After weeks of mysterious appearances, the metal masks have finally been revealed. The original 4 partnered with 5 new masks. The originals turned out to be Team Doi while the new masks revealed themselves to be none other than WARRIORS. The two groups joined forces creating a super rudo group whose name has yet to be announced. The team now consists of CIMA, Naruki Doi, Gamma, Naoki Tanizaki, Kzy, Yasushi Kanda, Ryo Saito, Genki Horiguchi, Dragon Kid, Ricochet and Brodie Lee. This also marks the first time Dragon Kid has been a heel in his career.

What are your thoughts on this major turn of events? Let us know in the comments.


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  • ryo saeba

    You forgot to mention our good friend Sugawara
    Ok,he was not on that show,but it s pretty clear he ll come back sooner or later for our pleasure

    Btw,i’m happy to see that Warriors endeed because i was tired by goofy those pants and suspenders belts.

  • DanteDumile

    They are way too large I think. Unless Dragon Gate is planning to have two super factions, I would imagine there’s a lot to change in the coming months. I’m fine with a super group though, I’d like to see it stay with CIMA, Doi, GAMMA, Kid, Saito, Genki, Richochet, Brodie, Sugawara. The last three obviously won’t be here for good, they will likely be in and out a lot throughout the year. If you have to kick out a WARRIOR or two, i’m not sure who I would choose, I would like to see them all heel at this point, but CIMA I guess would be my first choice, with a battle for power between CIMA and doi, with Doi winning.

    As for fallout, I would like to see Hulk create and lead the fourth faction, although they would be significantly weaker than the other three. Something like Hulk, Super Shisa, Tanizaki, KZY, Kokota, Shenlong, Shisa Jr.
    Put Kanda or Araken with W1 to “make up” for the loss of Hulk, although I would like to see both side with Fujii and Mochi.

  • ryo saeba

    This faction is not that large.
    Chaos and the Voodoo Murders have more members,and everyone has had something to do last year.

    Kanda and Kzy must stay heel,because they re awesome in that role

    Tanisaki should stay heel,because he seems also better in this role.
    He was ok as a likeable guy,especially when he won the brave gate(they was his wife and daughter,that was nice),but it seems better as a bad guy.

    Brodie Lee should stay home……(i remember his feud with Necro Butcher and it mega sucked….)

    And Mastermind is right,World-1 must die.

    I would not like to be in a faction with Hulk as a leader.
    Each time this guy must help his teanmates in their storylines,he fails.He s like the black cat of dragon gate.

  • DanteDumile

    All those are very solid points, and if everyone has something to do I’m fine with them sticking together. I just worry those I proposed to be removed from the group (other than CIMA) won’t have anything to do and will end up being like Kokota has for W1. KZY is my favorite character in DG, but I suppose keeping him heel would still be better than turning him face (I don’t think I had found DG when he was in W1, but that does not sound promising.) I don’t see World 1 making it another year, but I can’t see much change in the members of the group.

  • The Rev

    Well I was working on writing a hypothetical Big Japan/Dragon Gate feud….and this happens throws a whole wrench in my plan so now it’s back to the drawing board.

    Anyways I’m whatever on this. Since I don’t speak too much Japanese (I speak some enough to communicate with Japanese fans) I don’t really pay attention to the storylines (to the point I make up my own) but I suppose this would be huge considering we have a super heel group eclipsing Kamikaze

  • ryo saeba

    @the rev Sekimoto in dg could be money.He s so speedy for a big guy,that he could be great vs dgate guy.
    If you want to follow the storylines,it s very easy.Go to those threats in the blogroll section of this site,you ll be able to understand all things.

    @Dante Dumile Thanks.Well,KZY has an awesome heel look.He has a junkie haircut, shinai that yankee can wear to fight,and mainly the heel rapper gimmick.
    In World-1 he was a good wrestler,but he had a bland look and the babyface rapper was not super interesting for me.Yeah,he was singing with the crowd,but i prefer the guy who show his middle finger.For me,a rapper should be a rebel character,i’m not high of the likeable version.

  • ryo saeba

    @Dante Dumile Kokota is still a young lion,that s why he had nothing to do,aside losing matches.He was already lucky to be featured on a stable,because in others promotions young lions are just punching balls.

    For KZY it s different,the guy is no longer a young lion,he has a character and he’ll be probably triangle champ this year.
    Furthermore,i think it might be a good thing for him to be tag partners of all those veterans.They might give him new knowledge.

    On paper,this heel stable is impressive
    -3 former world champ(cima , doi , saito)
    -3 former brave gate champ (kid,gamma,tanisaki)

    But the weird thing is that Yoshino only defeated 3 guys from this stable on his reign.So,they can’t really have credible guys to challenge him aside Gamma or maybe Kid.

    Btw,i agree on the fact there ll be a battle of leaders at some point on this huge stable,but bookers need to let those guys work together without problems for a while,otherwise it’ll be tna stupid style of booking.
    But of course,that kind of crap won’t happen,because dg bookers makes good decisions.

  • Dragon_Kid


    I like this new development tbh, CIMA is a lot of fun as a rudo, Genki has been boring me as a face lately and Saito was starting to get good at being a heel in Real Hazard before the injury. Also, this will probably lead to a lot of infighting over who is leader and should lead to some good matches. DK as heel is strange but probably a good thing. He has been stale for a while too.

    Another good thing about this is that it allows people like Susumu and PAC to step up (I know PAC has Brave Gate, but as one of the minority of faces on the show he should have a larger role). Could this also lead to first Heel DG champ ever?

  • Dennis Booker

    Magnitude Kishiwada was a heel while champion.