July 8th, 2010
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
2,200 Fans – No Vacancy

1. Susumu Yokosuka & K-ness vs. CIMA & Gamma
2. Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito vs Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & BxB Hulk vs YAMATO, Shingo Takagi & Cyber Kong
3. Takuya Sugawara vs. Naoki Tanizaki (clipped)
4. Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii vs. Makoto Hashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (clipped)


  • Nate

    I beat Ryo to it so I now claim this blog in honor of the new Street Fighter III.

    Hulk danced at the show last night… with a wig. Great character revolution right?

  • Seth

    I think the Hulk thing is pretty much just because Hulk is the reigning Freedom Champ and most US fans probably aren’t that aware of whats been going on over in Japan and don’t know he’s dropped his dance and hair.

    So basically I’d say don’t put too much weight on what happened at last night DGUSA show.

    Also, Third Strike online is gonna rock.

  • ryo saeba

    Street Fighter 3? Good game and it s even more cool for me because 1 of the characters have my real name. Otherwise, dgate usa and dragon gate japan have not linked storyline so i believe hulk has a wig only in usa and will dance only there now.It s a shame because i do not know anything about dancing but in japan it s cool spectacle.Hulk dances with a band of cute girls with nice light work effect from the dgate crew unlike in usa where hulk dances with 1 poor girl who s not often beautiful and without any light effect….in usa it s just a cheap stuff imo….. Anyway,in japan hulk won t have hair and won t dance(hopefully we ll see a heel turn maybe he loosing streak vs Shingo will make him a crazy guy or something cool like that)

  • Nate

    It’s Remy right?

  • Seth

    I was gonna say Q…

  • Esco

    I’ll guess Hugo

  • Léo from Brasil

    Thank You for this great show.

  • PeePReeL

    I know it’s been said a million times, but CIMA and Gamma just do not work as faces. Especially with all the spitting, posing, and weapon usage. Maybe they’re there to keep WARRIORS from being the ultra-babyface group that World-1 is. If K-NeSuka were in Osaka 06’s place, things would possibly be different.

  • mastermind

    They’re not really supposed to be faces, to me the Veteran’s group are the main heels of DG because DD is just not working right now. The fact that the veterans are waaaay over makes it weird. I always thought Osaka06 should have joined drunkers but I’m hoping after the Osaka Pro storyline is over they go truly go heel. If you watch the Warriors vs anybody not from Osaka they usually run the heel portion of the match unless Genki is in it.

  • PeePReeL

    I’m not sure if Genki could ever be heel again. The fans just love chanting H-A-G-E waaaaay too much.

    • Seth

      Genki is versatile enough that he could make it happen. No problem.

  • ryo saeba

    warriors can t be the main heels because there is kid.
    furthermore,guys who wear suck ugly and comedy green,orange or pink pants can t be heel.

    yeah dd does not work but they re still the main heel.

    who is called osaka 06?.

  • Nate

    It’s Remy. I know it’s Remy. I’m going to keep thinking that until you say no.

  • mastermind

    Osaka06 (osaka zero roku) are CIMA & Gamma

    and it’s gotta be Dudley or Sean

  • ryo saeba

    hey mastermind,i ve on ss you put megaupload links of old infinity.
    you could post dragon gate ppv links from 2006,2007,2008?.
    i m still searching everywhere without success :-(

  • mastermind

    they’re all here


    they might not work anymore let me know

  • ryo saeba

    thanks :-)

    now i can t say to you if it works because my account must have to wait 24 to be activate and this is written that it must activated to access to that thread.

    there are matches of KentaFuji in it?.

  • ryo saeba

    he can wrestle the guy who faced kushida in SMASH 4 or is he just a crazy hardcore typical guy from bjw?.

    euh why they are all those guys from finland in SMASH?.

    he s ultra unknown the young lion in SMASH?.(kodama i think)
    i mean kyosuke mikami kicked his ass in 4 minutes with a boston crab……..

    he does good things in pwg tozawa?.
    he has improve?.

    he can wrestle the younger brother of the young bucks?.

    tigers makes a good brave champ.
    my guess is that yoshino will become a double champ and then vacate the brave.
    i can see Kzy or Kagetora with the belt.
    For Kzy it ll give some momentum to dd for Kagetora it ll give some spotlight to him he d deserve it.

  • ryo saeba

    btw,i meant 24 hours sorry it s late here

  • ryo saeba

    who s bambi killer?.
    what a stupid name…..

  • mastermind

    i got hella shit in there bro i started it 2 years ago but most of the links might be down and if they are my bad

    you might run into 3 part download infinities because the show used to a bi-weekly 2 hour show now it’s a weekly hour show

    Kodaka is cruiserweight deathmatch guy some people like him in regular matches but not me personally I think his partner Takeda is waaay better and those deathmatch guys can wrestle, Takashi Sasaki, Miyamoto, & Shadow have had great non death matches before. Sasaki & Miyamoto vs Y.Sasaki & Sekimoto from a few months ago was awesome

    Kodama just debuted that’s why he jobbed to Mikami. Mikami is lucky to have won this fast I think Yoshihashi’s first win was this year too and he’s been around forever. Fale got to squash Mikami already too. BTW it must be awful to be a young lion anybody see Nakanishi using them both as weights while he was stair training? it’s on youtube

    i heard the 3rd buck is ok it’s the fact that he doesn’t look at all like the other 2 that makes me wonder if they’re actually brothers or just 3 friends claiming to be brothers

    I’m shocked that Tigers went over CIMA in DG to be honest. I thought for sure CIMA would win and Billy would get his revenge on CIMA.

    WHEN (not if) Yoshino wins back the brave and vacates it I expect Kzy to be the first champion. The whole DD concept appears to be about getting Kzy over.

  • ryo saeba

    lol yeah i did not saw that video.
    Nakanishi is a beast wow.The way he climbs the stairs with little jumps is impressive.
    Those kind of videos are one the reasons i prefer puro than american wrestling.It s focus on the fact is a sport and not an entertainment stuff love that thing.
    Ajpw should put videos like this in their new youtube channel.

    It took 3 years for Yoshiashi to get the first one.
    I think he s ok now since his iwgp jr tag match.hopefully,his excursion will help him.

    Mikami debuted in march so kodama debuted last month or what?.

    So yeah you forgot any idea why they are so much guys from finland in SMASH?.

    And who is bambi killer?.

    On a Zero 1 minoru and hidaka faced each other on a place where there was a sort of temple.
    It was the first time i saw this “arena” which is called Tokyo Yasukuni Shrine Sumo Wrestling Place.
    Is zero 1 the only promotion which use it?.
    I think yes but it s too bad because it looks a place fantastic to watch puro.
    Wow,it s so good looking and it mesh japanese cultural that s great!!!!.
    It s seems like one of the stage of the Soul Calibur serie.
    Once again awesome.

  • mastermind

    yeah kodama, last month

    no idea why the finland guys are there other than TAJIRI wanting SMASH to be different from everything else but still kind of like HUSTLE

    no idea who bambi killer is other than zero-1 used him before in the beginning

    so far I’ve only seen zero-1 shows at the shrine

  • ryo saeba

    sadly,a lot of your links in your thread does not work anymore,i m not lucky.
    anyway,congrats for your thread you do a good job.

    why there are called osaka 06 cima and gamma?.

    the stuff that say genki and saito after their long sequence of good looking tag move is Maraha Isappa like their team name?.
    It s means something special?.

    he has improved tozawa in pwg?.

  • mastermind

    yeah I thought they wouldn’t work it’s been a long time but most of the stuff in the middle of the thread should work still also what did you think of Page 1? I worked hard on that shit

    other than both being from Osaka i don’t why they are called that I’m not sure what the 06 means exactly

    yeah Maraha Isappa is the name of that combo and their team name
    I must mean something to the japanese but literally they’re not really words like “kayfabe” is not a word but we all know what it means

    only 1 dvd of Tozawa in PWG has been released and I haven’t watched it yet but at PWG Seven he wrestled Chris Sabin which should be awesome!

  • ryo saeba

    i love your first page as you highlight a lot of promotions.you have less promotion than puroresu central but the thing i love the most is that the champions and the stables are accurate,it s really good stuff. nevertheless,i do have a little complaint on your forum.why there are no joshi wrestling?.i mean i know you like Shuri so you might like joshi so why there are nothing on that?.personally, i prefer watching a lot more watching the girls than Bjw for example.

  • ryo saeba

    i just saw your mail on your thread so i m gonna ask to upload some stuff if it s possible.
    but please take your time i get you have life like everyone.

    -kojima taru vs kawada kea and sasaki vs suzuki on AJPW “PRO-WRESTLING LOVE IN RYOGOKU VOL. 3”
    -no limit and tenzan vs f4 on AJPW “PRO-WRESTLING LOVE IN RYOGOKU VOL. 6”, 03.11.2008
    -marufuji vs hijikata and muta vs suwama on AJPW, 28.09.2008
    -suzuki marvin vs briscoes NOAH, 21.01.2007
    -suzuki marvin vs speed muscle Noah 12.05.2007
    -suzuki marvin vs iwasa arai Noah 03.06.2007
    -suzuki marvinvs kentaiji Noah 31.08.2007
    -suzuki marvin vs doi horiguchi 29.09.2007
    -summer tag league 2007 finals
    -Dragon Gate “THE GATE OF GENERATION”, 20.03.2008
    -Dragon Gate “DRAGON GATE KOBE PRO-WRESTLING FESTIVAL 2008”, 27.07.2008-summer tag league 2008 finals
    -Dragon Gate “THE GATE OF DESTINY”, 25.11.2007

    once again take your time but i hope it s possible you have them.

  • Nate

    New Tag League teams please. KnesSuka, DoiYoshi, Osaka06, two old men, and YAMATO and Shingo are guaranteed to make it to the final portion.

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah why there is no ntv jr tag cup this year?.
    it has been canceled or what?.that would suck.

  • mastermind

    Marufuji is injured Suzuki is injured, Kenta is not in the best of shape not many juniors left after that……

  • ryo saeba

    oh yeah i found world 06 on your thread no need to upload

    so you forgot to tell me why no joshi in your thread?.

    he s injured until when suzuki?.it s begin long……

  • ryo saeba

    wow,kanda was so different at world 07 !!!!!
    this guy tried all the looks possible in his life.

    he was a face at this period right?.he was feuding with genki.
    he had some success as a face or it was a letdown?.

    it was believable that kid could beat susumu before world 06 or not?.

    it s a tradition that the president of dgate comes at each intermission or world or what?.

  • ryo saeba

    For people who wait infinity 183 i can tell tthis show is not very interesting as it spotlight dgusa . infinity 184 will probably feature fun with Cima vs Tigers M ,it ll be more fun .Hopefully, Seth will come back this week end to post it.

  • mastermind

    kanda’s face run wasn’t really that successful he’s always been a heel so his run at face didn’t last very long plus he kept getting hurt

    I think DK had a small chance in our minds that he could win but not really

    Okamura only comes out when he has a big announcement usually it was they are returning next year but lately it’s been about sumo hall or dgusa or whatever they’re doing next