August 29th, 2010
Hakata Star Lane
2,450 Fans – Super No Vacancy Full House

Open the Brave Gate Title Tournament

1. Block A Round 1 – PAC vs. Genki Horiguchi (clipped)
2. Block A Round 1 – KAGETORA vs. Gamma (clipped)
3. Block B Round 1 – Kzy vs. Naoki Tanizaki (clipped)
4. Block B Round 1 – Susumu Yokosuka vs. Super Shisa (clipped)
5. Block A Semi Final – 1’s Winner vs. 2’s Winner
6. Block B Semi Final – 3’s Winner vs. 4’s Winner
7. Final – 5’s Winner vs. 6’s Winner
8. Don Fujii & Kotoka vs. Shingo Takagi & Mark Haskins (clipped)
9. Yasushi Kanda & Kenichiro Arai vs. YAMATO & Cyber Kong (clipped)
10. Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk vs. CIMA, Masaaki Mochizuki & Ryo Saito (clipped)


  • LK3000

    Good show. I’m not a big PAC fan, I wanted KZY actually to win the Brave Gate lol. He just entertains me. But good matches. I like PAC more than Yoksuka so that’s something.

    I don’t understand Japanese at all but looks like they set up Saito VS Yoshino for the Dream gate title?

    Also, Warriors are heels? Why did Gamma attack Knesuska?

    Finally, is that masked guy now with DD? The one that slithered in the ring.

  • ryo saeba

    you can follow the storylines of dragon gate in the links seth put on his the place where there is written blogrolls.they do explains the storylines there.

    so yoshino decided his number 1 contender by drawing(i think it s the right english team but i m not sure sorry if it s not not but at 2 am my english is not really there……)
    so ryo s name came up and he was called the first guy who ll challenge yoshino for his belt.

    warriors are babyface but they do some heel stuff.
    the most babyface faction is world 1 and then kamikaze.
    warriors are just the less babyface group between the 3 babyface groups
    the only true heel are dd.

    the masked guy is called the dr muscle.
    he s an enigmatic figure who always help bad guys.he unmasks a lot of times since he came up first and it was always a different guy.
    first time he came it was in the muscle s outlaws faction in 2006,then it was in the real hazard faction(yokosuka was under dr muscle mask one time i think there was others too but i do not remember at such a late hour….),finally it s the first time the doctor came to help dd and my guess is that he s sugawara.

    maybe,i forgot some stuff.
    hopefully,dgate s true specialits seth or mastermind will complete my response,if it s not that good.

  • Zacky

    like LK said what was up with Gamma attacking K-Nesuka? Its cool to see a PAC with The Brave Gate, though I wanted KAGE or Tani to win it to be honest, hopefully he’ll hold it longer then Matt Sydal did, and finally Dr. Muscle returns but he looks really short compared to other people who have portrayed him and I’m wondering who it is perhaps the lately Heelish acting Tanisaki who knows?

  • ryo saeba

    Tanisaki was not going to win because he already won the same type of tournament last year and has had a very decent run with the brave gate.
    Furthermore,he s already the centerpiece of the dd vs world 1 war so it s normal they put some spotlight to an other guy.
    Yes Pac is in world 1 but he s 1 the less important guys in faction,aside haskins and kokota.

    Pac will hold the brave gate longer than Sydal because he s a dragon gate regular unlike Matt who only did a few shows and was a member of roh at that time.

    In my mind,Gamma attacked K-nesuka because it set up tension for a future title shot of cima/gamma vs k-nesuka.

    my bet is on sugawara for dr muscle.he has not appeared in dgate in a long time,as he was too busy to have his ass kicked in zero-1.

  • Zacky

    the only person besides Sugawara I could think it would be is either Taku Iwasa (Very very very very unlikely) or Tozawa making his return but most likely it will be Sugawara

  • mastermind

    it’s gotta be Tozawa, Sugawara returning to the Drunkers doesn’t deserve any hype, plus Tozawa is already out of kamikaze when he came back as the gurentai version.

  • mastermind

    and I forget to mention Z1 put the LH tags on suga and that kaijin dude from okinawa, so suga will probably be busy in z1 and there will probably be an okinawa defense as well

  • ryo saeba

    if it s not nozawa rongai i ll be happy

  • Zacky

    @Ryo Why would it even be Nosawa? he makes no effort to hide himself when he comes to DG anyway why start now?

    also I forgot that Tozawa was basically all but gone from KAZE also would explain why Dr. Muscle is so short

    also just out of curiosity who was the first person to be Dr. Muscle?

    I know Yoshino used the costume to win the Brave from Gamma a long time ago and that Susumu used it when he defected from Warriors-5 same like KAGE did a few months later

  • Seth

    Dr Muscle was supposed to be Raimu Mishima but he retired early. During the MO’z days Dr Muscle would always be someone different but it was never revealed who, like it is these days. I don’t remember the first person to unmask as Dr Muscle but it doesn’t really matter as he has never ever been one person.

  • ryo saeba

    i d like the guy under dr muscle personna keep his outfit a little and unveil after he did severals matches.
    i mean this costume is cool(mask and bloodied shirt) and i d like his use the doctor bomb,as finisher it s a nice move.

    who is the most popular wrestler in dgate for you?.
    for me it s incredible but it seem genki who is a midcarder.

    i agree with jae speed muscle must disband.
    they done all possible,they must separate their ways.

    and he s right gamma is gonna change of unit.
    i see him in dd because he s more natural as a heel and well with his bottle it seem natural fit to that stable

  • mastermind

    i’m pretty sure K-ness was playing the Doctor when he wasn’t supposed to take his mask off, it was either him or Shishido who was the flag guy for tozawa juku he’s also the crippled florida brother.

    dr muscles coolest moments for me was when evan bourne and jack evans did their top rope specials in the dr muscle costume

  • mastermind

    speaking of the mo’z days………..anybody else notice that magnitude kishiwada is back….he’s booked for 10/2….he’d fit in with the drunkers even though they could do better

  • LK3000

    From an a mostly outside perspective til just recently, I always thought Cima was the most popular DG wrestler.

  • Zacky

    If World-1 loses to Drunkers I want to see Tanisaki or Kzy making the pin on either Doi or Yoshino solely based on the fact that both of them we’re formerly aligned with them it would just seem fitting you know but that’s just imo

  • ryo saeba

    i agree with you zacky,but it ll be doi because he s not the champ but he s the leader of world-1

    frankly,world-1 must disband
    they won all things possible and they already survive in such a stipulation at end of 2008(it was the end of Typhoon)

    then,dd did nothing good since their birth,so hopefully world-1 die and dd become a strong faction like the the real hazard or muscle outlaws,because dgate NEED a strong heel stable.

  • Zacky

    yeah like I said I’m a huge World-1 fan but even I say they have to disband maybe have Yoshino start his own unit or just go it alone for a while

    Deep Drunkers can be a really good Top Unit in DG they just need something to show people that they have the potential that RH or MO’z had

  • ryo saeba

    Yes by defeating World-1 in a convincing way for exemple
    They do have the good wrestlers(dgate has almost good wrestlers at least aside Sugawara)so it very possible

    I do not think they ll be the top unit because Warriors and Kamikaze are stronger as of now.
    Maybe,if members change that could change.

    Anyway,i just want they become a credible threat and not jobbers like now.
    You can t be world champion when your heel in dgate otherwise the female fans won t be happy(yes i know kishiwada was a heel champ) but hey at least bad guys must be strong.

  • Zacky

    I don’t know why you guys don’t like Suga but then again you guys are entitled to your opinion as for me I like Sugawara especially in The Sworn Brothers with Minoru Fujita it would be pretty cool if he was the one under the Dr. Muscle mask and helped DD

    also does anyone know who are the next challengers to the Twin Gate

    I know Shingo & Kong will be teaming up with either KAGE or YAMATO to face Warriors for the Triangle gate

    DKid challenged for the Brave Gate

    Obviously SaiRyo is going for the Dream but what’s up with the Twin who are the next challengers for K-Nesuka I’d like a DD team to face them maybe Tani and Kzy

  • ryo saeba

    i do not like Suga because he has only a few moves and he s ultra slow in the ring,he does fit in dgate at all.

    next challengers for the twin are gamma and cima
    i think k-nesuka will retain and saito/horiguchi will win the belt down the line

  • Zacky

    what CIMA and Gamma how did they get a shot was it because of the attack on this Infinity episode?

    Hm that’s true about Suga being slow and only with a few moves but I think they keep letting him back in for his mic skills but then they don’t even need those they got Kzy who is freaking amazing on the mic

    K-Nesuka Vs Maraha Isappa would be a great match especially with all the history there between all 4 men

  • ryo saeba

    i do not know i try to not known all details before watching the shows.i know the results but sometimes i try to avoid some stuff to have some surprises

    anyway,i do not think gamma/cima win because they do have a triangle belt shot only a few days after and they do not need others belts.

    yes 4 very good wrestlers,some history between them = a great match

  • mastermind

    CIMA/Gamma get a title shot because they drew a time limit draw with knesuka in the summer adventure tag league and that was the only time that knesuka didn’t win (other than the semi final which they got revenge for despite the tani interference)

  • ryo saeba

    what are those moves
    -d3(darkness dragon driver) k-ness
    -kurotto bomb gamma
    -messenger saito
    -gh lock genki

    the tiger suplex of arai is called he a baseball fan or what?.

  • mastermind

    the d3 is the crossarmed powerbomb

    the kurotto bomb is the powerbomb into a flipping facebuster that he only uses on smaller opponents like dk and pac

    messanger is a modified cradle

    i forget what the gh lock is, it’s one of those fancy submissions

    and yes arai is a fan of the hashin tigers

  • Zacky

    Isn’t the GH Lock similar to Milano Collection AT’s AT Lock?

  • mastermind

    found it the gh lock is the same as wataru inoue’s triangle lancer or for you american indy fans the chikara special

  • ryo saeba

    you follow chikara?.
    i thought you did not liked that

  • Zacky

    That looks more painful then the Chikara Special the Chikara Special looks more like a pinning combination then a submission

  • mastermind

    i looked up the chikara special gimmick back when chris hero was invading roh

  • Tmac

    anyone have any luck on finding Infinity 190 or 191? This Dragon Gate dry spell is killing me? Is it just time off on the TV schedule, or is XWT just behind on getting them up?

  • mastermind

    ^^ maybe seth will upload the Gurentai X veteran army show to hold you over

  • ryo saeba

    no infinity 190 and 191 have not been posted anywhere.
    i advice you to watch others puro promotions if you can t wait.

  • mastermind

    somebody ripped the 9.26 NOAH i just downloaded it so maybe pd is back? i got it from a torrent site though

  • ryo saeba

    that noah show does not come from pd.

    anyway,like always when the guy will put his new files there will be a ton of shows from every promotions