Anthony W. Mori has had his last match and has officially retired. I was planning on writing a brief retrospective of his career as I had done for Taku Iwasa‘s farewell, but Jae wrote a much more concise piece than I ever could.

So I recommend you head on over to dgusa, have a good read, shed a tear and then share your favourite Mori moments in the comments.

  • kokop

    His feud with Cyber Kong and his relationship with Saito.

  • Zacky

    I didn’t really start watching Dragon Gate till around the time where RH was being led by Ryo so I don’t know much about him but I’d have to say the feud with Kong sounds interesting as well as his victory over Yoshino even if it was tainted

  • ryo saeba

    i ve found infinity 196 and 197 on

    infinity 196


    password for both

    the quality sucks but it s watchable if you watch the shows quite far from your computer screen

  • ryo saeba

    damn,why it s awaiting for the moderation,and put htpp:// ?
    for the password just start writing with the 3w and the rest of the words,no needs of the complete adress

  • Seth

    If you ever post 2 links or more it automatically marks it for moderation. I have changed it to 4 but bear this in mind anyway.

  • mastermind

    the most unique character dg has ever had. the best thing about him was his finisher “elegant magic” was reversing his opponents finisher no matter what it was

    if you haven’t seen him, Milano Collection A.T. & YOSSINO (yoshino) in a trios match then you’re missing out