Hey guys, sorry there haven’t been more updates over the last few weeks as well as being a bit late on some Infinities. I’m very busy at the moment and haven’t even had a chance to watch any Dragon Gate for a while. I’ve had Inf 189 for about a week so feel bad about not posting it yet. I’ll have it up shortly. Also, I have a write-up of the recent DG:UK shows last weekend from one of our readers that I want to also post asap. Should be a good read for those wanting a bit more of an indepth look at what goes on at DG shows around the world.

So please bear with me and thanks for your continued support despite the current slowness :)


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  • Esco

    No problem dude. I’m just happy that you’re doing this at all.

  • BitCrusherr

    Hey don’t worry too much about quickfire posting, this site is fantastic.

    Oh and I went to one of the DG:UK shows last weekend. EPIC!!

  • I also went to one of the shows. Cost me over £200 in total to see it, but it was worth it.