Blogger Nick Symons was lucky enough to attend the recent GLORIOUS GATE show in Korakuen Hall and wrote a pretty in-depth post about it. It also contains a host of great photos and is well worth a read. He promises to attend Sumo Hall also so here’s hoping he makes another post at that event.

Here’s an excerpt:

This show set up a lot of things for Dragon Gate, particularly for the Sumo Hall show. It saw the introduction of Ronin to Japan, which I think came off well. It provided a solid match between PAC and Ricochet, and continued their feud. KAMIKAZE returned to their top strength, and will be going into Compilation Gate looking like a tough stable. And Mochizuki was awarded his shot at the Dream Gate title.

Head on over to his blog to read the full post.


Dragon Gate news
  • Nick

    Hopefully it makes up slightly for the difficulty lately in getting Infinity episodes. I’ve already got my Sumo Hall ticket, so I’ll definitely be there. I’ll try and get a post up within a few days of that show, although I’ll be leaving Japan a couple of days after so it might take a little longer. I’ll let you know once I do put something up though.

  • mastermind

    awesome nick the rest of us may have to hit up jlynch to see the sumo hall show the way things are online for puroresu

  • ryo saeba

    personally, i do not think the state of puro release is so bad online
    there re a lot of stuff which often appear weekly for FREE,it s really cool

    yeah,all stuff won t appear or we ll have to wait many weeks to see them,but hey it s already nice to see a lot of shows coming on the web without we have pay for them.
    it s already cool people like Seth , Thinking Red or others dudes share the shows with us for free,although they do not know us and could keep their stuff for them.

    it s been 2 monthes that the last Neo and Ice Ribbon show were shown on tv and it s still not online.
    I think it s no a problem even if i’m a joshi fan
    I ll enjoy the shows a lot more when they pop up on the web,because it s was hard to “catch” them.

  • mastermind

    those neo and ice ribbon shows are on billzeroism’s youtube page because he buys his shows from lynch and IVP

    he also has all the awesome obscure indy shows that used pop up online all the time

    also as long as i’ve been a fan of dragon gate, the infinities have never been as slow to appear as they are now, i mean in japan they’re on 209 already we’re 4 episodes behind and thats never happened to me before and i’ve been a fan since 07

    we also used to get BJW and zero-1 regularly now we’d be lucky to find anything from those feds these days

    i think by far this has been the worst puro drought i’ve ever experienced

  • ryo saeba

    no,some people i know buy the joshi shows online, and give me them for free or even put it on the web sometimes.

    for zero-1,we just miss the last show i believe where kamikaze faced sekimoto
    btw,i d like to see Minoru/Kanemoto vs Team 246,but i think we are not able to see this because it s on samurai tv……
    but well,if someone put the ppv online,i ll still be happy.

    remember that there were 2 or 3 monthes last year,we did not received any dragon gate at all,and we did not knew if someone could put it online one day.
    at least,we know that Seth has a source who give him the shows,so we know we re gonna watch dgate sonner or later.

  • mastermind

    I guess I didn’t notice I remember a few months were infinites were the only things that would appear

    anyways Blood Warriors won last night so only World-1 will disband if they lose the triangle gate match

    that to me spells the end of World-1 and the fact that we’ve seen Mochi come to Susumu’s aid, and the BW’s don’t seem to want to beat up PAC except for rico. I think Knesuka will end up joining the veterans and they should become a full time unit. I would like to see BxB Hulk take on the remaining youngsters in a new unit. The only problem with that is I don’t see room for Yoshino anywhere especially since I’m pretty convinced that Mochi will win at Sumo hall and BxB Hulk will defeat him at Kobe World. I believe PAC will join BW’s and Ricochet will be removed from the group.

  • ryo saeba

    maybe, yoshino and hulk will stay in the same unit
    yoshino is not an old guy,so why not put him as the leader or the co-leader with Hulk of a young guys faction.
    after all,hulk and yoshino were born the same year or so

    it would be much better than letting him alone

  • mastermind

    True but if Hulk wins the Dream then what for Yoshino? You’re probably right though I’m pretty sure their new unit will be pretty much World-1 minus Knesuka & PAC, and adding Kzy & Tozawa instead

  • mastermind

    also is Dragon Gate on another channel now?

    check this out

  • ryo saeba

    Yoshino could stay a high midcarder, helping young guys winning tag belts and feuding with the like of CIMA, Shingo or YAMATO.

  • ryo saeba

    I think that Hulk should win the top belt by beating Shingo. Shingo s first reign was said to be bad, so the man deserves an otherr shot as the main man, because he s awesome. Then, after a solid reign,he would drop the belt to his rival.That would be a nice story because Hulk will get revenge for all Shingo s humiliations.

  • mastermind

    Seth I don’t want you to think this is your fault but the lack of dragon gate online is causing me to lose interest in it entirely I don’t know how much longer I can wait

    I wonder if the people at Dragon Gate or Dragon Gate USA realize that the only reason they can run shows in America is due to the fact that we can watch their show online and for free

    If dg was smart they would start posting infinity online for free they can put commercials in it for all I care but if they want Dragon Gate to continue to exist here in America we need to be able to watch it on a regular basis

  • Seth

    Yeah unfortunately the lack of new content is concerning for me too. I’m going to start looking into other avenues of getting them.

    If I have to start purchasing them I will, but I may need to up my ad quota in order to try and cover costs :P

  • Jcuk

    Dan Ginetty has 205-209. Have ordered them but it will probably be a few weeks…

  • mastermind

    while i appreciate it jcuk the point is you shouldn’t have to purchase them period it’s a freakin tv show


  • Dante Dumile

    it’s definitely a bummer not seeing any DG since December (not air date, but I don’t think very many matches from 2011 have aired, maybe a few.) and it now being March sucks. It’s good to hear there are ways people have found ways to watch the show, and hopefully they will be willing to share it with us for free. With PWG and Dragon Gate being the only wrestling I really follow, I haven’t watched any wrestling in months it feels like.

  • Dante Dumile

    ok nevermind its been 3 weeks, but feels like months.

  • ryo saeba

    @mastermind I do not see why Dragon Gate should officially put their tv shows online for free.
    It s a program which is not aired on a free channel in japan,so they won’t put that for free,even for the pleasure of their gaijins fans.

    Yeah,it could nice if they could put that for free for Americans fans(and others parts of the world,because some people also watch dragon gate elsewhere),but japaneses fans could also only watch those shows online and stop suscribing to Gaora tv.

  • mastermind

    I understand what you’re saying Saeba but they’re trying to run a business here in the usa as well as japan, dgusa follows the dg japan story lines and how the hell are the loyal fans, as well as new fans that they expect to pay for their ppvs and dvds, supposed to know what the hell is going on? their business in the usa is only possible because we were able to download their show PERIOD, They can put the god damn show on their own website, surround the video with ads, put those annoying pop up ads in the video, have 10 mins worth of commercials and they would make so much more money and i bet the ippv sales would go up significantly

    njpw has it right with their youtube page they give away so much free content (even though a lot of it isn’t that great) and they get PAID to do it by PUTTING COMMERCIALS IN THEIR VIDEOS and now they think they can expand their business here in the usa as well Even ROH figured out eventually that it’s a good thing to have your show on youtube because that’s the best way to get NEW people to watch it

    Gaora has such a stick up their ass about any of their content appearing for free that fans can’t even create tribute videos using their footage, it doesn’t make any sense to me how do they expect people to remain fans of their shows if they can’t have any fun doing it? they try so hard to not allow anyone to watch it, now for a television network does that make ANY sense to you???

  • ryo saeba

    I do not know why Gaora delete tribute videos on youtube.
    I mean,i can understand for the tv shows,but not for tribute videos……
    Which is weird is that pro wrestling seems not to be their main program.
    They broadcast puro shows weeks after and brodcast live event like tennis,which show wrestling is not their priority.
    So i do not understand why they delete tribute videos?.

    I know they try to do buissness in usa,but i’m not sure they win that much money from it , which could make them think that they could try to convince Gaora tv shows online,even if that channel barely want that.
    The best situation for us ,is that the promotion inks a deals with g+ or samurai tv

    Anyway,Dragon Gate office must be more thinking about big earthquake of friday and potential others problems right now,than helping their gaijins fans

    And yeah,Njpw content on youtube is not that good
    The best suff is that they put some houses shows matches and some old and current videos entrances themes(i want them to put “silence” of minoru but maybe they can t because he s in ajpw) but otherwise, it s not super interesting

  • mastermind

    NJPW knows that they don’t have to give the American fans anything if they don’t want too but they do anyways and we eat it up because we can’t really complain, GAORA on the other hand are just assholes, Billzero used to make the best DG, AJPW, & K-Dojo music vids but GAORA took em all down because they’re assholes.

    Anyways KAGETORA’s partner for Sumo Hall is FUJITA JR HAYATO! wow!!!

  • ryo saeba

    I agree on that,because The Suicidal Dragon s account was deleted because of them.They killed all his hard work back in the days,so now he never use their footage.

    It s kinda hard when you re puro fan
    I mean you can find wwe and tna crap on the web everywhere,but for puro you have to wait that only guy put a show online
    That s too bad puro promotions does not try to share a lot more the love of puro to wrestling fans around the world.

    Maybe,it s the barrier of the language or the culture that make them stop to do that.
    Or maybe,it s because of the fact this is an island which lead to focus about them first.
    I mean when mangakas comes to europe,they always say that they had no ideas that their work was liked in countries with differents cultureI do not know but this is a shame.

  • Seth

    For what it’s worth, the second largest portion of my traffic comes from Japan (USA is obviously first). Clearly people in Japan want to watch this stuff online also, but don’t have the means to do so. It’s probably not so much that the stuff is getting shared within Japan but not outside, moreso that nobody is going to the trouble of capping the shows and uploading them in the first place.

    So really, GAORA should start caring more about it’s Japanese fans and providing for them first, which they currently don’t do.

    The entertainment world is moving towards an all digital distribution anyway, so really it’s just a matter of time before GAORA get on board also.

    I’ll tell you this much though, if Dragon Gate was on a Korean station we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  • PeePReeL

    I’d like to see some form of Kowloon in DG, minus Utimo.

  • mastermind

    Hate to kill your kowloon buzz but they’re already in the process of turning Hayato face so don’t get attached to that idea

    Sumo hall was cancelled btw due to the nuclear threat they should have it here in America lol! They probably won’t have it until April I’m thinking

  • Nick

    Yes, the Sumo Hall PPV has been cancelled. Disppointing for me, but understandable considering the situation. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I’ll be flying home next week, so I won’t get to see anymore DG, for a long time. At least, it’s good to know everyone involved is ok so they can continue to do what we love to see.

  • mastermind

    Tozawa, Shisa & Kage will be in King Of Trios this year

  • ryo saeba

    I ve just learned KAGETORA means shadow tiger. It s a cool ring name for a puro wrestler.