You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any Infinities for a while. The reason being that my source has currently dried up and it doesn’t look like it will be changing anytime soon. I will of course endeavor to find alternate sources, but in the mean time I will do my best to get through some of the back catalogue of Dragon Gate and Toryumon stuff I have. Maybe even get around to doing some of those compilations I promised.

Hopefully this won’t last for too long so please continue to check back often as I’ll do my best to make sure there is new content as often as possible.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been kind of hectic for me lately. Luckily some of our visitors have been kind enough to share links for Infinities 190-195. You can find them in the comments of this post. I will have them up on the site as soon as I have them myself. Big thanks to ryo saiba, Nick, Alan4L and Willthebloody for tracking these down.


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  • sfrice

    When are there going to be any new infinities released? Any news?

  • Zacky

    maybe this is me just being a hopeful but maybe this new unit hopefully will, as Jae pointed out, have some kind of affiliation to Michinoku Pro’s Kowloon which would mean that Ultimo Dragon could return to DG but like I said this is probably me just being a hopeful to see Ultimo again

  • mastermind

    he just said the color scheme was the same and kowloon has gold in their scheme and doi’s unit doesn’t, the only guy i’d like to see in dg is ken45 and he’s not even in kowloon anymore, hayato would be too overshadowed in dg and ultimo is far too old, sort of topic but minamino is doing deathmatches now wassup with that?

    as for the infinites i’m hoping soon i’ve downloaded 2 ajpw episodes and i’m downloading the newest k-dojo rip which are both on GAORA the same channel as dragon gate so I say to the pd people wtf is up with that?

  • Zacky

    yeah like I said I’m just being a hopeful because it’d be cool to see Ultimo in my opinion but eh I agree he is old and Hayato would be far to overshadowed but wasn’t Ken45 suppose to be in Dragon Gate as a visitor during the time of Real Hazard having Suga and KAGE?

    Also does anyone know what happened to the videos of The Kobe World Event for this year it says they don’t exist anymore

  • Zacky

    also I’m not sure if this is weird to ask but does anyone know where I can watch NJPW, AJPW, NOAH, Zero1 etc. been wanting to watch some more Puro companies lately

  • ryo saeba

    @zacky it s not weird to ask,do not worry

    there are youtube channels . i can t put the links here,because it seem you can put many links on this blog

    So i only give you the names of the channel : jivanfernandez , ImAwesomeJH‬‎ , PuroIshijima‬‎ , PuroresuKingdom‬‎, SUKIYAKI18‬‎ , N187H‬‎

  • ryo saeba

    mastermind has also a blog,but i can t put the links here,it does not work on my computer,he ll give you his adress later probably

  • ryo saeba

    a guy uploaded infinity 190

  • Zipekk

    Hey! I’ve got Dragon Gate Infinity 190!

  • clayfox


    Where did you find the link? Finally some DG :D

  • ryo saeba

    @clayfox on a wrestling forum,that i won t tell the name,because they are many dumb guys there , which do not deserve to receive any publicity(it s not sss,but many of this guys are in the same kind of spirit if you see what i mean……)

    More Infinity!


  • Nick
  • clayfox

    Thank you Nick. So awesome!

  • mastermind

    are these new infinites clipped to shit like 190 is? who’s bright idea was it to clip out the opening?

  • Zacky

    Thank you Ryo for the names of channels I could watch it in much appreciated

  • ryo saeba

    no problem zacky i hope you ll enjoy the others puro promotions

  • ryo saeba

    @mastermind yes,it s suck i also want to see the opening

  • TSS CF

    A thank you from France !

    Merci !! :)

  • ryo saeba

    oh cool d’autres fans francais de la dragon gate,ca change des habituels fans de la wwe

  • Inutachi

    Wait, for this time, since I know this site… Ryo Saeba is a French DG fan? Si tu habites sur Paris, préviens-moi de suite qu’on puisse regarder des DG ensemble un de ces quatre :p

    I was waiting so long for these episodes. I even stopped watching after Kobe World, so to follow properly the timeline.

    Thank God! \o/

  • ryo saeba

    non desole j’habite toulouse,mais bon c’est sympa de savoir qu il y a d’autres fans de puro dans le pays

  • Inutachi

    Pareil, j’avais peur de ne trouver personne (à part certains catcheurs Français) qui ne connaisse et regarde le Puro. Dieu merci, ce n’est pas le cas :) Le puro existe encore en France!

    Well, I can now watch peacefully from 185 to 195, if DG comes regularly \o/

  • Almutasim

    a wrestling forum,that i won t tell the name,because they are many dumb guys there , which do not deserve to receive any publicity

    xxstylishtarxx – you are thief. It’s you who don’t deserve any publicity or respect or anything at all. You even fear to give credits.
    Forum is

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