1. Super Shisa, Kotoka vs. Kenichiro Arai, NOSAWA Rongai
2. Susumu Yokosuka vs. KAGETORA
3. No DQ Match – Darkness Dragon vs. Gamma Daiou
4. Open the Twin Gate Next Challenger or Champion 3 Way Tag Match – Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi vs. Shingo Takagi, Cyber Kong vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii
5. YAMATO vs. BxB Hulk
6. Open the Triangle Gate – Takuya Sugawara, Naoki Tanizaki, Yasushi Kanda vs. CIMA, Dragon Kid, Ricochet
7. Open the Dream Gate – Masato Yoshino vs. Naruki Doi

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

  • ryo saeba

    I d like we could see Super Shisa as much as Fuji and Mochizuki. I m currently watching Njpw jr tag league where he teamed with Mochizuki , and wow this guy has a beautiful technique(he was way better than Tiger Mask 4) .This is a shame we do see him like the 2 others veterans.

  • Esco

    When Shisa won the Brave I was really hoping he’d get some kind of push but he lost it almost right away. If there’s anything I’m tired of in DG it’s the same guys losing all the damn time, especially Kagetora. I’m just boiling over waiting for Kagetora to get some kind of a shot, the dude is such a great performer.

  • ryo saeba

    Yes i think the same.
    Tigers Mask won the belt and it was not a bad choice but dgate should at least put Shisa more on tv
    He should be twin gate or triangle champ with other veterans,not a guy who job to everyone aside the younger guys.
    Yes,i know he s dgate coach for young guys,but damn give this talented dude a higher position in the differents cards…….

    Kagetora should have been triangle champ a lot time ago
    When i think he might be the only credible guy in that the roster who did not won anything it s just stupid…….
    Heck,even Suga and Akebono won something……I do not care they are former dgate wrestler and sumo legend,it s just not fair.

    • Seth

      To be honest I have always gotten the feeling that Shisa is where he is by choice. I don’t think he actually WANTS to be big in the spotlight and win lots of championships. He seems more the sort of guy who likes to do his thing and leave all the other pro wrestling crap to the younger guys.

  • TSS CF

    Thanxs from France ! ;)

  • mastermind

    Yeah I think I have to agree with Seth I mean he gets over as SAITO then retires and returns as his SAITO’s disciple Shisa, I also think he’s heavily responsible for the post ultimo class’ ability to keep up with the toryumon style I know he’s trained all of the newer rookies

  • Dragon_Kid

    Enjoyed what I’ve watched of the PPV so far. I’m leaving DarK-ness/Gamma, Hulk/YAMATO and the Brave Gate for tonight.

    Opener was expected. I like Arai/Shisa in these types of matches and don’t mind Nosawa nearly as much as everyone else seems to. Kotoka looked good in there and has plucky young boy down. I like how DG make their Rookies look somewhat distinguishable by giving them/letting them choose decent gear instead of the NOAH/NJ/AJ plain trunks and boots. I know it’s ‘tradition’ but you know…

    KAGETORA/Susumu really should have gotten more love from the crowd. Towards the end it looked like Susumu had to literally stop and ask fans to make noise. KAGETORA is such a prospect. I’ve always been a big fan of Sususmu’s since I’ve been watching Toryumon/DG because the guy always gives such an effort.

    3 Way Tag was as much fun as I thought it would be. Ryo looked motivated. Shingo and Kong kick ass. Fuji is crazy old man. Yeah, about what you would expect. Perhaps a little too long, but a minor complaint.

    Triangle gate. I was a little bit let down by this tbh, it was one of the matches I was most looking forward to. I place a lot of that on Sugawara/Kanda. Ricochet’s flying is spectacular and DG seem really high on him, which is good. His technique still has some way to go before he gets to the level of say, PAC. That double rotation moonsault is spectacular and he seems very over with the crowd. CIMA was his usual kooky self. DK did his thing…

  • ryo saeba

    Noah s young lions have not that look,because this promotion has not any rookies……
    Yeah,there are the kensuke office guys,but Noah have not their own young guys,that s just weird and stupid(how can they can find new guys if they do not put them in a ring……)

  • ryo saeba

    Kagetora vs Susumu = the battle of the guys without charisma

  • mastermind

    everything noah does doesn’t make any sense i’ve thought this for awhile even before misawa died, aoki, taniguchi, ito & ota were their last batch of rookies and all of them were damn near or over 30 when they debuted

    back to dragon gate though i’ve only watched the opener so far and i agree that watching kotoka was fun, it’s going to be great watching him get his ass kicked and @dragon kid he had to wear the rookie black pants and red shoes as kotoka shiiba but they leave that stuff off tv until they know what they’re going to do with him and with the units getting shaken up i’m going to assume we will see the same for tomakomai very shortly

    Susumu appears to be grumpy about having to make kagetora look good cuz kage is treating susumu like his bitch right now

  • Dennis Booker

    KAGETORA will never be pushed as much of anything because he was named in the animal abuse scandal investigation. The fact that he probably ended Iwasas’ career doesn’t do him any favours either. He had a chance when he first came in, and he blew it by being both reckless and an idiot.

    Horrible show with a horrible crowd.

  • ryo saeba

    Kage is treating Susumu like his bitch?.What?.

    I remember that Kagetora was not the main guy who did that crap.
    Ryoma,Cima and Shingo seemed to have more responsabilties.

    Furthermore,that guy has been a little pushed after that stuff.
    He has been the center of a fight between stable to win his services and later pinned Yamato ,a former world champ,it s not bad for a guy who ll never be pushed

  • Dennis Booker

    KAGETORA was named to the public in the investigation, along with CIMA, Naoki Matsushita, and someone who wasn’t with DG. He was the one who sprayed Cora with air freshener or deodorant or whatever it was. Probably more out of unintentional stupidity than premeditated maliciousness, but he still did it and will carry that stigma with him.

    He beat YAMATO during a losing streak angle. Means absolutely nothing. There is also the phrase, some days the sun even shines on a dogs ass. Everyone has pinned YAMATO since fall.

    I like KAGETORA, he’s a good talent, and still popular in Tokyo. But he will never be more than what he is now in DG. Still better than being top guy in El Dorado. I’m sure it pays better too.

  • vulpix104

    I don’t think it’s fair to be blaming the Triangle Gate match being disappointing on Kanda and Sugawara. They’re heels, and they do their job; they make you want the other team to win. If they didn’t constantly cheat and work slower than the faces, they wouldn’t be heels.

    Personally, the thing that killed it for me was Ricochet. Everything just seemed to be about setting up for him to do a big move, and while he did all that fancy stuff and it was cool and whatnot, the thrill wears off when you see too much in one match. Because it was all about Ricochet, Warriors didn’t seem all that interested in winning the belts, so when they did it felt awkward and lukewarm. I think it would have come off better if they just forgot about the belts entirely and made it about Ricochet proving himself or something like that.

    Basically, the match was just like this:
    “Oh, hey….We won the Triangle Gate belts…BUT RICOCHET IS ON OUR TEAM!!!!1!”
    Heels: “Damn, we lost.”
    Warriors: “Ricochet!!”

    I know he’s new to the company, but still…

  • Zacky

    Well I don’t get why people are bringing up the Cora Scandal again but whatever, now as to all the people having been named right now like Shisa and KAGE. I have to agree with Seth that Shisa chooses to put himself low on the card so he can watch over the development of his students like Kotoka, Shenlong, Tomakomi, etc. When he won the Brave Gate title I think it was managements way of rewarding him for doing all he does within the company.

    As for KAGE not getting pushed as well as he should be. As Ryo pointed out he has been getting more and more pushed very very slowly but it’s there as he pointed out there was the KAGE contra KAGE match, he beat YAMATO, and despite it being an angle or not a victory over a former champion is always means something, he made it to the finals of the Brave Gate tourney when Tani won it, then he got a title shot for it, in the most recent tourney he beat Gamma who is a former Brave champ, plus the Triangle match he really impressed people despite being on the losing side.

    Now one person I’m very impressed with is Kotoka, watching his match against Kzy and Kanda he had a very good showing and in the match on this PPV with Shisa against Rongai & Araken he was very good I can see why management is high on him and putting him in a unit so quickly.

  • ryo saeba

    If Kagetora is still punished,the guy should have been removed from the company.i mean there are lot of of others guys that could take his spot like Mineo Fujita or Munenori Sawa.

    Ouch,poor Super Shenlong ,he is so unlucky.
    This guy is here since 3 years or so,and he has been choosen to be the first guy to be pinned by Tomoakai…….
    They could have choose Shisa Boy or even Kokota because he s in dgate since less time than Shenlong

    @Vulpix104 Meh,Sugawara was babyface in zero-1 when he faced kooloown last year,and he was still mega slow……

  • mastermind

    to clear up what I meant was KAGE appeared to be no-selling a lot of Susumu’s spots which is what dg does when they want someone to look stronger. It appeared to me that Susumu appeared to be upset that he had allow kagetora to have a lot of offense in their match even though he was still going to win.

    KAGE is being pushed it’s just going to take a very long time for him to win anything special as it usually does in japan especially for smaller wrestlers. But nobody was pushed right away, Shingo didn’t a singles title for 4 years, BxB Hulk has yet to win a DG japan singles title, niether has Cyber, YAMATO is the only NEX graduate to win the dream gate. The fact that he wasn’t teaming with Shisa in the opening match is a good sign it means he’s on his way.

  • ryo saeba

    It seemed that Yokosuka seemed more upset about the dead crowd.He was clapping on his hands without any results

    Kagetora is the Atsushi Aoki of dgate.
    A guy who can wrestle,who has not a lot of charisma,and who has to wait a lot of time to have a push(yeah,i know Akoi is getting is push now).
    Anyway,if dgate could not really stand him,they must have not put him in the gaora tv show.

    Btw,Mutoh is doing uuuuuuuuuuuhhh taunt……weird
    Hopefully,he did not 100000 shining wizard in that match like vs Kaz Hayashi a few months back…..

  • mastermind

    KAGE was on the gaora super show but he jobbed to Kid in the 6 man opener

    everybody who teamed with a blood warrior did the uuuuuu at the end even liger did it

  • ryo saeba

    He can still be happy to have teamed with Minoru and collected some new money

    Wow,the match number 6 of that show is gonna suck(a team of hama,fuji,akebono ugh)
    Furthermore,we re gonna see Kaz Hayashi two times,i’m not sure it’ll be super interesting.
    Yamato vs yamato seems the most interesting mattch with the main event.

    Btw,i wanted to see Fujita jr Hayato in that show and not Shinzaki.His soccer kick and his helm would have been beautiful to see vs Rongai.

    Oh and i’ve no idea what Tajiri is doing there,as SMASH is on samurai tv.

  • mastermind

    I don’t think Hayashi played the power pro kamen this time i bet it was tomakomai or possibly one of those ajpw rookies we’ll know when we see it

    Hayato probably would’ve been the jobber in that match considering the ranks of the rest of them. M-Pro wouldn’t want that.

    I think the mma guys vs the sumo guys might be a funny match they’ll be way over for sure and that helps usually

  • ryo saeba

    Rongai is still ranked above Hayato?.
    Omg,it s really really hard to climb the ranks in puro if a great and popular young guy like him can’t have a better position than a shitty wrestler like Nozawa,after all those years……

    It s the fact that ultimo dragon turn heel which led kid to turn heel for the first time?.
    dragon just turned heel to join koowloon and now kid also turned.
    it s probably for that.

  • mastermind

    i don’t believe for one second that the blood warriors will get over at all as heels i think they’ll be like the magnum tokyo do fixer where no matter what they do they’ll be cheered on

  • Zacky

    Well I have to agree with Mastermind, but if they were to drop, say like the Uuuu! chant and instead acted far more heel like how Kanda does and mocks the crowd and his opponents by talking trash. Now maybe if they drop some of the people who were recently over as Faces like Maraha Isappa, but they should keep DKid as a heel because maybe that could be what he needs to get over again and finally could be the ace of the company like a lot of people think he can be.

    @Ryo now dude I like Hayato, he is great in the ring, has a great style, and is obviously a top player in Michinoku, but the problem is that despite him being Main Event in Michinoku Pro you have to remember it’s an indy promotion, and no disrespect intended towards the indy promotions or its stars but being main event in Indies is like being a Jobber or Lower Carder in Main Promotions like AJPW. Now I know DGate is considered an indy promotion by some but it is also more main then Michinoku. Now I respect and admire Hayato’s abilities but wouldn’t you rather see him winning then getting jobbed out to people. Now idk why you dislike Nosawa, but that is your opinion and I respect that even if I disagree with it, but Nosawa is at least a mid carder in AJPW and as such would give him more rank then Hayato who would unfortunately be classified as an Opener or even a jobber if he were to start in AJPW.

  • ryo saeba

    @zacky I think Rongai is one of the worst wrestler in puro.Some guys like Akebono are worse than him in my opinion,but well i also respect your opinion.
    Frankly,in Ajpw,Rongai is almost a jobber now.
    No seriously,i try to be fair but the guy almost always take the fall.
    He s the Rene Dupree of the babyfaces in this promotion(aka a jobber)

    Hayato won’t be such bad treated in ajpw.
    The guy always does well in njpw and often have long matches vs Kanemoto,so he will be treated as a midcarder.

    That uuuuuu taunt is mega lame for a heel faction.
    They should come back to the basics:weapons,trash talking,killer faces.
    It s gonna lame to see Kanda and Kzy do that…..

  • ryo saeba

    Is this bad that dgate ppv?.
    I only saw 2 matches,but i think the ppv must have some good actions and that it s still watchable.
    It might be bad a Dgate standars but it must be probably decent.

  • ryo saeba

    I was wrong Kagetora already won the triangle belts with Cima and Gamma in 2009.I did not remember that stuff at all.But well,even Mastermind who is human dgate dictionnary seemed to forgot hat,so it was not probably a very good reign

  • mastermind

    he injured Iwasa in that match and thats what most of us remember from that day, and i don’t consider the triangle gates as being pushed as everyone wins those, Jack Evans, Shinobu, Kzy and even current champion Ricochet are perfect examples of why these belts don’t really mean much while they do serve a purpose and usually provide great matches it’s probably the least respected belt in dgate. i think winning the twins or the brave are really the first real sign of any major push in the company.

  • mastermind

    oh and overall this was a pretty subpar ppv, none of the matches sucked they were just lackluster by dg’s standards, by far the 3 way tag match was the best match, this ppv had too many singles matches on it which is not dg’s strong point. i was hoping for an updated darkness dragon too which was disappointing as well. doi and yoshino seemed to have been holding back they did a lot of ground work and not too many big spots and even the overkill spots weren’t that great. i think we will see a better match from these 2 once the smoke settles from all this unit jumping but i feel bad for the people who paid to see this because a lot of the roster didn’t put in their greatest effort on this show and that’s especially evident in the triangle gate match, like somebody else above said it was a showcase for ricochet but cima & dk didn’t even try to look good unless it helped rico look good

  • ryo saeba

    Is there someone that care about the victory of YAMATO against Hulk to become dragon gate usa champion?.
    Frankly,i do not care about that at all.

  • NateNate

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