It is hard to believe that we have two years under our belt at Open the Dragon Gate now, but that’s the reality, and with that we have to keep moving forward.

So as you can see we are now on the third iteration of the website and I hope that you will agree that it is bigger and better than ever before. I was looking at the main objectives of the website and it was clear that the videos, which were the main draw, were not being showcased enough. Also, I want the site to be a bit more comprehensive in the information it provides.

To that end I have been working on redoing the roster pages quite extensively. Unfortunately, due to the amount of work involved I wasn’t able to complete many during the downtime so I will be updating these a few at a time. I’ll be sure to call out when there is new content so you don’t need to keep checking though. For now Masato Yoshino, K-ness., Taku Iwasa and Dr Muscle are the only fully complete pages.

What else is new? Well I have now made registration necessary for commenting. Feel free to sign up, give yourself an avatar and start chatting away.

The site isn’t fully complete yet however. There are quite a few issues, both large and small I intend to get figured out. They can range from older posts not yet updated to the new format, to some things just missing content. I had planned to have it all up and complete before relaunching but it was really all just too much work for one person to do alone in a short space of time, and the site was down too long already. So it will be an ongoing process for now I’m afraid.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, this is all too good to be true. “What can I do to help out?”. Well the first thing is just be commenting. Letting me know you’re out there, what you like and what you don’t helps keep the motivation up. But also you will notice the Share buttons at the bottom of each page. Whether you Tweet, Digg or just want to Facebook (is there a verb for that?) us, it would be greatly appreciated. Anything you can do to spread the word and bring in new people is a real help. Also clicking on the banners (when they come back) will also be fantastic.

Anyway, feel free to sit back and put your feet up. There are marshmallows on the table and I’ve just put a fresh log on the fire. Open the Dragon Gate version 3… START.

  • Zacky

    Woo! First, anyways the site looks great Seth keep up the good work man. 8)

  • NickSym

    The site looks great, nice work. I’m looking forward to seeing some new Dragon Gate up on here (hopefully soon). Keep it up.

  • The update looks great! I’m really looking forward to the roster bios, those first few are excellent and recap the history really well.

  • Mark

    New site looks pro yet flashy :D

  • TheSurvivor

    Hey Seth, love what you do and the new site looks great. Keep up the good work!

  • ryo saeba

    why did made a registration?.

  • Seth

    I want there to be more of a sense of community. Avatars are a big part of that so I want to try and promote people to use them. Registration was a part of that. :?:

  • ryo saeba

    MochiFuji vs Momo No Seishun,for the Osaka pro tag title

    Mochizuki vs Hikaru Sato

    CIMA/Abudallah the butcher/Arcangel de la Muerte vs Nozawa Rongai/Mascaras/Vampiro

  • mastermind

    Looks great Seth, I’m hoping it’s not all for nothing as I’m losing hope on ever watching Infinity again

    DGUSA again, if you’re reading this you will not survive if we can’t watch Infinity

  • Seth

    The next 4 Infinities are incoming. Stay tuned for those.

    I’ll be buying the Infinities myself from now on, but it does mean they will come in batches as opposed to a constant stream. It isn’t ideal but it is better than nothing.

  • ryo saeba

    Why will you only receive the next 4 infinities?.
    I mean we miss 8 infinities now,i believe,so you could receive more than 4
    Maybe,only 4 are available i do not know……

    I ll be harder to get the ppvs,or it you ll receive them with the same source?.

  • Seth

    Because that is all that is available to me at this time.

    And yes PPVs will most likely be from the same source.

  • mastermind

    I’ve made my own lil wordpress site its basically a puro link depot and ill post random news from time to time I just started it though check it out

  • mastermind

    Well someones wish came true Kagetora has joined kowloon, and Hayato said anytime Kage needs kowloons help they will be there…awesome! I didn’t think this angle was possible

  • ryo saeba

    yeah,that sounds good.
    2 heel factions in the same promotions could be fun to watch(yeah,kownloon won t be in dgate in all shows)
    i do not think ultimo dragon will show up,but that angle will be fun anyway

    at least kowloon doesn t look that bad compared to blood warriors,unlike kojima gundam compared to chaos

  • mastermind

    so Mochi won the belt like I thought, World-1 is finally over, and Mochi has seemingly invited Yoshino, Susumu & PAC to form a new unit with him. Kamikaze was also invited but only YAMATO answered the call. Things are getting real interesting as Kamikaze now looks to be in trouble as well although I can see them inviting Arai and Fuji into their group. This leaves BxB Hulk, K-Ness, KAGETORA, Tozawa & Kotoka without homes if you don’t count Kowloon for Kage.

  • mastermind

    red shoes unno from njpw was the ref for the dream gate match which is kinda cool

  • davidpetito

    love the new site cant wait to see more dragon gate on here love it :mrgreen: