellera: Shingo Takagi vs. BxB Hulk
  7. Open the Dream Gate: YAMATO (c) vs. Masato Yoshino
  • ryo saeba

    yeah,i m not a fan at all of that kengai gimmick but well i respect your opinion.
    i just do not like tokyo gurentai at all in fact because to me it reminds me that their main guy is rongai so that can t be good stuff(now mazada does his crap in voodoo murders so rongai is the symbol of gurentai…..)

    anyway,i think japanese fans must think like me because their last show only draw 300 fans.

  • Seth

    I thought Tozawa looked awesome as TOZAWA Kengai. I’m certainly no Tokyo Gurentai fan, but this was a good look for Akira I thought.

  • Zacky

    I know this might not make me well liked by some of you guys but I personally am starting to like the Tokyo Gurentai I mean sure NOSAWA isn’t all that good and MAZADA is decent to say the least but if Dragon Gate keeps bring them back it must mean they do something they like right. Like I said I agree they’re bad they definitely could use some improvement but they are pretty interesting

  • Jarrod

    Is it a teritorial thing, or a “I missed something” thing, or do the videos not work for anyone else?

    • Seth

      Unfortunately World was taken down by dgusa. I haven’t gotten around to putting them back up yet. Unsure if I even should in fact.

  • Dragongatefan2011

    I love dragon gate Its hard getting old dragon gate ppvs I wanted this but its down I tried looking elsewhere but no luck This and Compilation gate is down also so if you do reupload that would be awesome :)