I don’t usually post DGUSA stuff here, but since we haven’t seen our man Akira Tozawa on this site for a while…

  • mastermind

    so…can we officially rule tozawa out of kamikaze? or just kamikaze usa???

  • ryo saeba

    just kamikaze usa
    kamikaze is totally booked differently in america,they re heel,so it makes zero sense that this storyline has any impact in japan.
    then,tozawa s profile is still in the kamikaze section in dgate jap site and who really care in japan about dg usa.
    finally,why they would put Tozawa alone,while everybody loves him in that stable?.
    the guy was the original member of kamikaze with Shingo,and they would put outside of it,in an angle that did not occured in front of japaneses fans,that makes no sense.

    hopefully,Tozawa comes back in kamikaze japan and the unit become the strongest babyface faction.
    if they still want to keep World-1,they should put kamikaze as the top babyface stable,it ll be a nice change.

  • ryo saeba

    that s too bad,dragon gate usa did not kept tj perkins
    if dgate wants to show american indy wrestlers,they should have keep that man,because he s a very impressive technical wrestler.

  • Zacky

    I think Tozawa is only counted out of Kamikaze USA, though at the end I think YAMATO mentioned him being out of Kamikaze for a short time. Which if he did it doesn’t matter since he’s still in the US on his excursion anyway.

    Still I doubt they’d take Tozawa out of Kamikaze for sure it’d be a horrible move on the booking teams part since he is a great talent for them to have and once Iwasa returns we can have KAGE, Tozawa, and Iwasa win the Triangle Gate and maybe finally get the Iwasa Dream Gate Title Reign

  • PeePReeL

    Speaking of Kamikaze…Shingo’s back, and Iwasa returns at Sumo Hall!

    All we need is the stronger version of Tozawa to return, and Kamikaze will be whole again!

  • ryo saeba

    That s pretty nice that KAGETORA will team with the guy he almost endeed his career .I mean he must feel happy that he did not stopped Iwasa s career , even if that kind of events can happen in any sports . Now, as i said above Kamikaze needs to become the number 1 babyface faction with all their members.

  • mastermind

    what needs to happen is seth needs to put up the infinites or tell us where he’s getting them because no one else seems to know

  • Seth

    I put up Infinities as I get them. I have a source that provides them to me personally. I’m not getting them from some magical resource that I’m unwilling to share :)

    I have no new Infinities since the last one I posted already.