1. Genki Horiguchi, Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid & Richochet vs Yasushi Kanda, Naoki Tanazaki, KZY & Dr. Muscle
2. KZY vs Brodie Lee
3. Shingo Takagi, YAMATO & Cyber Kong vs BxB Hulk, PAC & Super Shisa


  • Dante Dumile

    Genki Horiguchi, Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid, Richochet vs Yasushi Kanda, Naoki Tanazaki, KZY, Dr. Muscle

    KZY vs Brodie Lee

    Shingo Takagi, YAMATO, Cyber Kong vs BxB Hulk, PAC, Super Shisa

    I don’t know all the names in the clipped match

  • Seth

    Thanks. I’m not being lazy in not adding the listings. I’m just seriously not able to (for reasons I can’t be bothered to get into right now), so thanks for helping me out.

  • ryo saeba

    Hey,guy who was the mvp last year in dgate,in your opinion?.
    It must be Yoshino or YAMATO,but i choose Yoshino.

    He had a better year than YAMATO in my opinion .
    Don’t get me wrong YAMATO was great,but i prefered Yoshino.

  • Dante Dumile

    We all appreciate what you do on Seth, it’s no big deal helping you out.

    For my Dragon Gate MVP I would go YAMATO. Merely for the fact he seems to have my favorite match of every card or Infinity I watch. I would say without a doubt he has become DG’s best in ring worker. Yoshino has been awesome as well, but with YAMATO you feel like you get an entirely new style match after match, where with guys like Yoshino and Dragon Kid you know what you’re gonna see before it even happens. No knock on Yoshino, because I have enjoyed his title run, and it’s definitely better than YAMATO’s was; I just mark out more during a YAMATO match.

  • mastermind

    wow shenron got fat…

    i also enjoyed the drunk match clips as well

    as for DG’s MVP YAMATO & Yoshino are clearly the only 2 choices to make but if I had to choose it would be YAMATO simply because he won and lost the belt on their 2 biggest shows and probably had the best dg match all year vs mochi so I’m choosing YAMATO

  • vulpix104

    I say Yoshino for MVP because, while I love YAMATO, my interest in his matches died pretty much right after he won the belt. I heard his defences were great, but I still had no desire to watch them. I watched Yoshino’s matches regardless of whether he had the belt or not. He just carried it better.

  • ryo saeba

    @mastermind i thought the best match in dgate last year was Hulk vs Shingo at world,that was amazing.

    kanda s nickname is candy?.ugh…….
    now,each time,i ll see this guy,it ll remember me that anime…..

  • Zacky

    As you guys know I’m a huge Yoshino Fan, but if we had to vote for an MVP of DGate last year it has to be YAMATO.

    The reasons for this, in my honest opinion, are simple really: He ended Doi’s monster reign, he beat Sugawara despite the heavy interference to become the contender to the belt, going into his match with Doi he had lost almost every encounter they had and therefore was in a sense an underdog, all his title defenses were great matches, even when he dropped the belt to Yoshino he put on a great match, and I know some of you don’t care but he also ended Hulk’s monster reign as Freedom Gate champion. So count it, that’s two guys he took belts from that held the belt for over a year, hands down that is more then enough to be an MVP

  • Seth

    YAMATO. Wouldn’t even consider Yoshino as number 2. Fair play for winning the Dream Gate, but his matches haven’t exactly lit the world on fire.

    Also, even though it was technically 2009, YAMATO DESTROYING Lyger and making Kanemoto tap I feel belong in consideration as that was really the beginning of his coming out party for 2010.

  • ryo saeba

    Liger is such a fantastic wrestler.
    The guy is 46 years old and still wrestle at a high competitive level.

    Furthermore,he never stop putting over young people,wow.
    He accepted to be squashed by YAMATO,this guy is so awesome,he always put his ego aside(the american veterans could take him for exemple)
    He s the best jr heavyweight in history.

  • Matt

    You guys hear about the new revivel match type? sounds ridiclous

  • ryo saeba

    it s sounds like a weird concept,but let’s wait how it ll play out.

    they have probably think a lot about that thing and they probably believe that their talented roster can do great stuff with it(that suspension things makes me think about ice hockey or handball,it might be interesting to see a team with a temporary advantages of wrestlers)

    i’m not against innovative concept,if it s fun
    at least,it ll give us some fresh thing to watch.
    wait and see.

  • mastermind

    loser revival could be good like the naniwa shiki elimination match or it could be crap like the key hunting or all the other elimination matches

  • mastermind

    so who’s the 4th member of KAMIKAZE for loser survival? YAMATO, Cyber, KAGE & Shingo? Tozawa? Iwasa!? or….moxley…?

    shingo is supposedly injured tozawa will be in pwg on the same day so Iwasa & Moxley are the only 2 guys left unless they bring back El Generico again

  • ryo saeba

    Shingo took some time of to heal, he ll probably return. Kamikaze really needs him to face BW , otherwise they ll be a little weak . However ,If they want to put a gaijin into the mix i d prefer way more El Generico than Moxley, ole!.

  • Seth

    If it’s Iwasa I’ll mark out like nobody’s business.

  • PWG’s DDT4 is 3 days AFTER the KAMIKAZE elimination match. You’re thinking of their match against World-1. It could definitely be Iwasa.

  • I mean Tozawa

  • Matt

    What I just saw on DGUSA, I think Tozawa is out of kamikaze. I know its different but Yamato said he’s out in Japanese

  • clayfox

    @ Darb Noorag:
    3/1/2011 Tokyo, Korakuen Hall
    -Loser Revives Survival Elimination Match: Blood WARRIORS vs. KAMIKAZE

    PWG DDT4 is on march 4th….so it isnt Tozawa.

    I hope for Iwasa!

  • mastermind

    I checked on jae’s twitter he said that Iwasa has been weight-lifting already and it’s been over a year…

    btw i went to dragon gates website and kzy is in the sekigun section not the blood warriors section also sugawara has been removed from it completely

  • ryo saeba

    If Kzy is out of BW, it does not makes any sense. The guy is injured and there was zero angle from what we know to put him outside the stable, Furthermore, he seemed like the new pupil of Doi , so in my opinion he s not in , because when the BW decided their name he was already injured. When he ll come back , he ll be a BW member.

  • ryo saeba

    As for Sugawara he might come back one day , but i m affraid that Kaijin Habu Otoko will be the only unlucky guy to team with him now. Poor snake he ll have to move a lot to make people care about Suga. Maybe,he should turn on him by using his Armaggeddon move. Ha no i forgot, Suga is not that agile to take it……

  • Nick

    Considering that Tozawa has been kicked from Kamikaze (at least in DGUSA), do you think he might join Ronin so he can front them when they go to Japan?

  • mastermind

    since rongai is blood warriors maybe kengai joins them too?????

  • mastermind

    whoops i was close looks like Rongai brought TAKA Michinoku instead…

    so Yoshino vs Mochi for sumo hall anyone giving Mochi a chance to win?

  • ryo saeba

    @Matt i do not think kamikaze s booking in usa,will have any repercutions in japan,because this stable is booked so differently.
    kamikaze is a heel stable in usa,and they re babyface in japan.
    furthermore,there was that nice scene where iwasa and all kamikaze members convinced shingo to stay in the stable,and promised to come back,so kamikaze will be a complete unit.
    those iwasa speculations are more credible now,because CIMA taunted Kamikaze by mocking them on their fourth member.
    so yeah,this could lead to iwasa or tozawa s surprise return

    @Mastermind No,Yoshino will retain and will face Gamma on the next ppv.

    and no Tozawa must come back to Kamikaze,because BW has enough members.

  • Seth

    Mochi isn’t the number 1 contender yet. He has to beat Gamma at Korakuen first. Why/how Gamma has the power to make these calls I’m not entirely sure, but he does this a lot.

  • mastermind

    you guys really think Gamma is going to win? as much as I like him they’re not going to have Yoshino/Gamma headline sumo hall, it’s going to be Yoshino/Mochizuki and I’m giving Mochi a 40% shot of winning

  • ryo saeba

    BW has a lof of momentum,that s the reason.

    Mochizuki won’t add anything,if he was champion.
    He does not symbolize the future of the company at all,it s much better to have a young champion.
    Finally,i do not see why Yoshino should lose the belt

    Speaking of old guys,i ve no idea what Taka and Rongai will bring to BW.
    When i saw them in a pic,i thought they were going to be with the veterans but no

    Kanda beat Kong in a single match?.

  • mastermind

    unit momentum means nothing when it comes to the dream gate if that were true then last year sugawara would’ve faced doi at sumo hall and not yamato

    mochizuki is 2nd to cima on the ace list, gamma is not a credible challenger to yoshino yet, they clearly brought in brodie lee to be a giant for mochi to defeat leading up to sumo hall. this is also the reason why taka & rongai are coming in as well. why do you think mochi threw himself right into the mix. taka will have just come off an iwgp challenge and to have mochi then go over taka right after will only build mochi up more for his match with yoshino.

    now should mochizuki win? no i would hope not but i wouldn’t be that surprised if he did win. i don’t think a unit a has dissolved while the dream gate champion was a member and world-1 needs to go. i think it’s about time that bxb hulk gets his title reign and i can see that happening by kobe world. i suppose it could work if yoshino is still champion by then but i kind of have a feeling yoshino’s reign has gone as far as it’s meant to go

  • Dante Dumile

    I wouldn’t be saddened to lose Yoshino as Champion, or to see Mochi hold it. Yoshino may have been the wrestler that originally got me into Dragon Gate, but I still have enjoyed his title run the least of the three dream gate champions I’ve seen since I began watching (Maybe the start of Doi’s run was worse, but I only caught it from Hulk on). I wouldn’t expect Mochi to have a very long reign, but like mastermind said, W1 needs to go, and I much prefer Mochi as an interim champion for a few months before it moves to whatever W1 is to become. If Mochi doesn’t decrown Yoshino, who does?

  • ryo saeba

    Btw, i might be in the minority but i m not against the return of Ryoma in prowrestling. Yeah, he did a HUGE mistake and that was mega stupid , but he may have learned of that and decided to change of behaviour. Everyone makes mistakes and it s not because you did them that s your life is over . The guy deserve a second chance like everyone and if someone offer him the opportunity to do what he loves,i understand he tries to do it. However,if he d creates a new scandal like the one in dgate, he would deserve to be banned in prowrestling and he should find a new path in his life.