For a long time I’ve been unhappy about the speed of the site so I’m going to moving it from Windows servers to Linux which should GREATLY improve the rendering speeds. However, for this to happen it means there will be some migration time, thus, the site will be offline for a while. It shouldn’t be more than a day so please sit tight and when we come back we should be much faster, and the Final Gate PPV from December should be waiting for you all :)

See you on the other side.


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  • ryo saeba

    what is rendering speed? do you want to change of server to improve the quickness when we change of section in the site or for a better quality when we watch infinity? anyway, it s seems you posted you 100 infinity or so since the beginning of the site, so congrats. i think you already reached your goal which was to share your love for dgate as more and more people seem to watch your site. so i hope you ll continue to update your site as always and i m sure you ll have more viewers on infinity 300

  • Leonardo

    Where do you found Dragon Gate’s shows n’ PPVs, please?

  • ryo saeba

    where is the ppv?.
    i ve read it sucks,but i still want to have my own opinion on it