1. Masato Yoshino, K-ness. & Susumu Yokosuka vs Naruki Doi, Gamma & Takuya Sugawara
2. Anthony W. Mori Retirement Match – Anthony W. Mori, Super Shisa, PAC, BxB Hulk, K-ness., Yokosuka Susumu & Masato Yoshino vs Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, Masaaki Mochizuki, Don Fujii, Kenichiro Arai & CIMA




  • Esco

    Thanks so much, this is the one I’ve really been waiting for.


    That was a great recap of Mori’s decade. Man, I completely missed out on the Saito/Mori bromance to beat all bromances. =(

  • Seth

    IMO that was the highlight of Mori’s career.

    Definitely an emotional mugendai this week. Definitely a must watch for everyone.

  • Zacky

    Great sendoff for Mori IMO. The match had some hilarious moments, I too wish I could have seen the amazingly epic Bromance of SaiRyo & Mori seemed like it was a great and funny story for both men. I loved how at the end of the match everyone turned on Genki to let Mori get the win.

  • ryo saeba

    Frankly,i won’t judge that because i did not saw it,but i’m not sure a bromance could be amazingly epic.

  • Seth

    Well it’s not a bromance for a start.

  • ryo saeba

    Holy crap,what a huge heel faction now
    But Kid is gonna turn face soon right?.
    Hopefully,Saito will bring his RH weapon with him now,i liked that.

  • mastermind

    i hope kid doesn’t turn face this is the first time he’s been a real heel i want to see where it goes

  • ryo saeba

    It ll be weird to see that guy heel…. i thought he was on these dudes who was destined to be babyface all his career. I think nobody thought he was going to be a bad guy.Furthermore,this could be a drastic change for his in ring,because he has mainly crowd pleasing moves . Oh and a feud KId vs K-Ness could be nice with those changes,but it ll be kinda strange to see that the babyface dragon will be the one related to “darkness”.Anyway,this heel turn is unexpected and interesting.

  • ryo saeba

    I wonder if this heel turn of Genki is not too soon. I mean he was SUPER over as a face , so i think it could be a mistake. I do not mind to see Saito as a heel , because the guy began to be great in his role in RH before his injury , but Genki should have stayed face.He was a bad guy during a long time,so it was cool to see him as a nice guy. But well,it ll be the return of the backslide from hell , blue hair extension and blue mist.

  • NateNate

    Best heel faction ever.

  • Seth

    I’m on the fence until I see it.

    I personally feel like they’ve gone from one extreme to the other with their leadership roles. Deep Drunkers had no leaders, and now this new faction has 3 potential leaders. Obviously though CIMA is the real leader and I’m all for that. I think he was always better playing a bad guy (especially during the CMAX invasion into T2P) and this could mean the end of goofy CIMA. However, I’m saddened to see he kept the uuuu!. It just doesn’t fit with a heel faction…

    Agreed on Genki turning too soon. He is much better as a technico. DKid I’m excited to see what they do but I wonder if they will somehow need to make a new faction as now there are currently only 3.

    Anyway, exciting times.

  • mastermind

    i’m just glad they’re down to 3 units i think what might happen is kzy may be the one excluded from this unit first i mean honestly there’s new room for him to grow in this group

    if suga takes a break that leaves the membership down to 8 plus the 2 gaijin part-timers

    i can see this unit having a muscle outlaw’z type run with many different combination triangle & twin runs

    i can’t wait to see how this shakes up the other units i’m hoping world-1 finally ends as well

  • ryo saeba

    No , Kzy should stay a bad guy because he s a natural heel. He s so good in this role and so lame as a babyface……. . When he was in World 1 , he showed almost zero charisma , then he turned and he was a lot more interesting.