Within the next day or so I’ll be taking the site down for a little while. We shouldn’t be gone for too long, maybe a day or two at max.

Stay tuned.


Site news


  • ryo saeba

    Shit,i thought you were going to write,you will have new contents when the site will come back,like last time
    Better luck next time i guess…..

  • Seth

    I don’t need to take the site down to add new content :)

    But that doesn’t mean there won’t be…

  • Made in Japan

    Love the new design ,its great!
    The site is getting better and better.
    Good work :D

    • Seth

      It’s actually not done yet. You’ve just managed to see behind the curtain :facepalm:

      Thanks though. :awesome:

    • ryo saeba

      yeah,this is a better design than the last one,which was already a big improvement compared to the first one.
      i wanted you updated the roster and it s done now,so thanks