We have a new champion and now we have a new championship belt as well. While I’m still fond of the previous title, there is some nice work gone into this belt. They have kept the locked gate concept going with the current holder’s name locked away on the inside and a bar on front to hold the keys of the defeated challengers.

For a closer look take a look at Wildcat Championship Belts, the makers of this new strap or take a peek at the video below.

Thanks to Poneglyph for the tip.


Dragon Gate news
  • ryo saeba

    Looks awesome !!!!!!!!!!!! . Otherwise i watching the nicknames of the dgate wrestlers on jae s site and some are weird. I mean for yoshino it s speed star it s normal, but for some guys i do not get it. hulk – pure or snow , tanisaki- handle with carel( i do not even undrstand the meaning), YAMATO battleship…….. . After some guy have cool nicknames but i do not know why they re call like this Cima -flower of evil K-Ness-Brain Project Kid-Child of God Ryosai- dragon fly(i know it s his music theme name but why it s his nickname?),

  • mastermind

    now that looks great, that pic on jae’s site made it look like shit but this is great especially since it still opens with the key, however i do thing the leather strap is way too big especially around the center i think it takes away from the centerpiece but that’s only a minor gripe, it also looks way too big for yoshino to wear haha

  • ryo saeba

    and kage is samurai of superiority…..yeah it s sounds cool….but why he has it?

  • mastermind

    the YAMATO was a battle ship in WWII that’s the connection there

    tani’s nick name toriatsukai chuii could mean “treat me carefully/cautiously” which is an ironic nickname considering how dg has done him over the years

    yeah bxb hulk’s nickname actually translates to the fighting white fairy but i think jae was trying not to put that

    cima is the flower of evil because other than magnum he knew that he would be the man of toryumon but he was the bad guy at the time i don’t think they call him aku no hana anymore

    i don’t know where jae is getting k-ness’ nickname according to the official site it’s aoki hikari which means blue light

    if you haven’t noticed dragon kid is heavily religious, his moves…bible, messiah, jesus……

    kage’s nickname actually says Tiger of Echigo which is what Niigata used to be called where he’s from.

    I guess jae was keeping the nicknames simple for us

  • PeePReeL

    Thanks for the lesson mastermind lol. I’m also glad that DG kept the gate theme for the new Dream Gate belt.

  • ryo saeba

    Ok thank you and saito?it s dragon fly?.it s his theme music name but why it s his nickname?,

  • Alva

    wow, i didn’t know it’s still using a key until i watch this. ive seen it from this http://www.flickr.com/photos/blackterry/4798115017/in/set-72157624512859470/ and it looks great (and almost bigger than yoshino) *laughs

    its not that i didnt like the previous title, but this one looks more like a world champion belt. and wow the wildcat really did a great set of belts for DG. Thumbs up

  • It’s about time they did something with the top title to make it look like the top title. New belt looks better

  • mastermind

    I don’t know why Saito has that nickname Saeba probably because his actual nickname Isappa doesn’t mean anything

  • ryo saeba

    ok , so guys i think you all watch a lot of federations so i wondered what is the best tag team and who s the best high flyer for you ?. I talked about that with my friends and my brother but yeah we do have differents opinions.So give me yours please( wrestlers and tag team in activity as of now,for exemple the team marufuji kenta does not count of course). Oh and you can choose people from any promotions in the world.

  • PeePReeL

    Okay since I don’t know where else to ask this, so I’ll ask it here…has there been any fallout from BxB Hulk losing his hair? I know he’s had a match or two since World, so I just want to know what’s up with him.

  • mastermind

    @peepreel nothing yet but keep an eye out for that 8/1 & 8/6 show

    @ryo saeba to me flyers do not include all juniors but to answer your question I think the most amazing flyer would have to Aerostar from AAA right now simply because of the moves he does

    the tag team scene has been lacking for a while, i say the guns, briscoes, kow and apollo 55 are my favorites at this moment

  • ryo saeba

    the tag team scene has been lacking for a while?????? . They are plenty of good or great team in the world you re too hard imo. It s ok if you talked about the dead tag division in wwe(i know you re not)but damn they are plenty of good tag team now. the americans wolves , the dark city fight club , kings of wrestling , super smash bros , beer money , young bucks , no limit , bad intentions , marvin ishimori , miyahara nakajima , bushi super crazy ,k-nesuka,speed muscle, gedo jado, golden showers , all night express , hiroshi yamato kondo , gamma cima, kong shingo, shingo yamato , genba kanemaru….. no seriouskly you can t say tag team is not good. furthermore, the cmll team which came in njpw were also quite good.

  • mastermind

    the american wolves i didn’t count because Davey is retiring/luring in a wwe contract either way i don’t see that team together for much longer

    dark city i’m not a fan of

    i’ve never seen smash bros

    I think Beer money is a bit overrated but i stopped watching TNA a long time ago so….

    marvin/ishimori is not a great team mainly because they try to do things that are too hard for them to do and it comes off botchy

    Nakajima and miyahara aren’t great, it’s just nakajima working his ass off to make people care about miyahara

    k-nesuka is ok but really Susumu is carrying that team

    speed muscle don’t team often they’re both doing their singles thing i don’t consider them a team right now other than world-1

    jado/gedo were great in the 90’s now they’re too buffed up on roids and they’re slow and they’re always injured

    i like ibushi/omega but they hardly team enough to be considered one of the best

    allnight is a great act but only king to me is a great wrestler, titus is like a wwe wrestler imo all talk

    yamato/kondo is a brand new team…..

    any 2 dg guys together are a great team and that’s why i don’t count any specific team from that promotion other than speed muscle who don’t team much anymore, plus all their teams could change at any minute, hulk & tanizaki could be considered a great team after 1 match

    i’m a kanemaru hater don’t get me started on that guy, just look at his hair what a retard lol!!!!

    cmll guys from what i’ve seen have great teams but much like dg they seem to change all the time and they seem to be pretty good most of the time

    most of the teams I choose are better as teams then they are as singles, i’d rather see the guns then shelley or sabin in singles, same with Kings of Wrestling (KOW) and same for the Briscoes, Apollo55 is a great team because the team makes Taguchi look great whereas watching him in singles he sucks. Plus these 4 teams have so many tag moves and a lot of the other teams just combine their singles stuff into tag moves which i’m not hating on I just think the guys that have Tag moves like the KRS-1, the Briscoes arsenal, all those sweet moves the guns/and apollo do put them above the rest.

  • mastermind

    I forgot the Young Bucks I think they’re a good team as well I just think some of the moves they do are stupid like that double cartwheel drop kick the guy has to sit there for like a whole minute waiting to be kicked while they flip around

    I also think the Speed Of Sounds would be great if they weren’t so sloppy. I also like Oishi/Asahi but more and more Asahi starts to stand out. A team a really liked that BJW ended was Sekimoto & Okabayashi I thought they worked great together and they look almost like the same guy except with different heads.

    Anyways back to my point a lot of those teams you mentioned are just like KENTA/Marufuji which is a team you didn’t want anyone to list so there you go…

  • I don’t have a vast amount of knowledge for puro but from what I see, The MCMGs are the best team in the world today

  • ryo saeba

    first mastermind i did not told you that all those teams were great but that they are entertaining.

    davey will stay with edwards until the end of his career on december.
    they gonna win the roh tag league and face the kow.they just have removed the worthless hagadorn as their manager so that s a match that gonna happen.
    davey won t sign in wwe they already offered him a contract twice but he turned them down because he knew he should have to watered down his style mainly.

    yamato and kondo.they did not a lot of matches but hey they were good in the ajpw jr tag league like vs crazy and bushi.

    unlike you i like kanemaru.just saw his last match vs marufuji and that was great stuff.
    as you re an hater of him you ll say it was thanks to marufuji but i disagree.why?.because when there is a very good match you have to put 2 good wrestlers in a ring.
    marufuji vs rongai sucked for exemple.

    beer money is really good imo.when they put them together i was like yeah it s weird but now they re a really good tag team.

    marvin ishimori.hey i like them they re fun to watch.i could see a match with rongai without being bored thanks to them in their first tag defense.i love their assisted tombstone gut buster for exemple cool stuff.

    once again i did not said miyahara nakajima are great but they re fun to watch.

    you said you do not count any stables as a specific in dg but heck eacht ime they put some guy together they re almost already a nice team.

    you said this team is all about nakajima but kento does bring something too.
    remember he s still a young lion and he s quite good imo.
    i remember their matches vs kanemaru suzuki last year and that was fun to see.i m sure their match vs ishimori marvin was fun too.
    miyahara is not a genuis like katsuhiko but he s fun to see and he s not lost in his matches.

    i consider speed muscle a team.why?.because they re gonna be in the summer tag league.

    i like gedo and jado.yeah they re less good but remember they re veterans now.
    they re not great anymore but are still fun to see.
    i remember last year they did a very good match vs kanemaru suzuki(you remember they slaughtered kanemaru i m sure you loved it).

    i like titus.without his gimmick he could be roh tv champ maybe.the guy is underated.

    hey i like taguchi as a single guy too.maybe i m weird but yeah he was good for me in the last best of jr(nice new finisher)

    so to me those teams are not great but are fun to see like no limit or bad intentions and you can t say tag team scene is lacking for a while imo and personally i can t wait to see the summer tag league for exemple.

    but well i do respect your opinion and i won t bash you like some intelligent people who write in sss.
    anyway,thanks for sharing your opinion as always :-)

  • ryo saeba

    ha sorry i did a mistake when i was writing.
    i just noticed i wrote something on dgate guys when i talking about miyahara and nakajima.
    i wrote such a long mail that i inserted my opinion on dgate guys in my anwser on the kensuke office guys (i thought i was at the bottom of my mail at that time).

    i can t edit it so i m sorry…….
    hopefully you ll understand me.

  • mastermind

    I’m not denying Kanemaru’s skill but he’s been the same guy since NOAH opened and he’s ALWAYS the GHC jr champ this is his 5th time already and when he lost Danielson in ROH was like the best day ever haha (jk)

    Anyways maybe I should’ve said the tag team scene is lacking GREAT teams but there are a lot of good ones but in puro especially they hardly stay together long. Either they break up or they just move in 2 seperate directions.

  • PeePReeL

    I think mastermind hit the nail right on the head. Maybe it’s because so many guys have aspirations bigger than just being a tag team member for most of their careers.

  • ryo saeba

    at the same time mastermind you also said me the same stuff about yoshino.he always do the same stuff from the beginning.

    i think you re right on tag team but the thing i like in puro is that they highlight them in tournament so it s cool.

    it s the first time it change this dream gate strap?.

  • mastermind

    Not if you count the UDG Title which became the OTDG, yeah I did say Yoshino would probably never win but I also said maybe they would give him a thank you reign later down the road but at kobe world was totally unexpected for me. I thought when Doi was champ that he and Yoshino would headline kobe but YAMATO took it at sumo.

  • ryo saeba

    there re something quite amazing in dgate.
    i mean everyone know cima is the real megastar but dgate has such a deep roster that he s stuck in a comedy stable facing an outsiders threat.it s amazing!!!!!

    furthermore they can continue like this because shingo can have the belt this year for exemple(why not he deserves a proper titel reign)
    when cima will have the top belt back it ll looks like a fresh champ.wow once again it s amazing.

    the booking of dgate is pretty well done (there are severals credible contenders)…..aside the weak bad guys……
    they could bring outsiders i do not know if they do not want to turn guys.
    maybe fujita jr hayato and his stablemates of kwoolons could mesh into the drunkers.
    they re good wrestlers the sato brothers?.i know taro nohashi seem good but the brothers and their unique look could be a nice addition to the drunkers if they can go in the ring.

    btw,mastermind,he looks good funaki in zero 1 or he sucks?.(just curious)

  • mastermind

    CIMA was the top guy for a loooong time I’m glad he’s taking a backseat right now

    The satos are ok but i think they would fit in well with the drunkers simply because of their goofy weapon-heavy offense, DG sort of already buried Nohashi by making him a mini-araken i’m glad he’s not a mini jinsei anymore either

    i didn’t see funaki in z-1 yet but his match in mpro was ok but mostly because of crazy ass sasuke

  • ryo saeba

    btw,it was nearly impossible yoshino would have won vs doi because he already failed against him in 2009. Oh and they can wrestle the 2 osaka boys who ll wrestle for the noah ppv?it s asian cougar and i do not remember the other one.

  • ryo saeba

    hey why arai is called araken?.it s not ken ichiro arai his real name? And Yokosuka and Mochizuki they re from the same family?they do have the same family name. Dg already buried Nohashi?he wrestled in dgate before?i saw him in the super tag league and he seemed good for an old guy.

  • ryo saeba

    oh and yeah you said you re happy cima is not the main guy for now.OK,but the thing which is impressive is that dgate has the luck to have such a good roster to do that.In others promotions they do not have enough guys to let their top guy in a feud which is not the main focus of the company.

  • Seth

    Araken is just an abbreviation of Arai Kenichiro. Remember in Japan the family name comes first.

    Susumu and Mochi are not related. They both have the same last name but it’s not a super uncommon name. As I’m sure you’re aware they had a loser changes their name match after M2K broke up which is why Susumu is now Yokosuka Susumu.

  • mastermind

    I thought that about Yoshino before they had that pointless korakuen defense with almost no build but it was still a hot match

    Asian Coogers parter in Kanjyuro Matsuyama another DG dropout (who actually graduated Ultimo’s gym) but he’s a comedy wrestler you can see him mostly in BJW against Benkai & Taniguchi which for the most part are blaaaah but he can go I just don’t think it was smart to put him up against Marvin & Ishimori 2 very serious guys. Regardless Matsuyama can be fun but i’m not looking foward to that match in NOAH

  • mastermind

    forgot about Cooger he’s dope but he’s a little past his prime and he’s gained a few pounds but he’s like an extreme luchadore who uses a lot of ladders and chairs in his matches with lucha offense

  • ryo saeba

    no i did not knew all those war on names wrestler.
    so kid and k-ness fought over a name like mochi and susumu i now that now.but did they was other feud like this in the past?.

    so seth,you changed your tune on hulk now?.
    you were not a fan but after his last match you like him right?.
    imo,he s not the best wrestler in the roster but damn he s a selling machine.
    Each time his opponent does one of his huge move,he busts his ass to help the strenght of the move to get big.I mean when he takes a big move it looks like his opponent really kills him(the pumping bomber seems to cut him in half wow)

    speaking of lariat what does it means jumbo no kachi?.
    and the term kai in sol naciente kai?.

    is he a member of world 1 mark haskins?.
    jae says it seems the case and it s credible because he was in the corner of yoshino in the main event(maybe he was the susbstite of hulk who was crying in the locker room…..)

    it does exist since a lot of time this music we hear in the opening and the ending of the ppvs?.

  • ryo saeba

    i have some question for you mastermind on zero 1
    it s normal hidaka pinned tanaka today?.i mean hidaka is a jr and tanaka is an awesome heavyweight so it was an upset right?.

    they are fun to see kohei sato and ryuji sai?.
    some guy told me yeah they re good but me i can t get in zero 1 because a lot of guys lack charisma so i can t judge their skills…..(i barely saw them)

    how many time they defended their straps hidaka and sawa?.
    i ve seen them in boring ass match against sugawara and fujita in 2008 and they seem to have the belts(i remember suga was so slow…..i did almost slept in front my computer).

    he was a successful guy in zero 1 ishii?.
    i like him in njpw so i wanted to know.

    on puroresu central they saw a pic where the winner of the fire festival has a sword.
    they give that to the winner of the tournament?.

    he does some nice things in zero 1 corino?.
    i like him in roh so i wanted to know.

    it was an important belt that dutt had in zero 1?.

  • ryo saeba

    oh and it was terrible the long tag reign of minoru fujita and suga? i mean it s not like fujita is the fastest wrestler alive who could help suga to make his matches fun.If he was slow like in ajpw jr match vs super hayashi , their tag reign was probably beyond boring.

  • Seth

    Just about to head to bed but I’ll answer a couple of your questions first:

    I’ve always said that Hulk can bump like no one else, but that doesn’t mean I particularly like him. My tune on him hasn’t changed yet as I’m still waiting to see what he’s like on the aftermath of his Shingo match, sans-hair and one would think, sans BxB.

    Jumbo no kachi is a term that was shouted whenever Jumbo Tsuruta won his matches. Susumu is just using that as the name for his move.

    The sol naciente means rising sun. The kai just means it is modified.

    As far as I know Haskins is a full member of W1 now, but it does seem odd for both he and PAC to both be there. Perhaps PAC will be moving on soon…?

  • Nate
  • mastermind

    Hidaka’s win wasn’t an upset he’s done it before if anything Hidaka is treated like a heavy in ZERO-1 but that will probably his only win and maybe 1 over Kohei he seems to be falling flat on his ass

    Ryouji Sai is great he was one of those guys that took forever to get his chance and it took him getting on a real world-like show so he could be famous enough to gain ratings for z-1 (they don’t care about ticket sales they got a sweet deal with Samurai tv where the more ratings the more money) go to theditch.biz/lenny and watch the 3 way with Sai vs Tanaka vs Sekimoto and the FF Final w/Sai vs Kohei

    Kohei can be good but dude is lazy. I think thats why I think he’s been jobbing to foreigners lately right after winning the world title.

    Aibou defended the Jr belts twice against Mochi & Shisa, and those snake guys from CHIKARA, both were not on tv………..they had the other belts too but lost the first defense

    Gikyoudai aka Fujita & Sugawara when they won the belts from Takayama & Sato that match was fun, but when they won the belts from the MCMG’s I was pissed because that match sucked so bad. The only thing that saved it from total disaster was them attacking the guns during our US anthem which I thought was totally ballsy.

    Yes if you win the FF you get that sword if you remember Masato Tanaka was had it in NJPW most of the time before he lost last year

    Corino is an important part of ZERO-1’s history believe it or not, Corino was the one who dropped the NWA World Title to Shinya Hashimoto although that happened in the US. I believe some of the build around it happened in Z1. Corino also brought AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Low Ki & Brian Kendrick(Leonardo Spanky) to ZERO1 because he knew them from MLW.

    I don’t think Ishii was too successful in ZERO-1

    Eh the zero-1 jr title has a long history that doesn’t need explaining all you need to know is it was once called the AWA/ZERO1-MAX/UPW/WORLD-1 International Jr. Heavyweight Title which they abandoned and the simply the International Jr Title came about even though it’s the exact same belt

  • mastermind

    I believe Corino was also the one who made it possible for the NWA and ZERO-1 join together as well as the AWA and that’s why all their belts are or were NWA or AWA something

  • ryo saeba

    Oh ok that s why they talk about Colby Corino already in the zero 1 english site.If his father was a top guy that explain why they talk about him. Yeah i ve seen Tanaka with the sword.I asked some guy on youtube and he told me he probably had it because he was a member of Emblem but now i know the real stuff thanks.Btw,just noticed today Tanaka is not in G1 climax……that s sucks…….There is Stongman and not Tanaka ……ugh…… I meant that i ve read Ishii had a tag strap unlike in Njpw where he has nothing.Hey if Inoue has had a tag belt and the boring Honma had a single match in a ppv,Ishii deserves better. A boring match with Mcmg????? Suga was probably in top shape….. .Which match i must see with Sawa? I liked him in Dgate so i want to see good matches of him. What is the waterfall move of Sai? I do not know the hold but it s a cool name.

  • ryo saeba

    The zero 1 champ is lazy guy?.Hey maybe i ll like him because i m a big fan of Minoru who is lazy for a lot of people . Anyway,just to say Minoru s victory on Hayashi today was awesome.Can t wait to see that and the new finisher of Minoru . If it s not a young guy who will win the jr league i hope he ll be Minoru and that he ll the belt !!!! . Btw,who s Hikaru Sato?.It s the only guy i do not know in this tournament

  • mastermind

    Sai’s Naichi Waterfall is top rope double stomp but he lands on you and jumps off again

    The match with the Guns wasn’t boring it was sloppy and the finish came out of no where, Shelly & Sabin were hitting all of their moves then Suga hits shelly with a black box and it’s over….

    Ishii is probably getting the shaft because he’s not a NJPW product, they did give him the WEW title which main events Riki Choshu’s LOCKUP but then Riki split from NJ

    Sawa & Hidaka vs Mochi & Tanaka is a great match, you can’t really go wrong with Sawa

    I think Minoru is going to win the AJPW jr league, Hikaru Sato is from DDT he’s that shoot fighter who dresses like a hotel maid, he’s a member of Dino’s Belt HunterxHunter

  • ryo saeba

    Ishii should have won the trio tournament with Nakamura and Tanaka instead of Apollo 55 and Goto who have won already 10000 stuff this year

    Hey i see Chosu in nj ring today.

    Ha yeah i ve seen that guy in Super J cup.I wondered who the hell he was.

    You like Ddt special comedy ambiance.
    Me not it s a little too weird.

    Who will win the g1 climax for you?.
    I think Tanahashi will win it i do not see any others guy.Maybe Nagata because he had not a shot since december maybe Kojima even if he s a freelancer.
    Nakamura and Goto won t win they had a lot of titles matches,Shiozaki is from Noah,Naito and Yujiro might have some upset wins to give strenght their heavyweight status,Yano is a midcarder for life,Bernard will kick asses but it won t be enough,Strongman,Inoue and Anderson are the jobbers(i d like Anderson pins Naito for a little vengence of his mockeries)

    It s stands for what G1 in the term G1 climax?.

    What s the deal with those globes that have zero 1 guys in the jr league?.

    You know why that Lenny guy only spotlight minor promotions in his site?.i do not know but he has rare joshi matches so it s cool.

  • ryo saeba

    an idea why suga and fujita are called mr x and mr xx?.
    i do not know but the shirai sisters almost kicked their asses once so it was probably cool to see

  • mastermind

    I think Tanahashi will win the G1 too and I’m pretty sure he’ll have a tie-breaker with Shiozaki in the final

    Choshu is a freelancer who generally works NJ the most but his LOCKUP promotion is now seperate even though a lot of NJ guys work LOCKUP anyways

    I don’t think the G1 stands for anything

    the Tenka-Ichi balls are like Dragon Balls from the cartoon you collect them all and you get a wish, Hidaka’s wish was to have his sensei FUNAKI come to ZERO-1 which came true.

    in addition to the theditch.biz/lenny, theres theditch.biz for classic AJPW, theditch.com for NOAH and theditch.us for everything else

    Suga & Fujita refused to be in the Furikuzan tag league so Mr X & Mr XX from Italy and Britain took their place *wink wink* nobody knows who they are *wink wink*

    lets move on from this topic to infinity 182 peace